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Member since: Fri May 30, 2014, 02:30 PM
Number of posts: 18,090

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Marches, Rallies Mark May Day Around the World

Source: Voice of America

Workers and protesters throughout the world observed May Day Tuesday with rallies and strikes demanding their governments address better working conditions and other labor issues.

In addition to being an international day honoring workers or a traditional spring time festival, Tuesday is also International Worker’s Day in many countries.

Read more: https://www.voanews.com/a/marches-and-rallies-mark-may-day-around-the-world/4372501.html

U.S. protesters target Trump, immigration, midterms in May Day demonstrations

Source: Chicago Tribune

Immigrants say President Donald Trump's administration has become almost everything they feared, but while they rally across the United States on May Day, their focus is less on huge turnout Tuesday than on the first Tuesday in November.

Marches and other demonstrations for labor and immigrant rights were planned from Florida to New York to California on International Workers' Day and come amid similar actions worldwide.

"The Trump administration has made very clear that they've declared war on the immigrant community on all levels," said Javier Valdes, co-executive director of the advocacy group Make the Road New York.

Immigrant rights groups have joined in May Day activities for more than a decade, initially to push back against harsh legislative proposals and later to clamor for reform and legal status for immigrants in the country illegally who were brought to the U.S. as children or overstayed their visas.

Read more: http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/nationworld/ct-may-day-protests-20180501-story.html

November 2018 cannot get here fast enough

Struggling To Hold His Seat, Devin Nunes Blames 'Radical Leftists'

Reprinted with permission from Shareblue.com.

With his House seat no longer considered ‘safe’ by election forecasters, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) is looking for someone to blame for his failing re-election campaign.

Instead of considering that his own failures may explain his sinking campaign, Nunes is pointing the finger at the right-wing’s go-to boogeyman: “radical leftists.”

In a fundraising email sent on Saturday, Nunes whined that “radical leftists” and the mainstream media are saying “nasty things” about him, though he failed to provide examples of these “nasty things” — likely because most of them are true statements about his own actions.


Hey Nunes....................your fucked, people don't like enablers of treason and enabling obstruction of justice.........

Blue Wave.....................

November 2018 cannot get here fast enough Nunes

House Republicans buried this new email from Flynn in their report on Russian election interference

Another big coincidence.

JUDD LEGUM APR 30, 2018, 1:25 PM

Intelligence released a 253-page report on their investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. The purpose of the report, which the Democrats on the committee said was issued prematurely, was to announce their conclusion that the Trump campaign did not collude with Russia.

But buried on page 72 was something genuinely newsworthy.

On July 15, 2016, General Michael Flynn, Trump’s former National Security Adviser who is now cooperating with Special Counsel Mueller, sent an email predicting “a number of things…will happen…via cyber operations…by both hacktivists [and] nation-states.”


The Republicans on the committee attempt to explain away Flynn’s email by saying it “does not necessarily indicate non-public knowledge.” But this was not an explanation that Flynn provided to the committee. Flynn, in fact, was never interviewed by the committee.

Moreover, while the committee suggests that Flynn is potentially relying on publicly known information, Flynn is explicitly predicting future events in this email.


enablers of treason are still enablers of treason

Nearly 2,500 Candidates Jockey For House And Senate Seats

Plus, Top 10 Senate Races Raised $245 Million in the First Three Months of 2018

By Jillian S. Ambroz

The runup to the mid-term elections is breaking all sorts of records. But in the Age of Trump, we are seeing a call to activism like never before. That’s extending to people running for office. To date, nearly 2,500 people have declared candidacy for Congressional and Senate seats – more than in the past three election cycles. That’s a lot of people vying for 470 seats up for grabs come November.

So far, 2,192 have announced their intention to run for a Congressional seat and 286 have filed to run for Senate seats. Democrats make up the greatest portion of declared candidacies with 49.5%, compared to Republicans at 38.8% and independent or third-party candidates representing 11.7%. This compares to a total of 2,263 candidates who ran for Congress in 2016; 2,142 in 2014 and 2,412 in 2012, according to Ballotpedia.

As for official party fundraising efforts, the Republicans know this is a critical election year. The Republican National Committee (RNC) has raised almost double what the Democratic National Committee (DNC) has raised by the end of the first quarter, at just over $39 million. The DNC had raised just over $22 million in the same period, according to the Federal Election Commission (FEC). The RNC reported having just under $43 million in cash on hand with no debts owed compared to the DNC which had $9 million in cash on hand with more than $6 million in debts owed.

But this does not paint the whole picture of fundraising efforts. As mentioned, this reflects the official party fundraising efforts. When looking across the national map at the races and the individual candidates’ abilities to raise money, the trends show Democrats outraising Republicans.


How to Wrestle Your Data From Data Brokers, Silicon Valley -- and Cambridge Analytica

It can be done but it’s not easy.

by Jeremy B. Merrill April 30, 5 a.m. EDT

Cambridge Analytica thinks that I’m a “Very Unlikely Republican.” Another political data firm, ALC Digital, has concluded I’m a “Socially Conservative,” Republican, “Boomer Voter.” In fact, I’m a 27-year-old millennial with no set party allegiance.

For all the fanfare, the burgeoning field of mining our personal data remains an inexact art.

One thing is certain: My personal data, and likely yours, is in more hands than ever. Tech firms, data brokers and political consultants build profiles of what they know — or think they can reasonably guess — about your purchasing habits, personality, hobbies and even what political issues you care about.

