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Profile Information

Name: Carl
Gender: Male
Hometown: Tennessee
Home country: USA
Current location: SE
Member since: Sat May 31, 2014, 08:26 PM
Number of posts: 493

About Me

Retired military, retired DOD, volunteer companion and patient advocate for male Hospice patients.

Journal Archives

A second opinion: To all of you that are SICK of the BASHING on the DU

It goes both ways! If you feel you have to do that to make a point, then you are persuading no one but those who feel the same as you. That will be as successful as trying to convert a right wing fanatic to become a democrat. Just stop it!

When I first found DU,

...I thought this was a great site for me.
Since I didn't understand the different forums, I was banned for my first post from the Bernie Sanders forum because I commented on how I thought how disgusting it was for Dems to attack each other, which I saw on that forum. Again, I did not even understand it was even a Bernie forum.
Since then I have tried to not waste my time in the specific forums but I have found it difficult when I look at the "Trending Now" and "Greatest Threads" because when I open them, in most cases it is just more attacking of one or the other by those supporting one of the candidates. I have no interest in reading their BS attacks. If I want that, I will watch FOX news. I also don't need them telling me how great their candidate is.
I will support the Democrat nominee, no matter who it is.
I would also suggest that the "Trending Now" and "Greatest Threads" identify in the title which forum they are in.
I no longer read them because once again I find them both nothing more than attack ads and disgusting.

Our president.

I just watched today's presidential new conference.
Wow! What an impressive individual.
About half way through I caught myself comparing him to GWB. Then thought how truly fortunate and blessed we are to have him as our leader rather than John McCain or Romney.

Why does MSM do this??????...

... , as a news hound, I am disgusted how FOX News is about the only news in town pushing their Wing Nut's agendas throughout the weekend while the supposedly "MSM" only shows non-news related programs over the weekend? They might have a couple of hours after church with talking heads on Sunday afternoon, but they should do their damn job if they want to be considered "MSM" and do the news all weekend. Stuff does not stop happening just because it is Saturday or Sunday!.You might get a blurb about golf if you are lucky (no insult intended) but they turn off their news after Friday PM. Sorry about the curse word but that is just how I feel.
While I am ranting, for God's sake, please stop trashing each other just because you don't agree with who they support or they don't agree with who you support. We (Dems), need to play nice without insults and trash talk! If your preferred candidate supports an issue near and dear to you, just say so. Don't pull out your claws and look for something negative to say about their opponent in the process.
I am a newbie here and at times wonder if I am on the wrong site. I read every post and,,,well, if you do too, you know what I am talking about.
Maybe way too many rum and cokes tonight but if I offended anyone I am sorry but if you were offended by my comments, then yes, I probably am on the wrong site. I thought I had found a good home and hope that is so but time will tell.
Just for the record, I am a bleeding heart liberal and am retired military and not wealthy by any means but support our "party" not individuals as best I can financially.

Thank you Donald Trump!

For moving any Mexicans who may have been on the fence politically to the democrat side with your nasty description of them. Of course you were just saying what many of the other POTUS Wannabes were thinking. Please keep talking.

Now that the ACA has been blessed by the Supreme Court and is here to stay...

...perhaps republican governors will finally stop killing their own citizens and accept the Medicaid expansion and give coverage to the many, many thousands who desperately need it.

How we got to here.

I'm new here so I hope this is in the correct forum.

A simplified explanation of how we and the rest of the world got to where we are today in the Middle East.
It started in 2000 when the supreme court decided to appoint a president for the United States of America rather than order a vote recount and allow the electorate to make the decision.
They chose a man who earlier in his life had lost too many brain cells to drugs and alcohol who chose a Neocon for his vice-president running mate and trusted adviser.
Times were fairly good back then and the new president didnít do any real damage and was actually amusing to watch and listen to at times.
Then he ignored a briefing that radical Islamist were planning to attack the US using aircraft. A mistake we, as well as many other countries, have paid for with blood and treasure and will continue to do so for many, many years to come.
September 11, 2001: We were attacked by radicals from Saudi Arabia using aircraft, just as forewarned, and over 3,000 of our own were murdered.
With the blessing of our citizens, the president was authorized to strike back and capture the individual who planned the attack and lived in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, the president and his advisers failed to understand the number of troops that would be required to seal the borders to prevent Osama Bin Laden from escaping to Pakistan where he would find safe haven. Instead, they farmed out security to Afghan Warlords who were not up to the job.
March 2003: Next, his advisers and the president lied in a distraction effort and invaded the country of Iraq, removing and dissolving the Sunni governmentís massive, battled hardened Iraqi army, turning them into unemployed, angry citizens.
Then the administration set up a puppet government of Shiites who were more than ready to pay back the Sunnis who had ruled them previously.
Many of those disenfranchised Sunnis went on to form the so-called Islamic State, or ISIS.
So here we are today thanks to our supreme courtís appointment!
War rages throughout the Middle Ease with the following countries currently involved in fighting, supplying troops in one country or another and air power:
Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Iran, Iraq and USA.
Over the last 60 years, when we meddle, the results are not what we thought they would be.
IMHO, that is how we got to where we are today thanks to the Supremes and I doubt then even think about it. It feels like we are in quicksand. Sometimes our political checks and balances are just not enough.

Should Lindsey Graham even be eligible to run for president?

The distinguish Gentleman from South Carolina has endlessly presented himself as a "Gulf War veteranĒ.
He is not and as a 20 year vet, I take exception to that claim.
As one of the newest members of the House committee that would decide whether President Clinton should be impeached for lying under oath, he has himself claimed that he was a Gulf War veteran, a claim disputed by military experts.
Despite repeated statements that he served in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, Rep. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) was actually living out of harm's way at home in South Carolina the entire time, where he was processing wills and other paperwork for the Air Force Air National Guard personnel preparing for deployment to serve in the conflict. He never once served a day in harmís way!
On his official web site, Graham STILL describes himself as "an Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm veteran." Other biographies he has written read similarly. According to numerous military experts contacted, Graham has no legitimate claim to being called a veteran of the conflict.
As Mr. Graham, who apparently served his county honorably as a member of the USAF Air National Guard, why would he claim otherwise? There is absolutely no dishonor in serving our nation in a military non-combat roleÖunless you claim otherwise.
If an NBC anchor lost his prestigious job because he embellished his record, should a person who does the same or worse be allowed to serve as the leader of our nation?
Would you want Mr. Graham, to have the power to send your child or grandchildren to war and could you trust his judgment to do so based on his past record?
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