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Ten Arguments Gun Advocates Make, and Why They're Wrong

As of February 15, 2018, there have been 291 school shootings in the United States since 2013, according to Everytown for Gun Safety Support Fund. According to the nonprofit Gun Violence Archive, there have been 1,363 mass shootings since 2014 (GVA defines a mass shooting as an incident where four or more, not including the shooter, were shot or killed).

There has been yet another mass shooting, something that now seems to occur on a monthly basis. Every time another tragedy like this occurs, gun advocates make the same arguments about why we can't possibly do anything to restrict the weaponization of our culture. Here's a guide to what they'll be saying in the coming days:


Megan McArdle named Washington Post Opinions columnist

By WashPostPR February 13

The Washington Post today announced Megan McArdle will be a columnist for the Opinions section starting March 1. In this role, McArdle will write columns with a focus on the intersection of economics, business and public policy.

“Megan offers one of the liveliest, smartest, least predictable takes on policy, politics and everything else, from the history of washing machines to essential rules for living,” said Fred Hiatt, Editorial Page editor for The Post. “We’re excited to share her perspective and her distinctive voice with our readers and to deepen our coverage of economic and financial topics.”


Then lets remind everyone what she said about guns.................

Megan McArdle calls for children to be trained to run at active shooters

In an attempt to distract from an emerging debate over how much to strengthen gun laws, Newsweek and Daily Beast special correspondent Megan McArdle called for people, even children, to be trained to "gang rush" active shooters. The Department of Homeland Security, however, recommends that people evacuate or hide in response to an active shooter, and to take direct action only as a last resort and when your life is in "imminent" danger.

McArdle's essay on how to prevent mass shootings in the wake of the tragedy in Newton, Connecticut, begins with a libertarian defense of congressional inaction on gun issues, even sneering that it is "easy and satisfying to be for 'gun control' in the abstract, but we cannot pass gun control, in the abstract." You might well have seen most of this essay after any mass shooting in recent decades.

McArdle is so resigned to any gun laws failing to prevent gun violence that she concludes that people should be encouraged to "gang rush" shooters rather than hide:


And then we have this from someone that has be given awards.....................

Beware of Blaming Government for London Tower Fire

A few days ago fire swept through Grenfell Tower, a large apartment building in London. It’s not yet known what caused the fire, and we aren’t conclusively sure how it spread so quickly, consuming the entire 24-story building. Nor is it known how many died in the fire; as of Friday, the count is at least 30.

What we do know is that there are ways to help control the spread of fire in apartment buildings, such as sprinkler systems. This has the makings of a scandal for Prime Minister Theresa May’s beleaguered government. Her immigration minister, Brandon Lewis, was formerly the housing minister. He declined to require developers to install sprinklers. The Independent quotes him as telling Parliament in 2014: “We believe that it is the responsibility of the fire industry, rather than the Government, to market fire sprinkler systems effectively and to encourage their wider installation. … The cost of fitting a fire sprinkler system may affect house building -- something we want to encourage -- so we must wait to see what impact that regulation has.”


Kimmel Writer Calls Out GOP In Blistering Replies To Prayers After Florida Shooting

Source: Huffington Post

Lawmakers sending “thoughts and prayers” in the wake of Wednesday’s deadly school shooting in Parkland, Florida, are getting slammed for their financial ties to the gun lobby.

Bess Kalb, a writer for “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” is responding to each lawmaker tweeting condolences over the murders by listing how much they’ve taken from the National Rifle Association, which has consistently fought any move to tighten gun control laws.

Here are some of those tweets and Kalb’s replies:

Read more: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/bess-kalb-nra-tweets_us_5a84ee69e4b0058d5565cbac

United Airlines engine disintegrates over Pacific, forcing emergency landing

A United Airlines plane flying to Hawaii was forced to make an emergency landing after its engine began to fall apart mid-air.

After what was described as “the scariest flight of my life” by one passenger, photos and videos taken through the windows showed an exposed engine shaking in mid-air after the “engine cowling” broke away.

Boeing raises prospect of only one pilot in the cockpit of planes
Read more
The drama on board the Boeing 777-222 began after a loud bang was heard roughly 35 minutes before the flight was scheduled to land in Honolulu. The pilots immediately sent out a distress call and were forced to make an emergency landing.

A Google engineer on board the flight, Erik Haddad, who had a clear view of the exposed engine, apparently remained calm throughout the incident, uploading a series of photos to Twitter and quipping: “I don’t see anything about this in the manual.”


Let me just say, this, when a plane flies over water it has to have a ETOPS check, because of the two engine aircraft FAA mandated requirement, and all IDG ( Intergrated Drive Gears------also know has electrical generators ) have to be serviced prior to flight and the APU must be checked for oil also, because if there is a failure in either engine generators the APU must be able to restart at altitude to have the second generator operating, that is ETOPS in a not shell.

From the appearances on the picture someone forgot to latch the Nose cowl and the Inlet cowls clamps, that were not properly secured, and the pylon fairing took a big hit also.

As for the noise you hear in the video, that is compressors stalls being created, after all, when the nose cowl is gone, and all of your PITOT tubes have been ripped away, and your anti-icing capabilities have been ripped anyway, ice forms on the inlet and gets ingested into the compression section of the first and second and third stage compressors and stator vanes blades.

So whoever was the last people to have performed the ETOPS check prior to departure have some explaining to do, also the flight crew performing the walk around .......................

