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Member since: Fri May 30, 2014, 02:30 PM
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FBI to America: Reboot Your Routers, Right Now

The FBI has issued a dire warning to everyone who has a router in their home. The Internet Crime Complaint Center sent a rare Public Service Announcement declaring: "Foreign cyber actors have compromised hundreds of thousands of home and office routers and other networked devices worldwide."

The hackers are using VPNFilter malware to target small office and home office routers, the FBI said. "VPNFilter is able to render small office and home office routers inoperable," the FBI warns. "The malware can potentially also collect information passing through the router. Detection and analysis of the malware’s network activity is complicated by its use of encryption."

The feds recommends "any owner of small office and home office routers reboot the devices to temporarily disrupt the malware and aid the potential identification of infected devices." They also advise to consider disabling remote management settings on devices, use encryption, upgrade firmware and choose new and different passwords, which is pretty much best practice anyway.

The IC3, formerly known as the Internet Fraud Complaint Center was renamed in October 2003 to include this kind of attack. Their stated mission "is to provide the public with a reliable and convenient reporting mechanism to submit information to the Federal Bureau of Investigation concerning suspected Internet-facilitated criminal activity and to develop effective alliances with law enforcement and industry partners."

Today, that means telling you to reboot your router, so hop to it.

Update 5/30 5:21 ET: While rebooting your router will impede VPNFilter's ability to spy on you, it does not fully remove the malware from your router. If you want to make sure your router is completely clean, you'll have to do a full factory reset.


Ivanka trump is going to see Devin Nunes and have a festival..............question?

is she and the enabler of going to be met with protesters when she shows up, I really think the country should have this on the national news that both of them are not welcomed.................this coming JUNE 18, 2018


November 2018 cannot get here fast enough

donate :



Breaking news tonight! The Illinois legislature became the 37th state to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment tonight!

Illinois Approves Equal Rights Amendment Chicago Tribune

Chicago Sun Times

Only one state left to go!

(Yes, I know there will still be a fight — just enjoying this moment of hopeful celebration first!)



Trump’s Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is terrible. She’s proof that being a billionaire doesn’t mean you are intelligent. In fact, being a billionaire might mean that you are something of a sociopathic idiot. But, she is surrounded and supports the privatization of education and the predatory loan practices of real dirtbags. She spent the entire first year of her tenure as head of the education department not helping out a single defrauded student. On Friday, a federal judge stopped DeVos’s plan to use earnings data to grant “only partial student loan forgiveness.” Magistrate Judge Sallie Kim of the U.S. District Court in San Francisco said that the Trump administration was violating privacy laws in the data they were trying to use. This is a big victory for humans.

The decision is rooted in Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’s decision in December to provide debt relief to former Corinthian students by comparing the average earnings of students in similar vocational programs. That earnings information is collected under gainful employment, a regulation that penalizes career-training programs for producing too many graduates with more debt than they can repay.

The Project on Predatory Student Lending at Harvard University, a legal services clinic, filed an injunction in March to stop the practice. The group has argued that the Education Department has no right to use the data, which is supplied by the Social Security Administration, for any purpose other than to evaluate vocational programs. What’s more, the attorneys say denying full relief to Corinthian students is illegal.

This is a bright spot in an administration that has spent every waking hour unscrewing the nuts and bolts of our country’s social safety nets. According to the Washington Post this same court will be considering whether or not to force the Education Department to give out full student loan forgiveness to Corinthian students at a hearing scheduled for June 4. Corinthian colleges have had a lot of support from Republicans because defrauding young people is a good way to make a lot of money with which to line Republicans’ pockets. DeVos, like the rest of the conservative movement, has spent a considerable amount of time trying to build up swampy towers that keep out the voices of dissent.

But there are just too many of us and we will keep coming for you.


And I can't wait to Impeach this cretin.................

November 2018 cannot get here fast enough

An Economic Time bomb is Ticking. And its set to go off on the Democrat watch

Trump & The GOP have lit the fuse on an economic timebomb that is set to go off on the Democrats watch (pardon the mixed metaphor.)

