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Ivanka says kids hurt by her dad's family separations 'not part of my portfolio'

Oliver Willis -
December 30, 2019 12:42 PM

Ivanka Trump has repeatedly sidestepped her connection to her father's unpopular actions.

In an interview on Sunday's "Face The Nation," Ivanka Trump told host Margaret Brennan that she would not comment on her father's policy of separating migrant children from their families because "immigration is not part of my portfolio."

"Obviously, I think everyone should be engaged, and the full force of the U.S. government is committed to this effort of border security, to protecting the most vulnerable. That includes those being trafficked across our border," she added, avoiding comment on one of the most controversial and damaging policies of the administration, in which she serves as a "senior adviser" to her dad.

Ivanka Trump has consistently tried to avoid getting entangled with the policy despite its centrality to the Trump administration's approach to immigration.

Last year, as stories circulated of her alleged behind-the-scenes comments that the policy looked bad, she declined to use her massive social media reach — at least 18.5 million followers — or her media platform to speak out against the policy.


Hey trumpsters /'drumpf daughter maybe you should read Malcolm Nance's new book, it pretty much explains your "portfolio"................your pretty much linked to Russia........................

GOP leader really wants you to forget about all the Republicans fleeing the House

Josh Israel -
December 30, 2019 1:29 PM

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is facing 25 retirements from his caucus, and there may be more to come.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy mocked the Democratic majority on Monday for having "fewer members than they started with" in 2019. But his own caucus has seen significantly more departures than the Democrats have and will soon face dozens of retirements.

Under the guise of presenting a year-in-review for the House Democratic majority, Rep. McCarthy (R-CA) noted misleadingly that they had "Issued more subpoenas than laws," claimed they "Have fewer members than they started with," and opined that they "Jammed though an unpopular impeachment which will cost them their House majority."

While McCarthy is technically correct that the Democratic caucus is slightly smaller today (232) than at the beginning of the year (235), his own caucus is as well and may get smaller still in the upcoming days.

Since the start of 2019, one Democratic member died in office, Elijah Cummings of Maryland), one resigned after revenge porn was posted online (Katie Hill of California), and one switched parties (Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey).


The utter brilliance of this "guy" is amazing......................... ..........................he is on the ...................and they are abandoning his party.....................his treasonous enabling party................. ...............

Amy McGrath Is Now Officially Challenging Mitch McConnell

McGrath, a former Marine pilot, is already out-fundraising the Senate Republican leader.
Noah Lanard

Reporter Bio

Amy McGrath, a Democrat and former Marine fighter pilot, has officially filed to challenge Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in Kentucky’s 2020 US Senate election.

In the 2018 midterm elections, McGrath narrowly lost to Rep. Andy Barr (R-Ky.) to represent the state’s 6th Congressional District. During her first months on the campaign trail before officially establishing her candidacy, McGrath outraised McConnell and other Democrats by bringing in nearly $11 million.

In 2016, Trump carried Kentucky by nearly 30 points. But last month, Gov. Matt Bevin, the nation’s “Trumpiest governor,” lost his reelection bid to Democrat Andy Beshear, after President Donald Trump campaigned for Bevin and said a loss for the unpopular incumbent would send “a really bad message.” The president pleaded, “You can’t let that happen to me!”

McGrath believes Beshear’s win helps her chances in 2020. “It absolutely gives us momentum,” she told the Associated Press, “because it shows that against an unpopular Republican incumbent, a Democrat can win.” McConnell is the country’s most unpopular senator in his home state, with 50 percent disapproval, although he’s still the heavy favorite in deep-red Kentucky.


Chuck Todd explains how uninformed journalists spread lies by asking stupid questions

Fox News Woman: 'Measles Is Not A Big Deal To Me At All'

It’s an insignificant disease, and I think it’s stupid that people are making such a big deal out of it.”
By Ed Scarce

Media Bites 12/28/19 5:00am
Read time: 1 minute

An interesting choice for an alleged news broadcaster. Air a segment with a woman who's woefully ignorant of the dangers that measles poses to the public and not bother to contradict her, but that's Fox News for you.

Source: Mediaite

After being told about a potential measles outbreak at five major US airports, one woman at an airport shrugged off concerns to Fox News, telling the network that it’s an “insignificant disease” and “not a big deal.”

“Measles is not a big deal to me at all,” the woman said. “When I was a child I had the measles. It’s an insignificant disease, and I think it’s stupid that people are making such a big deal out of it.”

