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Member since: Fri May 30, 2014, 02:30 PM
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Trumps first 100 days rolled into one song

Trump names anti-abortion leader Yoest to top HHS post

By RACHANA PRADHAN 04/28/17 10:32 AM EDT Updated 04/28/17 03:03 PM EDT

"President Donald Trump on Friday said he would name one of the most prominent anti-abortion activists in the country to a top communications post at HHS.

Charmaine Yoest, tapped to be assistant secretary of public affairs, is a senior fellow at American Values. She is the former president of Americans United for Life, which has been instrumental in advancing anti-abortion legislation at the state level to restrict access to the procedure.

Her appointment was quickly panned by Democratic lawmakers and prominent abortion rights organizations. The assistant secretary of public affairs shapes communications efforts for the entire agency."


Think Trump's Stupid? Get A Load Of This Interview...

Lunch Money, this is just outrageous,

Hey, Alabama this is what fascists did during World War II to some children

Vanessa Marcano-Kelly is absolutely great activist

How to side step a dead beats tax return, when asked about those tax returns


LAST WORD 4/25/17 Lımbaugh Slams Trump on new wall Faılure

It Sure Looks Like a Russian Cover-Up The Resistance with Keith Olbermann GQ

Remember this? Well in Nevada this happened just now, today...................


Rachel Maddow -----4/18/2017 Updated

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