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Profile Information

Name: Carl
Gender: Male
Hometown: Tennessee
Home country: USA
Current location: SE
Member since: Sat May 31, 2014, 08:26 PM
Number of posts: 493

About Me

Retired military, retired DOD, volunteer companion and patient advocate for male Hospice patients.

Journal Archives

I just can't understand why at least...

...one single republican cannot tell Schumer to call for the BBB vote and he or she will vote for it, because it will help their state. When it finally gets passed and republicans start taking credit for it, Dems should plaster those republican states with billboards that say they voted no!

I went to Home Depot and Lowes Home Improvement for some parts for a door

Other than the employees, myself, and an elderly lady, I saw no one wearing a mask and the stores were packed. I don't consider myself as elderly yet though I will be 80 next month.
Middle Georgia is going to be really busy draining the gene pool in the coming weeks.

This is from the Supreme Court over 100 years ago:

“The Constitution does not import an absolute right in each person to be, at all times and in all circumstances, wholly freed from restraint. A community has the right to protect itself against an epidemic, and its members may at times, under the pressure of great dangers, be subjected to such restraint, to be enforced by reasonable regulations, as the safety of the general public may demand.” Jacobson vs Massachusetts, 197 U.S. 11, 7-2 majority
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