Though immunization helped drastically curb the disease, measles killed more than 140,000 people in 2018 alone, according to the World Health Organization– most of which were young children.


So....Donald Trump Is Completely Melting Down On Twitter

Donald Trump seems to be handling impeachment very well, and by "very well," I mean REALLY badly.
By Red Painter

Politics 12/28/19 7:22am
Read time: 1 minute

Why has no one in Donald Trump's orbit taken away his twitter and brought in a psychiatrist to talk to him??? Since being impeached, he has been degrading at a rapid pace. The last 24 hours have brought an alarming rise in tweets and retweets from extremely disturbing accounts, most of which are straight up conspiracy theories and Qanon-based bots and trolls.

Twitter has taken notice.


Beware Of Anonymous Republicans 'Concerned' About McConnell's Impeachment Plans Be skeptical.

Be skeptical. Be very skeptical of anonymous Republicans who won't stand up, but instead lurk in the background with "concerns."
By Laura Clawson

Politics 12/28/19 6:30am
Read time: 1 minute

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has announced that he is “not an impartial juror” and pledged to conduct an impeachment trial of Donald Trump in “total coordination” with the White House. McConnell’s stance has Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski “disturbed,” while reliable eyeroll-generator Sen. Susan Collins said she “hopes” that Senate leaders will negotiate a fair trial process. But what about every other Republican senator?

Some, like Sen. Lindsey Graham, have said they’re with McConnell—not impartial jurors, just here to serve Donald Trump. But there are continuing reports that some cowardly Republicans aren’t happy, even as they stay silent.

Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut says, “I've talked to anywhere from five to 10 of my colleagues who have very severe misgivings about the direction that Mitch McConnell is going in denying a full, fair proceeding with witnesses and documents. My hope is that they will say publicly what Sen. Murkowski did, and really hold Mitch McConnell accountable.”

No credit—none—to these Republicans until the day they come out and actually force McConnell to conduct a fair Senate trial. Until then, they’re just anonymous cowards.


MSNBC host Chris Hayes argues Mitch McConnell made a 'big tactical error' in Trump's defense

Written by Cody Fenwick December 27, 2019

MSNBC host Chris Hayes argued on Thursday that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made a “big tactical error” by admitting on Fox News that he was in lockstep with President Donald Trump’s defense team as the coming impeachment trial looms.

In light of Alaska Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s criticism of McConnell’s claims of a complete alliance with the White House as the Senate takes over impeachment is was disturbing, and she said it might confuse voters, Hayes said the leader’s blunder has become clear.

McConnell last week said explicitly to Fox News host Sean Hannity that, heading into the trial, “there will be no difference between the president’s position and our position as to how to handle this.”

“It’s kind of an amazing admission,” Hayes said Thursday.


Democrats should push John Roberts for a bench warrant to force Trump's testimony in the Senate:

Democrats should push John Roberts for a bench warrant to force Trump's testimony in the Senate:

Watergate prosecutor

Published 3 hours ago on December 26, 2019

By Matthew Chapman

On Thursday’s edition of MSNBC’s “The Beat,” former Watergate prosecutor Nick Akerman walked through how Senate Democrats should lean on Chief Justice John Roberts to compel testimony from President Donald Trump in the impeachment trial.

ecause this is a civil matter, Trump has no Fifth Amendment privilege in terms of refusing to get up on the witness stand. He has to get up if he’s called,” said Akerman. “And if he’s testifying, there’s no way he can talk himself out of this. That’s the problem that the Republicans have. The facts are so overwhelming that Donald Trump was using the peoples’ money to shake down the president of Ukraine. And he can’t talk himself out of this. He can be cross-examined. He’s going to lie on it. But the lies aren’t going to do any good in light of the facts upon which he can be cross-examined.”

“It sounds like you’re saying there’s no wiggle room, that if Mitch McConnell opens the door for at least one witness, if he doesn’t have this ironclad, meaning that the Republicans shut this thing down before it starts, we may end up with President Trump taking the witness stand,” said anchor Ayman Mohyeldin.

“If I were the prosecutor for the House, the first witness I would call is Donald J. Trump, put him up on that witness stand,” said Akerman. “First get a subpoena from Justice Roberts. If the subpoena doesn’t do it, I would ask for a bench warrant. If he still refuses to come, the jury of senators has the right to take adverse inference, just like in any case if somebody refuses to testify or takes the Fifth Amendment because a truthful answer would tend to incriminate them. That inference can be taken against Donald Trump. And on that basis alone, he should be removed from office.”

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