Two reasons why this is coming (guaranteed):

First, Trump’s massive un-paid-for Corporate tax cut will explode the National Debt. The “official” size of the Trump deficit was estimated to be “$1.2 Trillion”, but last March, the Treasury reported that the federal government ran a $209 Billion dollar deficit just for the month of March. Multiply that times 12, and if things don’t change, that translates to a $2.4 Trillion dollar annual deficit, TWICE the predicted amount. And this was when people were still paying the 2017 tax rate. Next year, the Federal Reserve will be left with no choice but to raise interest rates in order to raise enough capital to cover the shortfall. That will suck hundreds of billions out of the economy… slowing spending, thus slowing the economy and costing jobs.

The next danger sign is the recent rise in oil/gas prices (gasoline is nearly a dollar per gallon higher today than it was the day Obama left office.) “Unofficially”, every $1 increase in the price of a gallon of gas is roughly equal to a $100 Billion dollar tax increase on the Middle Class… more than wiping out Trump’s “tax cut” that was helping to boost his economy. That’s how much money Trump’s gas price increase will suck out of the economy this year. (Trump once attacked Obama for rising gas prices in this 2011 tweet.) Rising gasoline prices are the most regressive “tax” of all. The poorer you are, the larger a percentage of your income goes to buying fuel.


House GOP prepares to consider Trump's $15 billion clawback

Source: The Hill

House Republicans are preparing to take action on a $15 billion rescissions package in coming weeks amid a conservative push for Congress to claw back spending as lawmakers return from recess.

The White House is considering tweaking its initial proposal — an idea spearheaded by House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) after discussions with President Trump in April — as GOP leadership is still short of the votes needed to pass the measure.

While the package still faces some pushback -- with critics fearing it could hinder future bipartisan negotiations -- House GOP leadership is currently whipping the measure as pressure mounts on the party's lawmakers to slash spending ahead of the midterm election cycle.

"Support for the President’s rescissions request is growing by the day and Leader McCarthy continues to actively support the whip operation to send these spending cuts to the Senate," McCarthy spokesman Matt Sparks told The Hill in a statement. "The House is expected to consider it when we return from the district work period."

Read more: http://thehill.com/homenews/house/389821-house-gop-prepares-to-consider-trumps-15-billion-clawback

They really don't like other adults children.....................except if it is their own ...................

November 2018 cannot get here fast enough

Corgis in California race to be top dog - in pictures

Hundreds of the diminutive but highly spirited dogs compete in a national tournament at Santa Anita racetrack in Arcadia city

Karin Andreasson

Mon 28 May 2018 07.13 EDT



Puerto Rico: Thousands more died from hurricane than official toll, study finds

Estimate of 4,600 deaths in sharp conflict with official toll of 64, and researchers say new evaluation may be an underestimate, too

The landfall of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico last September led to the death of thousands on the island, according to a new study – in sharp conflict with the official government death toll of 64.

The report in the New England Journal of Medicine concludes that as many as 4,600 “excess deaths” occurred in the aftermath of the storm due to failures of medical and other critical infrastructure, and described the official number as “a substantial underestimate”.

Researchers said their fresh evaluation was probably an underestimate, too, owing to problems with communications that persist in the storm’s aftermath. In an enormous range of calculations, they said there is a 95% likelihood the death toll was somewhere between approximately 800 and 8,500 people.

Hurricane Maria, which peaked as a category 5 hurricane just before reaching Puerto Rico, brought devastating winds and catastrophic flooding to the Spanish speaking US territory. In the days, weeks and months that followed, roads and electrical lines were slow to be restored, grinding much of life to a near halt. There were also severe shortages of food and lack of access to potable water in many areas. Governor Ricardo Roselló called the storm “the biggest catastrophe in modern history” for the the island.


And then there is the traitor going to fund raiser in Tennessee for Marsha Blackburn and golf.....................

November 2018 cannot get here fast enough

Puerto Rico: Thousands more died from hurricane than official toll, study finds

Belgium shooting: man kills passerby and two police officers in Lige

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