I am so glad I got laid off from United and that I do not work for that merged airline-------------------

Minnesota voters split the special elections for Feb 12, 2018

Results for State Senator District 54


Karla Bigham--------------winner

Results for State & Federal Results in Legislative District 23B


Melissa Wagner-------------lost

November 2018 cannot get here fast enough

Trump, Inc. Podcast Extra: Trumps Company Is Getting $175 Million

Annually in Previously Undisclosed"

Forbes reporters tracked down Trump’s many commercial tenants. Among them: a state-owned Chinese bank.

by Andrea Bernstein, WNYC and Eric Umansky, ProPublica Feb. 13, 8:45 a.m. EST

Forbes reporters figured out that the president’s company pulls in an estimated $175 million in commercial rent annually. One of Trump’s major tenants: a state-owned Chinese bank.

In this bonus episode of our “Trump, Inc.” podcast, Forbes’ Dan Alexander talks to WNYC’s Andrea Bernstein about how he dug through financial documents and even measured square footage to detail the little-known, big payments to the president's company.


Think............ maybe this is why Kusher was flagged as being possibly compromise by the Chinese and did he the sexual predator donate the 175 million -------- as the spokesperson said ----- don't hold your breath ----------- and how to become a federal judge

November 2018 cannot get here fast enough

Why the acquittal of a white farmer is sparking protests across Canada

Canadian activists are calling for political and judicial reforms after a white farmer was found not guilty in the 2016 shooting of a young indigenous man by a seemingly all-white jury, spurring thousands of Canadians to demonstrate across the country.

Protests spread around Canada after the jury acquitted Gerald Stanley, a 56-year-old farmer, in the murder of 22-year-old Colton Boushie, a member of the Cree Red Pheasant First Nation in the central province of Saskatchewan, on Friday. Two years ago, Boushie and his friends drove onto Stanley’s land in search of assistance with a flat tire near the town of Biggar. The young people caught Stanley’s attention when he heard a vehicle start; believing it was being stolen, the farmer confronted them. A verbal back-and-forth ensued and Stanley fired a handgun, hitting Boushie. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

In Canada, the use of a firearm to defend private property is illegal. But Friday’s verdict means that Stanley will walk free. A jury reportedly containing no members of color — or indigenous members more specifically — found the farmer not guilty of second-degree murder or manslaughter. The decision devastated Boushie’s family, who announced following the verdict that they would meet with government officials and demand changes to Canada’s justice system.


Sounds familiar like in Florida...................

Here is where most of Trumps education cuts come from

The largest portion of President Donald Trump’s cuts to the Education Department in his 2019 budget proposal is buried within 160 pages and mentioned in a single sentence among a slew of other programs.

Making up more than half of the $3.6 billion total cuts to the agency, the budget plan calls for eliminating the $2.1 billion Supporting Effective Instruction State Grant program in its entirety. The program, also known as Title II, Part A of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), is used by schools to pay for teacher professional development, reductions in class size, and the formation of new evaluation procedures.

Listed in a section entitled “Reduces Waste: Streamlines or Eliminates Ineffective or Redundant Program,” the administration barely gives any other explanation for the cuts.


That political hack Betsy Devos needs to called out on this issue in public forum, this totally unacceptable, this is bullshit

November 2018 cannot get here fast enough

House Republicans want to gut the Americans with Disabilities Act

This week, Congress is expected to vote on a bill that would significantly weaken the landmark Americans with Disabilities Act and let businesses off the hook for failing to provide accommodations for accessibility.

The ADA Education and Reform Act was introduced by Rep. Ted Poe (R-TX), and was recently adopted in the House Judiciary Committee. It addresses the 1990 civil rights law that protects people with disabilities when it comes to employment; access to public entities, such as transportation; and accommodations to fully enjoy businesses, such as being able to go to a hotel without barriers to getting inside. The law allows people with disabilities to file lawsuits against businesses that don’t provide reasonable accommodations, but supporters of the ADA Education and Reform Act argue that it fuels “drive-by lawsuits.”

The bill would require people making complaints to let a business know of any accessibility violations in writing. The business would then have 60 days to acknowledge the complaint and respond, and 120 days after the 60 days to make “substantial progress” toward making changes. These provisions would essentially remove any incentives for businesses to comply with the ADA, the ACLU argues, because business owners can theoretically be out of compliance for years and not be penalized for it. They only have to say they are making “substantial progress.”


"If the bill passes, it would affect 22 percent of Americans who have a disability, 13 percent of which experience mobility issues, such as walking or climbing stairs, according to the Centers for Disease Control. The share of people with disabilities is higher among women and people of color. One in four women have a disability and three in 10 non-Latinx Black people have a disability."

I guess the right wingers don't want these human beings to protest in public buildings anymore..............like congressional office of Poe, this is absolute sick fuck mentality ...................I mean really a sick fucking mentality, what a fucking jerk

November 2018 cannot get here fast enough

WATCH: Trump ignores repeated questions about domestic abuse victims

Source: Think Progress

At the end of a lengthy meeting with lawmakers about trade at the White House on Tuesday, President Trump ignored reporters who tried to ask him about whether he believes the two ex-wives of a former top White House aide who have both accused him of abuse.

“Do you believe Rob Porter’s ex-wives? Do you believe Rob Porter’s ex-wives, Mr. President?” a reporter asked him. “Do you Rob Porter’s ex-wives, Mr. President?”

Instead of answering, Trump stood to shake the hand of Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX), who could be heard congratulating the president on his “perfect tone.”

Read more: https://thinkprogress.org/trump-ignores-questions-rob-porter-ex-wives-571f83b3c0fa/

Hey, Kevin Brady------------------Fuck you and your "perfect tone" horse that you ride in on everyday

November 2018 cannot get here fast enough

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