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Horseshoe crabs: 'Living fossils' vital for vaccine safety

By Agence France-Presse
Published July 01, 2022


On a bright moonlit night, a team of scientists and volunteers head out to a protected beach along the Delaware Bay to survey horseshoe crabs that spawn in their millions along the US East Coast from late spring to early summer.

The group make their way up the shoreline laying a measuring frame on the sand, counting the individuals inside it to help generate a population estimate, and setting right those unfortunate enough to have been flipped onto their backs by the high tide.

With their helmet-like shells, tails that resemble spikes and five pairs of legs connected to their mouths, horseshoe crabs, or Limulidae, aren't immediately endearing.


Has Blackhawks guy I would like to congratulate the Colorado Avalanche...21 years is long time to

Keeler: Avalanche defender Bo Byram got stopped by a cop. Mikko Rantanen drank from a shoe. The Sta

By SEAN KEELER | [email protected] | The Denver Post

PUBLISHED: June 30, 2022 at 6:59 p.m. | UPDATED: June 30, 2022 at 10:24 p.m.
Mikko Rantanen drank from a shoe. So did Artturi Lehkonen. At least they Finnished what they started.

But the MVPs of the Avalanches Stanley Cup celebration parade Thursday, hands down, were the fans who kept defenseman Bo Byram out of the penalty box.

In a moment that went viral on social media not long after the streets had cleared, Byram, the Avs 21-year-old defenseman, had jumped down from his fire truck to greet the people. He also happened to be rocking two cans of Coors Light for the trip.


To bad it was not "Fat Tire Pale Ale " they were not hoisting it is union made beer....

The last time I saw them play was in 1996 when they moved from Quebec and became the Av's and they won the cup in that year....

Baykar Donates Drones Ukrainians Wanted To Buy After Crowdfunding

Marjorie Taylor Greene demands justice: People are 'attacking me, mocking me using Bible verses'

By David Edwards
Published June 28, 2022

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) this week demanded prosecutions because people are purportedly attacking and mocking her "using Bible verses."

On Monday, Greene invited right-wing OAN correspondent John Hines to interview her about the defacement of an anti-transgender sign posted outside her congressional office.

The lawmaker stood next to the sign reading "There are TWO genders: MALE & FEMALE" and complained that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) refused to provide additional security.



Hey Greene...did you by chance know in science and this discovery that there are creature's that change themselves from a male to female, or female to male ....and they were created by "god" or did your school disallow this from the studies in science........you idiot.....


Bettor turns free bet into $269K with epic Rams, Warriors, Avalanche parlay

Sam Cooper
Mon, June 27, 2022, 11:19 AM2 min read

One bettor completed the parlay of a lifetime on Sunday night.

Back in December, a BetMGM customer used a $500 free bet and decided to put in a three-team parlay on the champions of the NFL, NBA and NHL. Nearly seven months later, it all came to fruition when the Colorado Avalanche hoisted the Stanley Cup with their win over the Tampa Bay Lightning on Sunday night.

The bettor parlayed the Los Angeles Rams (+1000 to win the Super Bowl), Golden State Warriors (+600 to win the NBA title) and Avalanche (+600). The odds for that parlay were +53800, leading to a payout of $269,000.


Arizona GOP Senate Candidate: Privatize Social Security

Blake Masters is an extremist nutjob, but he also reflects the aims of the Koch Brothers.

By Frances Langum June 27, 2022

You may recall that Blake Masters is one of those candidates that makes the Republican primaries...extra special.

Backed by both Donald Trump and Peter Thiel, for whom he works, Blake Masters has no problem blaming 'Black people' for gun violence. He also thinks the states should be allowed to ban contraception. .

He's got conflicting opinions on gay marriage which might give pause to Peter Thiel, a gay married man:


'Your body belongs to Christ': US anti-abortionists see divine hand in court ruling

By Agence France-Presse
Published June 27, 2022

Diana Villanueva's rapist took her to an abortion clinic when she was just 16 years old and told her to terminate her pregnancy.

She wasn't greeted by the crowds of protestors who often gather outside facilities in the United States to try to persuade women to change their minds.

But now, this 53-year-old Catholic wishes she had been -- because she has been haunted by the termination ever since.


So Ms. Hernandez, and Ms. Villanueva do you support rapists', and abuse of family members and incest....what part of NO do you not understand when someone say NO, and has for your God, he really is violent and what do you have to say about priests being violent to young men and woman and raping them, or does that subject matter ever not cross the spectrum ....

Voters in conservative Colorado county worry about nominating election denier for secretary of state

By Eric Bradner, CNN

Updated 6:09 AM ET, Mon June 27, 2022

Grand Junction, Colorado (CNN)Mesa County clerk Tina Peters, who has become Colorado's most prominent election denier and faces a series of legal battles after years of efforts to undermine the state's mail-in voting system, is seeking the Republican nomination in Tuesday's primary to become secretary of state.

But in the county on Colorado's Western Slope where she is barred by a district judge from performing her election-oversight duties, many voters -- including some unaffiliated voters who typically back Democrats but had voted in this year's Republican primary because of Peters' presence on the ballot -- said they want to stop her.
"Yes, there was voter fraud. She caused it," said Daria Kent, a 24-year-old teacher and unaffiliated voter in Grand Junction.


Dr. Lance Dodes: Trump is a dangerous sociopath -- but he's sane enough to stand trial

Former Harvard professor says Trump has the morality of a serial killer but that doesn't render him insane

PUBLISHED JUNE 27, 2022 6:30AM (EDT)


The House Jan. 6 committee's public hearings have made it increasingly clear that Donald Trump and his confederates attempted a coup to nullify the results of the 2020 presidential election and, in effect, end American democracy. The coup plot involved every branch of government including the courts, Congress, the Department of Justice and (at least potentially) the military. It was nationwide and included plans to rig the Electoral College results and alter actual vote totals at the state level. Contrary to what too many public voices have continued to suggest in a collective state of willful denial Trump's coup plot was highly sophisticated and came very close to succeeding.

It is equally clear that the Capitol attack of Jan. 6 was not spontaneous or purely coincidental. Donald Trump and his confederates welcomed and incited the lethal attack as a central element of the attempted coup. The violence of Jan. 6 appears to have been a pretext for Trump to invoke the Insurrection Act and declare a national emergency as a means of remaining in power indefinitely.

Former CBS News anchor Dan Rather summarized the nature of the threat to American democracy, writing in his newsletter that there "is nothing past tense" about Jan. 6, "even though the date itself is about 18 months ago":


I also and angry....that the media and the fucking elites in power were more concern and about power and not country....

Hey Lindsey Graham you said this.....and then there was this f***ing site saying this.....

Lindsey Graham Falsely Claims 'Pro-life' Activists Were Never Violent


Right-Wing Site Tweets That Its Now Legal To Shoot Women Having Abortions


How fucking quaint "revolver. news".....this jerk off is going around there Lindsey saying that it is alright to shoot people, you know "revolver. news" a right wing fucking site and the implications of a fucking gun......you know what this "guy" at revolver is doing right..... what is he advocating is violence..... that is against the law....or did your law license say otherwise.... well Lindsey how many pro choice people have been going around and saying this crap.....well Lindsey were waiting.......
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