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Qantas, Southwest stepping up checks for cracks in 737 NG aircraft after issues found

Business News
October 30, 2019 / 4:16 AM / Updated an hour ago

Jamie Freed, Tracy Rucinski
4 Min Read

SYDNEY/CHICAGO (Reuters) - Qantas Airways Ltd (QAN.AX) and Southwest Airlines Co (LUV.N) are stepping up checks for structural cracks on Boeing Co (BA.N) 737 NGs after discovering problems with planes that did not require urgent inspections, airline sources said.

The cracks are on what is known as the “pickle fork” - a part that attaches the plane’s fuselage, or body, to the wing structure.

Repairing the cracks requires grounding the airplane, with remedial work costing an estimated $275,000 per aircraft, according to aviation consultancy IBA.

Boeing on Oct. 11 said 38 planes worldwide had been grounded after urgent checks but has not provided a further update. The issue surfaced while the newer 737 MAX model is grounded globally following two deadly crashes.

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on Oct. 2 mandated checks of 737 NGs with more than 30,000 take-off and landing cycles within seven days.


and some reference for the non aviation folks explained

In 1924 Walter Johnson pitched the last game from which the Senators won the World Series

tonight the Washington Nationals won the World Series............................

Two days ago on Trump TV one Laura Ingraham had on two jerks,

And they mentioned espionage...........................and engaged in that word, when someone was going to testify during a hearing on Capital Hill, about the Ukrainian strong arming , extortion, blackmailing, whatever you want to call it by one Donald Trump to a foreign power to smear an American Candidate running to be president........................

After their stunt, I really would like to know who the sponsors support.....................People that go on a show and on her show that spew misinformation and accuse someone of being a spy basically, or are they for protecting this country from people that were on her show and having them saying that the individual was possibly conducting and could have been involved in espionage .......................with no facts to back that claim.....................

Or are they ( commercial sponsors ) there to just to make a buck and have no principles on Trump TV, and why the commercial sponsors are not outraged by what she and they did, and why they haven't they pulled there ads from her program...................

This is not about the First Amendment........................

I think that people should be boycotting the sponsors that had there commercials on that show that night..................


Viewers horrified as Chicago cops cheer on Trump's 'disgusting' attacks against their city

Published 54 mins ago
on October 28, 2019

By Brad Reed

President Donald Trump on Monday delivered a rambling speech in front of police in Chicago in which he repeatedly trashed their city while also disparaging Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson.

Among other things, Trump called Chicago an “embarrassment” to the nation, falsely claimed that it was more dangerous than Afghanistan, and accused Johnson of putting “criminals and illegal aliens before the citizens of Chicago.”

Many police in the audience cheered the president as he attacked both their city and their superintendent, which led to some horrified reactions from both Chicago residents and outsiders alike.

Check out some of the reactions below.


I like the thread response "Elect a Clown Picture".........................

'What is the Fed not telling us?' Fears of economic instability after Central Bank intervention


Published 6 hours ago
on October 28, 2019

By Common Dreams

“A financial system that requires over $100B of liquidity injections every day, temporary, permanent or otherwise, has major issues.”

A number of financial experts and investors are sounding the alarm over the Federal Reserve’s recent infusion of cash into the market and warning that the actions by the central bank could be the precursor to economic crisis.

On October 22, the Fed pumped $99.9 billion in temporary liquidity into the market to ease stresses brought on by a tightening credit market. Two days later, on October 24, the bank upped that to $134 billion.

“What is the Fed not telling us?” wondered Northman Trader’s Sven Heinreich.


The Market for Voting Machines Is Broken. This Company Has Thrived in It.

Half the country votes on machines made by ES&S. Many experts and election officials say the manufacturer remains dominant because there’s little government regulation and almost no oversight.

by Jessica Huseman Oct. 28, 2:20 p.m. EDT

In the glare of the hotly contested 2018 elections, things did not go ideally for ES&S, the nation’s largest manufacturer of voting technology.

In Georgia, where the race for governor had drawn national interest amid concerns about election integrity, ES&S-owned technology was in use when more than 150,000 voters inexplicably did not cast a vote for lieutenant governor. In part because the aged ES&S-managed machines did not produce paper backups, it wasn’t clear whether mechanical or human errors were to blame. Litigation surrounding the vote endures to this day.

In Indiana, ES&S’ systems were plagued by mishaps at the local level. In Johnson County, for instance, the company’s brand-new machines faltered in ways that made it difficult to know whether some people had voted more than once.

“ES&S misjudged the need for appropriate resources to serve Johnson County on Election Day 2018,” a report issued by state election officials later concluded. Johnson County subsequently terminated its contract with ES&S and, this September, paid more than $1.5 million to purchase an entirely new set of equipment.



ES&S is owned by the McCarthy Group, a private equity firm, and thus its financial records — revenue, profits, salaries — are not public. A spokesperson declined to make ES&S officials available for an interview for this article, and the company instead issued written responses to questions. It said its machinery and technology were ultimately found blameless in some of the election controversies over the years. In Georgia, it said that while the company was responsible for the maintenance of the machines, it was unable to make updates to the software. The state of Georgia, it said, was ultimately responsible for the mishaps.

“ES&S believes strongly in the security, accuracy and reliability of our machines,” the company said. “We’re committed to our role in democracy and protecting the right to vote.”

Asked about its history of litigation, the company said it sued only as a way to keep competitors honest: “We believe American voters deserve accountability in this industry.”