You can find out what those companies know about you but be prepared to be stubborn. Very stubborn. To demonstrate how this works, we’ve chosen a couple of representative companies from three major categories: data brokers, big tech firms and political data consultants.



Around the time of the 2016 election, Paul-Olivier Dehaye, a Belgian mathematician and founder of a website that helps people exercise their data protection rights called PersonalData.IO, approached me with an idea for a story. He flagged some of Cambridge Analytica’s claims about the power of its “psychographic” targeting capabilities and suggested that I demand my data from them.

So I sent off a request, following Dehaye’s coaching, and citing the UK Data Protection Act 1998, the British implementation of a little-known European Union data-protection law that grants individuals (even Americans) the rights to see the data Europeans companies compile about individuals.


Trump warns his impeachment could follow if Democrats take back Congress

"We gotta fight like hell, and we gotta win the House and we gotta win the Senate."

ADDY BAIRD APR 29, 2018, 10:53 AM

President Trump is concerned he will face impeachment if Republicans lose their House majority, he said Saturday night at a rally in Michigan.

“We have to keep the House,” he said. “Because if you listen to Maxine Waters, she goes around saying, ‘We will impeach him! We will impeach him,’” he said, referring to the Democratic congresswoman from California. “Then people said, ‘He hasn’t done anything wrong,’…’Oh, that doesn’t matter, we will impeach the president.’”

Trump noted that the party in the White House usually loses seats during the midterms and called for Republicans not to get comfortable.

“We cannot be complacent — we gotta go out and we gotta fight like hell and we gotta win the House and we gotta win the Senate,” he said.


This may have been posted earlier, but if this asshole had nothing to hide....................

No sexual predator------------------the people of this country will try and convict you of treason, and other crimes that you committed..............the representatives work for us and we tell them what to do......................you haven't figured that out yet..................

You will have to give a disposition in hearing, with a woman ...............because of your making, no else was sleeping in that bed..............and you and your lackey attorney are going down........................

November 2018 cannot get here fast enough

Inside the 'incel' movement inspiring mass violence against women

Men who resent being denied "their God-given rights to have sex with women."


APR 29, 2018, 8:00 AM

Content warning: This article contains graphic, violent and racist language.

Since the April 23 van attack in Toronto that left 10 people dead and 14 wounded, people have been struggling to understand the misogynistic “incel” community referred to in a Facebook post by Alek Minassian, the man charged in the deadly rampage.

“Incel” stands for “involuntarily celibate,” an online community of mostly men who blame women for their inability to get the attention, and sex, they feel entitled to.

“[Incels] have taken this moniker as almost a badge of honor for men who feel like women are not being the docile sex toys for them that they think they should be,” Heidi Beirich of the Southern Poverty Law Center told ThinkProgress.

ThinkProgress reviewed online incel forums and found posts ranging from self-loathing to brazen, violent rhetoric against women. One post encouraged people to “post your favorite YouTube videos where a woman gets beaten by a man.” Another said having to respect women was akin to asking shell shock victims to “respect” bombs.


Sen. Roy Blunt sees no need for governor accused of sex assault to resign

Source: Think Progress

"Voters voted for him," the Missouri lawmaker said on Sunday.
ADDY BAIRD APR 29, 2018, 12:10 PM

Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO) resisted calls for Gov. Eric Greitens (R-MO) to resign Sunday in an appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press.

Earlier this month, a Missouri House committee released a report detailing allegations of sexual assault against Greitens. In the report, the committee said they believe the woman who made the allegations is credible.

None of that however is sufficient reason for Greitens to step aside, according to Blunt.

“I think we have to let the situation play out,” the Missouri senator said. “Obviously what the governor’s accused of is very concerning, but there is both a legal process and a legislative process designed to deal with that, and I have confidence [in] both of those.”

Read more: https://thinkprogress.org/blunt-greitens-mtp-3f71b4dcbddf/

This hypocrite is a fucking POS.................

He has no fucking balls, and he is trying to deflect his principles because he is fucking misogynistic asshole, did you fucking vote for him asshole or where you out of fucking town.......................he is after all your Governor.............

November 2018 cannot get here fast enough

Brooks: Many Republicans Are Likely Retiring Due To Fear Of Assassination

By Katherine Riga | April 28, 2018 5:31 pm

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) floated the idea Friday that Republicans are retiring from Congress in record numbers due to their fear of being assassinated, according to a Friday morning Roll Call report.

While speaking on the Dale Jackson Show, Brooks mentioned the shooting at the congressional Republican baseball practice last year, which left Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) badly wounded.

“You have to wonder with that kind of disproportionate retirement number whether what happened in June played a factor,” he reportedly said. “There are a growing number of leftists who believe the way to resolve this is not at the ballot box but through threats and sometimes through violence and assassinations.”

Brooks conceded that most of the retiring Republicans would likely not attribute their decision to fear for their lives, but added that the number of those leaving, especially those who play on the team, is “out of whack.”


Hey Brooks your a fucking traitor to this country and you are so paranoid, that your right wing NRA got money from Russia, that is causing thousands to be killed, and you think it's from the left..............you are fucking delusional..................what a pin head

Oh yeah, I forgot you haven't passed any legislation, and what you did vote on was putting unqualified people in a criminal organization cabinet, and courts, and run around spreading your right wing delusional basic talking points of hate and fear, remember your party has more terrorists...................

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