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WATCH LIVE: President Trump presents the Medal of Honor

Source: The Hill

President Trump will participate in his first Medal of Honor ceremony on Monday afternoon, presenting the award to former Specialist Five James C. McCloughan, an Army medic who served in Vietnam.

The 71-year-old Michigan resident is a Vietnam veteran who was injured while saving 10 others as an Army medic.

Watch the ceremony live in the video above.

Read more: hehill.com/344636-watch-live-president-trump-presents-the-medal-of-honor

New civil rights chief at Justice Department has spent his career undermining civil rights

Source: Think Progress

Thomas Wheeler, the Assistant Acting Attorney General in charge of the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) division that handles policing, discrimination, and voting rights cases, announced he would be leaving his position after just 6 months.

John Gore, a Republican lawyer in Washington, will serve in the interim until Trump’s nominee for the position, Eric Dreiband, secures a hearing. Gore most notably represented the University of North Carolina system after it was sued by the Obama administration over the state’s HB2 bathroom bill. Gore is a former partner at Jones Day—the law firm from which the Trump administration has pulled at least 14 attorneys from to join the president’s team, including the White House Counsel Don McGahn. According to Election Law Blog, Gore’s now-deleted bio on the Jones Day website stated Gore had been “actively involved in redistricting litigation” in private practice and listed six cases in which he defended state governments accused of violating the Voting Rights Act through gerrymandering.

Gore represented Florida Governor Rick Scott in a case over his administration's attempt to purge the state’s voter rolls of potential noncitizens before the 2012 election. The move disproportionately affected Florida’s Hispanic community, which made up only 13% of the 11.3 million active registered voters in Florida at the time, yet were 58% of those identified as potential noncitizens. A federal appeals court ruled in 2014 the purge was found to have violated the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA), which prevents purging of voter rolls 90 days before an election.

Read more: https://thinkprogress.org/chief-at-justice-department-spent-his-career-undermining-civil-rights-a898259bbade

Does anyone else see a pattern on who they are placing in this DOJ

Scott Walkers $3 billion fraud

When Scott Walker announced his candidacy for the President of the United States on July 13, 2015, he sent an email to supporters explaining why he was running for the Republican nomination.

“I’m a conservative because I believe in a smaller government, lower taxes and a free market,” Walker wrote.

744 days later, sharing a stage with Donald Trump, the man who defeated him, Walker announced he was giving $3 billion in taxpayer money to a Taiwanese electronics manufacturer, Foxconn. The company is best known for making component parts for the iPhone and other Apple products. The stunning deal is 50 times larger than any previous public incentive package.

The Foxconn factory will likely be located in the Congressional district of House Speaker Paul Ryan, an Ayn Rand acolyte and avowed champion of free enterprise. Ryan, who joined Trump and Walker for the announcement, lashed out Obama for supporting “big business” with “crony capitalism” in a 2012 column entitled “Republicans Must Return To Free Market Principles.”


I hope that Randy Byrce for Congress, (https://randybryceforcongress.com/ ) asks questions if they are going to use AMERICAN STEEL, and what are the wages going to be

John Oliver takes on Alex Jones over Infowars product ads

"Last Week Tonight" host John Oliveron Sunday took aim at InfoWars founder Alex Jones, slamming the conspiracy theorist for the products he sells to fund his show.

Oliver pointed out Jones spends nearly a quarter of his show peddling products to his listeners like Combat One moist towelettes and Wake Up America Patriot Blend coffee. Other products that Oliver highlighted included one that had trace amounts of “comet” and a “Bill Clinton rape whistle” that came with a free “9-11 Was an Inside Job” bumper sticker.

Oliver said that about two-thirds of his funding for Jones’ show comes from selling the products and that Jones often tells listeners that he can barely keep the show going unless they buy the products on his site. Jones told NBC’s Megan Kelly during an interview last month that it costs $45 to 50 million to run InfoWars.

"Last Week Tonight" host John Oliveron Sunday took aim at InfoWars founder Alex Jones, slamming the conspiracy theorist for the products he sells to fund his show.


John Oliver takes on Alex Jones over Infowars product ads

Chris Collins: Last Week Was A Great Week For Trump

By NICOLE LAFOND Published JULY 31, 2017 8:13 AM

Last week, President Trump launched repeated public attacks on his attorney general, announced on Twitter major policy about who can serve in the military, was criticized for his highly political speech at a Boy Scouts rally, replaced his chief of staff after his communications director gave a profanity-laced interview, and Republicans failed to repeal Obamacare.