I think as a voter I have a "right" to know what and why this company and these machines are not public domain...............we the tax payers paid for these machines..............................and this proprietary information BS is really BS..................

David Cay Johnston on Trump's lying, crazy, self-absorbed weekend

Published 1 min ago
on October 28, 2019

By David Cay Johnston, DC Report @ Raw Story
- Commentary

That Donald Trump is manifestly unfit to be president, and cannot be trusted with national security secrets, was on full display Sunday morning.

What should have been a simple but triumphant announcement on the death of a dangerous man, the ideological leader of ISIS, became a display of Trump’s sick mind. It also showed that Trump’s claims to have defeated ISIS are nonsense.

During the announcement, Trump lied repeatedly because that is just what he does. He didn’t even tell Americans that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi committed suicide, killing three children as well, before he could be assassinated. Instead, Trump created the false impression that American forces killed al-Baghdadi, saying it was “something really amazing to see…as though you were watching a movie.”

Trump thanked foreign governments, notably Russia, before he thanked American forces.

Trump is so obsessed with celebrity he discussed the death of al-Baghdadi in Page Six gossip column terms, using his ignorance as a reference point and trying to diminish the success of President Barack Obama’s administration in hunting down and killing Osama bin Laden in 2011.


Rand Paul complains about 'incivility' months after telling Rep. Omar to leave the country

By Josh Israel -
October 28, 2019

The Kentucky Republican offered to buy Rep. Ilhan Omar a plane ticket to Somalia earlier this year after Trump told the congresswoman to 'go back' to her home country.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is still outraged that two people at a restaurant expressed their displeasure with him earlier this month, and in an interview on Sunday, he cited that encounter to claim that only those on the left were uncivil.

Paul appeared on former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee's (R) eponymous Trinity Broadcasting Network program over the weekend. After explaining that he was right about supporting Trump's decision to abandon Kurdish allies in Syria, The Kentucky senator was asked about the incident at a California eatery.

"We're having lunch, minding our own business, there's only two other people in the restaurant..." he recounted. "These people tried to ruin our day by coming over, showing the middle finger at us, using profanity, yelling at us."

"My question really to everyone is," he continued, "they keep blaming incivility on President Trump, and yet the only people I see that are acting rude, that are coming up to people at restaurants and yelling and screaming are the left."


Hey Rand can I call you Rand, I got a question for you possibly two, what the fuck has your libertarian BS done for countries, like lets say Chile, Argentina, and even here in the USA, what has it really done...............and question #2 have you ever read a book called Democracy in Chains by Nancy McLean, it pretty much explain your libertarian BS and how and who was behind some of the shit down in South America and how one Nobel Economist was basically a racist POS who brought forth this concept of libertarian BS,starting back in the 1950's......................how about your Ayn Rand hero hypocrite, you do remember that she used social security don't you, that socialist program..............................

Hong Kong enters recession as protests show no sign of relenting

Source: Reuters

World News
October 27, 2019 / 11:29 PM / Updated 21 minutes ago

HONG KONG (Reuters) - Hong Kong has fallen into recession, hit by more than five months of anti-government protests that show no signs of relenting, and is unlikely to achieve annual economic growth this year, the city’s Financial Secretary said.

“The blow to our economy is comprehensive,” Paul Chan said in a blog post on Sunday, adding that a preliminary estimate for third-quarter GDP on Thursday would show two successive quarters of contraction - the technical definition of a recession.

He also said it would be “extremely difficult” to achieve the government’s pre-protest forecast of 0-1 % annual economic growth.

Protests in the former British colony have reached their 21st week. On Sunday, black-clad and masked demonstrators set fire to shops and hurled petrol bombs at police who responded with tear gas, water cannon and rubber bullets.

Read more: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-hongkong-protests/hong-kong-enters-recession-as-protests-show-no-sign-of-relenting-idUSKBN1X706F?il=0

How a Tax Break to Help the Poor Went to NBA Owner Dan Gilbert

I know this is two days old............................but he is a vulture capitalist, he really is ......................

After a lobbying effort, Dan Gilbert, billionaire founder of Quicken Loans, won special tax status for wealthy areas of downtown Detroit where he owns billions worth of property.

by Jeff Ernsthausen and Justin Elliott Oct. 24, 2:10 p.m. EDT

Billionaire Dan Gilbert has spent the last decade buying up buildings in downtown Detroit, amassing nearly 100 properties and so completely dominating the area, it’s known as Gilbertville. In the last few years, Gilbert, the 57-year-old founder of Quicken Loans and owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, has also grown close to the Trump family.

Quicken gave $750,000 to Trump’s inaugural fund. Gilbert has built a relationship with Ivanka Trump, who appeared at one of his Detroit buildings in 2017 for a panel discussion with him. And, last year, he watched the midterm election returns at the White House with President Donald Trump himself, who has called Gilbert “a great friend.”

Gilbert’s cultivation of the Trump family appears to have paid off: Three swaths of downtown Detroit were selected as opportunity zones under the Trump tax law, extending a valuable tax break to Gilbert’s real estate empire.

Gilbert’s relationship with the White House helped him win his desired tax break, an email obtained by ProPublica suggests. In February 2018, as the selection process was underway, a top Michigan economic development official asked her colleague to call Quicken’s executive vice president for government affairs about opportunity zones.


And lets not forget he was on sixty minutes and was given a big hoopla....................and why do I think he is the modern version of Its a Wonderful Life when he is old man Potter was jerk to George...............................
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