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FEMA flip-flops on whether or not it used DPA to obtain test kits after Trump's press conference

Published 1 min ago on March 24, 2020
By Matthew Chapman

President Donald Trump has been sending mixed signals about whether or not he has actually authorized the Defense Production Act to compel the private sector to produce new medical equipment — and as he does, so too have the federal agencies that would actually be carrying out his order.

Early on Tuesday, both the president and FEMA suggested that the DPA had been activated to procure test kits for coronavirus — but at his press conference in the afternoon, Trump seemed to reverse himself and say the government has not “found it to be the case” that DPA is necessary yet.


Fuck the Chamber of Commerce and fuck this BS that FEMA has been able to get them from the private market...............where the hell are they.............................

Kentuckians get together to hold a 'coronavirus party' -- and it works

Published 60 mins ago on March 24, 2020
By Matthew Chapman

The number of coronavirus cases in Kentucky has now jumped to 163, with 39 new cases on Tuesday.

And according to the Courier-Journal, not all of these cases may have been accidental — Gov. Andy Beshear (D-KY) is announcing that at least one of the cases is linked to a “coronavirus party” in which people gathered together to deliberately spread the disease amongst themselves.

It is unclear why, exactly, anyone would want to deliberately infect themselves at a “coronavirus party.” But regardless of the reason, it worked.


Did #Moscow Mitch and Thomas Massie say anything about this........................probably not in there libertarian way of thinking....................

November 3, 2020 cannot get here fast enough........................

GOP lawmaker slammed for claiming Democrats' efforts to protect voters

from coronavirus would be ‘the end of our republic

Published 4 mins ago on March 24, 2020
By Matthew Chapman

One of the key provisions Democrats want included in the coronavirus aid bill is a provision to expand vote-by-mail across the nation — a measure that would let voters cast ballots without having to worry about standing in crowds or lines in public places where they could be exposed.

But as far as Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) is concerned, allowing people to vote by mail would be the end of America:


Hey Massie , can I call you Massie, it rhymes with fuck head............................are you that afraid....................when was your last town hall you had with other psychopaths in your party...............oh I see it was 8/23/2019...................who is running against you ......................lets see....................

Shannon Fabert,

Alexandra Owensby

And just for your reading did you see this................this is fucking amazing.....................


U.S. lawmakers nearing deal for massive aviation sector bailout - sources

Source: Reuters


WASHINGTON/CHICAGO (Reuters) - U.S. lawmakers are nearing agreement on a $61 billion rescue package for the aviation sector that would include $25 billion in payroll grants for passenger airlines weathering a sharp falloff in travel demand amid rising coronavirus outbreaks, three people briefed on the matter said.

The deal, which still needs final approval from lawmakers, is also expected to include $4 billion in grants for cargo carriers and $3 billion for contractors like caterers to cover payroll costs, as well as another $29 billion in loans.

The package follows a forceful push by airlines and unions that any aid include grants, rather than just loans as in a preliminary Republican proposal envisioned over the weekend.

Airlines have warned that without cash grants they could be forced to lay off hundreds of thousands of people as U.S. travel demand has collapsed, leaving the airlines without trained staff to jump-start their operations, and the economy, once demand returns.

Read more: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-airlines/u-s-lawmakers-nearing-deal-for-massive-aviation-sector-bailout-sources-idUSKBN21B2LS


Airlines previously agreed to forgo stock buybacks and dividends and limit executive compensation if they won cash grants. It is unclear if U.S. Treasury will be able to demand equity as a condition of the assistance.

U.S. airline stocks were up sharply on Tuesday afternoon on optimism a deal was near. American Airlines Group Inc (AAL.O) shares were up 30% at $13.32, Delta Air Lines (DAL.N) jumped 15.8%, United Airlines (UAL.O) rose 20.4% and JetBlue Airways Corp (JBLU.O) was up 27.7%.

Other airlines around the world, contemplating months without flying, have also said they need the support of their governments to survive.

Reporting by David Shepardson in Washington and Tracy Rucinski in Chicago; Editing by Sandra Maler and Matthew Lewis

So basically the taxpayers will have warrants...........................

Aid bill has 'unemployment insurance on steroids': Schumer

U.S. Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer on Tuesday said lawmakers are close to an agreement on a massive coronavirus aid bill that he said would pay the salary of furloughed workers for four months.


Norway central bank declines comment on planned U.S. dollar auction

Source: Reuters


OSLO, March 24 (Reuters) - The Norwegian central bank declined to comment on Tuesday on the details of a planned US dollar liquidity auction due to take place on Thursday.

“I cannot confirm the details as of yet,” a bank spokesman said.

Earlier on Tuesday, Denmark’s central bank said it would auction U.S. dollars to commercial banks and other financial institutions on March 26 together with Sweden and Norway’s central banks. (Reporting by Nerijus Adomaitis, editing by Gwladys Fouche)

Read more: https://www.reuters.com/article/health-coronavirus-norway-cenbank/norway-central-bank-declines-comment-on-planned-u-s-dollar-auction-idUSO9N28600I


A Dollar auction explained......................


