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Member since: Fri May 30, 2014, 02:30 PM
Number of posts: 11,541

Journal Archives

Al Franken nails it what absurdity is all about.......................

Chris Matthews: Reject Neil Gorsuch for Supreme Court

I usually don't watch or listen to him

All In with Chris Hayes 3/21/17 Trump news

Rachel Maddow Show 3/21/17 F͙u͙l͙l͙ TRUMP NEWS RUSSIA

The Most Telling Thing About the FBIs Probe into Trump The Resistance with Keith Olbermann GQ

Sen Franken At Gorsuch Confirmation Hearing - Opening Statement

Listen to what a republican "Fascist" thinks of economics, while teachers, mothers, bus drivers

have to pay for golf trips and secret service protection in Manhattan, and has utter Contempt for people that are "below" him on the economic ladder

Kenny Wayne Shepherd rocks with kids at ArtBreak 2009

and one more from this man enjoy

And the just guess who wants to gut and cut these programs--------------one guess!

Meet the jerk of the Libertarian / right wing Republican hypocrisy from HHS and

he needs to be called out for what he is the head of the right wing "republican " Death Panel

And why people are clapping is beyond me, he should have been BOOED

Monty Python's The Flying Circus----- Argument Clinic and " Sunday Talk Shows"

And on the bobblehead talk shows today the public gets nothing. If these shows were to speak out against the lies and hypocrisy, and to "HOLD" these people (republican's) accountable to the lies, and just say to them "YOUR LYING", were are your FACTS, when the FACTS say other wise, we would be a lot better off

Forty-Five years later they have about as much substance and purpose as this pointless argument for argument sake

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