“This has been a great week for the President,” Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY), a staunch Trump ally, said on CNN Monday morning.

“I was at the jamboree, you know, 40,000 Boy Scouts shouting ‘We love Trump, we love Trump.’ Banning transgenders, which is probably supported by the vast majority of Americans,” he said.

CNN host Alisyn Camerota cut him short saying “he didn’t tell the Pentagon, the joint chiefs of staff were taken by surprise. How is that a great rollout of a new policy?

“President Trump is President Trump. He is the commander-in-chief. He can roll things out however he wants,” Collins said.


Hey Zippy, making a $174,000 a year, your f*cking "guy" has the nuclear codes and sleeps with them with air force Major General up all night, while twinkle toes is playing with himself, in the west wing waiting for some sh*t to happen, and then having to go in and tell the sexual predator you know the orange marmalade, your the President you can do whatever you want!

Why are you in office Collins, what a f*cking disgrace to even say what you said. You really need to quit eating the big white mint out of the urinal

Trump: Why Should Congress Not Pay What Public Pays For Health Insurance?

By NICOLE LAFOND Published JULY 31, 2017 8:53 AM

Following his rhetoric from over the weekend, President Donald Trump tweeted Monday morning questioning why Obamacare shouldn’t “hurt” insurance companies and why “should Congress not be paying what public pays?”

The comments follow threats he made on social media over the weekend to end “BAILOUTS for Insurance Companies and BAILOUTS for Members of Congress” if Republicans couldn’t come to an agreement on Obamacare repeal, apparently alluding to cutting cost sharing reduction payments to insurance companies and an employer contribution to lawmakers’ health insurance.

On Sunday, White House adviser Kellyanne Conway said the President would decide on whether to end these Obamacare subsidies this week.

Trump’s tweets closely resemble remarks White House budget chief Mick Mulvaney made about the issue on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday.

“I think his attitude is this, and his attitude is pretty simple,” Mulvaney said. “What he’s saying is, look, if Obamacare is hurting people — and it is — then why shouldn’t it hurt insurance companies and more importantly perhaps for this discussion, members of Congress?”


News. Traffic. Weather. Trump.

And this group has access to 105.5 FM in this major metropolitan are, its called Washington DC, because after all when Sputnik came and went, they never left, in fact they are now taking over radio stations................

'Young white guys are hopping mad': confidence grows at far-right gathering

“We are soldiers in this war,” Jared Taylor told an overwhelmingly male and entirely white audience of around 300 late on Saturday. “And we will win.”

The founder and editor of American Renaissance, once a print magazine and now “the internet’s premier race-realist site”, no longer thinks whites can have America to themselves. But he wants an all-white “ethnostate”, carved out of US territory.

This weekend, American Renaissance held its annual conference at a venue in Montgomery Bell state park, an hour west of Nashville, Tennessee. Attendees and speakers clearly felt a growing confidence. They have seen appreciable growth in membership of established and emerging far-right groups. They have also seen the election as president of Donald Trump.

Speakers at the event addressed subjects including “Race realism and race denialism” and “Has the white man turned the corner?”. One considered “The Trump report card – so far”.

When Taylor spoke, his audience was generationally diverse. Some, well into middle age or beyond, had heard it all before. But when he asked who was attending for the first time, the great majority raised their hands.


These ass**** are piss ants

'How am I abusing my child?': woman panhandling with infant rejects criticism

“Anything helps”, reads the sign that Megan Doudney lays out in front of her baby buggy as she nestles her 6-week-old infant in her arms while panhandling on San Francisco’s Market Street.

But the 34-year-old homeless mother has gotten a lot more than the financial help she was hoping for.

While Doudney has received an outpouring of support from some, others have unleashed a maelstrom of criticism on social media against her and panhandling with children that have turned into face-to-face confrontations on the street and 911 calls reporting her.

“It’s just harassment,” said the mother, who is currently staying with her baby and two dogs at a city-funded, temporary family shelter run by Hamilton Families. Doudney, who has a severe back condition and receives social security payments, said she used the money she collected panhandling to cover extra expenses and to save money for a future deposit on an apartment.


Maybe these people should go back and see Pelosi film on this issue, because whoever is harassing this woman and child after all a human beings.............and they just can't put themselves in that persons shoes, no empathy


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