Boeing CEO does not want U.S. to take stake in company after coronavirus stimulus

Source: Reuters


(Reuters) - Boeing Co (BA.N) Chief Executive Dave Calhoun said on Tuesday he does not want the U.S. Treasury to take an equity stake in the plane maker as a condition of government loans as credit markets freeze amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"I don't have a need for an equity stake," Calhoun told Fox Business. "If they force it, we just look at all the other options and we've got plenty of them."

Boeing has sought $60 billion in U.S. government loans for itself and the aerospace industry. Congress could reach agreement on a stimulus and rescue package worth up to $2 trillion to respond to the massive economic damage from the coronavirus pandemic as soon as today.

"There are a lot of options for us in the private markets etcetera, but the credit markets have to be open," Calhoun told CNBC, noting that Boeing "has $15 billion in the bank."

U.S. lawmakers have said they could demand equity, warrants or options as a condition of government loans.

Reporting by David Shepardson, editing by Louise Heavens and Bill Berkrot

Read more: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-boeing-737max/boeing-ceo-does-not-want-u-s-to-take-stake-in-company-after-coronavirus-stimulus-idUSKBN21B1WN


I hope that they do not file for bankruptcy.................people on the Boeing pension plan would be in deep trouble.................

'This is life or death': homeless families reclaim vacant homes to survive virus outbreak

The Reclaimers, a Los Angeles group, are taking back government-owned properties to give the homeless a chance to stay healthy

Sam Levin in Los Angeles

Tue 24 Mar 2020 06.00 EDTLast modified on Tue 24 Mar 2020 06.02 EDT

Martha Escudero and her daughters Meztli, left, and Victoria, who were previously homeless, pose in front of their reclaimed home in Los Angeles.

Several Los Angeles families who have been forced to live in cars, shelters and other unsafe situations have seized control of 13 vacant homes owned by the government, with the goal of staying indefinitely – and staying alive.

The takeover comes as California’s homelessness crisis and the escalating coronavirus outbreak have collided to create a catastrophe threatening thousands of lives.

“To me, this is life or death,” said Benito Flores, 64, who has been living out of his van for years and moved into a vacant two-bedroom house on Wednesday. Wearing a face mask and standing inside the dusty home as volunteers cleaned, Flores explained that he is diabetic and at risk of serious illness or worse if he catches Covid-19. “By doing this, I’m giving myself a chance at living and surviving this crisis.”

The homeless residents and their supporters, who have called themselves the Reclaimers, were inspired by Moms 4 Housing, a group of houseless mothers in Oakland who publicly occupied a corporate-owned vacant home for two months. That protest sparked international attention and support from some California lawmakers, and ultimately, the mothers were able to purchase the home.


And this is how a Rapture inspired jerk foments libertarian crap................

Mike Pence Gaslights Cuomo's Request For Ventilators

Politics 3/24/20 10:46am Read time: 3 minute

Pence refused to answer Gov. Cuomo. Wow.
By John Amato

Earlier this morning Andrew Cuomo of New York demanded to know why the federal government is hoarding 20,000 ventilators in its stockpile and only sent 400, in what he characterized as a death sentence to many New Yorkers.

Your first priority is health. You have 20,000 ventilators in the stockpile. Release the ventilators to New York.'”

“How can we be in a situation where you can have New Yorkers possibly dying because they can’t get a ventilator, but a federal agency saying, I’m going to leave the ventilators in the stockpile?” he added. “I mean, have we really come to that point?”

During a Town Hall-type event on Fox News, host Bill Hemmer interviewed the supposed leader of the task force, Mike Pence.

Hemmer's first question was about Gov Cuomo's demand for thousands of stockpiled ventilators.



VP Pence then lectured Americans on how "they respond" to health crisis in America.

"It's locally executed, the healthcare workers and at time's law enforcement on the ground, community officials that are in the lead. It's state-managed, Bill. And then it's federally supported," Pence said.

GOP Congressman Wants Oversight For State Spending, But Not For Trump Slush Fund

Politics 3/24/20 7:49am Read time: 2 minutes

Oversight for thee, but not for me...
By Susie Madrak

Ayman Mohyeldin cut right to the chase with Texas Republican Rep. Kevin Brady this morning.

"Were you satisfied with the fact that the $500 billion slated to go to corporations did not have a point person or an oversight person other than the secretary of the treasury or the White House, as the president yesterday said in his comments?"

"Yeah, absolutely not. it was fine. This is how --"

"You're fine with the Secretary of the Treasury overseeing this?"


He listed the reasons why he was okay with letting Trump's right hand man control the money.



So Brady..................
So you don't actually dispute it, you're just spinning it.................................

November 3, 2020 cannot get here fast enough.........................
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