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Philippines' Duterte could resign if Marcos Jr becomes VP: spokesman

REUTERS Reporting by Manuel Mogato; Editing by Martin Petty, Robert Birsel
16 AUG 2018 AT 06:09 ET

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte could step down if the son of former dictator Ferdinand Marcos succeeds in overturning his 2016 vice presidential election defeat, Duterte’s spokesman said on Thursday.

Duterte’s single term ends in June 2022 and he has spoken often recently about quitting before that. At two separate events on Tuesday he said he was “ready to go”, expressing frustration about his failure to tackle illicit drugs and corruption in government.

However, he said was reluctant to do that now because a constitutional succession would mean handing power to Vice President Leni Robredo, whom he said was not up to the job.

Robredo, who leads the opposition party, was not Duterte’s choice for vice president and was elected separately having narrowly defeated Ferdinand Marcos Jr, the son and namesake of the ousted former ruler.



In a statement, Marcos expressed his gratitude to Duterte for showing faith in him, but said the president should finish his term.

“I urge him not to leave the presidency as our people still need him for the betterment of our lives and our country,” Marcos said.

Marcos Jr, is just as much as a psychopath as the guy in charge now, and looks like his father and mother trained him him to also be a despot.............

Don Lemon calls BS on Trump claiming it was "hectic" to revoke security clearance while on vacation

November 2018 cannot get here fast enough..........................vote

Trump and the Republican Congress are quietly using 5 strategies to destroy Obamacare

16 AUG 2018 AT 05:16 ET

Trump and Republicans in Congress haven’t been able to officially kill the Affordable Care Act. But they’re quietly using 5 strategies to destroy it. Know what they’re doing so you can hold them accountable on Election Day.

1. They’ve repealed the requirement that all Americans sign up for health insurance. Republicans slipped this repeal into their tax cut for the wealthy and corporations.

But that requirement had meant enough healthy people were enrolled to cover the sick. Without it, 4 million Americans will lose coverage by 2019 and premiums will increase by 10 percent, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

2. They’ve cut subsidies that help an estimated 6 million low-income Americans afford coverage through private insurers. Trump wants you to believe these cuts will save money. Baloney. Ending the subsidies is expected to drive up premiums, thereby increasing costs for taxpayers.

3. They want to flood the insurance market with junk plans. They’ve made it easier for small businesses and individuals to buy alternative types of health insurance with fewer benefits and weaker protections. This will leave sicker people and those with pre-existing conditions out in the cold.

4. They’ve made it harder for people to sign up for coverage – shortening the enrollment period, scaling back outreach efforts, increasing the amount of paperwork. It’s even been reported that the Trump administration redirected funds from a marketing campaign designed to promote enrollment to a campaign criticizing the law.

5. They’ve stopped defending key provisions of the law in court. The Justice Department has stopped defending the Affordable Care Act’s protections for Americans with preexisting conditions in a case brought by Republican attorneys general.


Trump and the Republican Congress are quietly using 5 strategies to destroy Obamacare

Portland train killer with alt-right ties accused of assaulting black inmate

Source: Raw Story


The man accused of harassing a pair of Muslim teen girls on a train and then stabbing three men who asked him to stop has now been accused of assaulting a black man while in jail, reports The Oregonian.

Jeremy Christian is facing murder charges from the May 2017 confrontation, which began with him verbally harassing two Muslim girls who were headed home from school. Three white men acted as Good Samaritans and tried to stop the abuse, leading to a confrontation that culminated with Christian stabbing three people, two of whom were killed.

Christian’s attorneys have said he was pushed by one of the men he stabbed—Christian pled “not guilty of anything but defending myself against violent aggression by [alleged victim] Micah Fletcher”—and both prosecutors and the transit agency that operates the trains still refuse to release the video of the run-up to the confrontation.

Christian now faces a fourth-degree assault charge, in which he allegedly “intentionally, knowingly or recklessly cause[d] physical harm” to an inmate named Aundre Dupree Mills who was held on a probation violation. The incident happened on July 29 at Multnomah County jail.

In the weeks before the MAX stabbings, Christian attended an alt-right rally in Portland where he was videotaped making racist comments and making a Nazi salute.

Read more: https://www.rawstory.com/2018/08/portland-train-killer-alt-right-ties-accused-assaulting-black-inmate/

Hey Brett Kavanaugh ..................I want to know what "you" think of what

your "guy" is doing to the national interests and security of this country, and your "guy" sitting in the white house and taking down individuals in a investigation and stripping them of there security clearance with out, mind you due process....................everyone has a right to due process right Kavanaugh, or do you think a sitting president can just violate due process, after all it is the underlying principle of the Constitution..................give us your opinion......your Minnesota paper says other wise.................

Did you see what your "guy" has done lately ........here let me remind you John Brennan, what this jerk is doing he can go after anyone , and I mean anyone with a clearance.........this includes up to members of Congress...........................this is not some conspiracy theory.....................



November 2018 cannot get here fast enough.................................vote

Happy Birthday Representative Maxine Birthday

Business looks to Kavanaugh to extend Supreme Court hot streak

By LORRAINE WOELLERT 08/15/2018 05:09 AM EDT

Abortion rights and civil liberties have so far dominated the fight over Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court, but his confirmation would mean a victory for another constituency: business.

Industry groups, led by the Chamber of Commerce, have spent decades bringing lawsuits and filing briefs to the top court in hopes of reining in regulatory power and winning rulings favorable to business. And court-watchers believe Kavanaugh, who was recommended to President Donald Trump by the conservative Federalist Society and worked in the pro-business Bush administration, would help industry continue its hot streak at the court.

The Supreme Court last term was the most business-friendly in modern memory, according to the Constitutional Accountability Center, a progressive public-interest law firm. The group concluded in a new report that Kavanaugh would tilt the court even more in business’ favor, noting that the high court under Chief Justice John Roberts already has sided with the Chamber, which the center views as a proxy for all business interests, in more than 70 percent of relevant cases since 2006.

That’s in contrast to the Chamber’s 56 percent win record under Roberts’ predecessor, Chief Justice William Rehnquist, and 43 percent under Chief Justice Warren Burger, according to the center.


This isn't a "hot streak" it is a demise of what is suppose to be citizen government if this asshole gets on the bench with the other Federalist Society assholes......................they hate the Constitution

November 2018 cannot get here fast enough............................vote

Trump-Amazon feud shadows critical Postal Service report

BY JORDAN FABIAN - 08/15/18 06:00 AM EDT

The Trump administration is expected to release a report in the coming weeks on reforming the U.S. Postal Service (USPS), an event that could revive President Trump’s feud with Amazon.

Trump earlier this year assembled a task force to recommend fixes for the Postal Service’s fiscal woes soon after he accused the online retail giant of abusing its relationship with the USPS.

Business groups worry the task force could recommend an increase in shipping rates, something that could threaten Amazon’s lucrative arrangement with the USPS.

A group of major U.S. shippers sent a letter last week to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, who leads the task force, urging him not to raise package rates.


First and foremost the reason why the USPS is in trouble is because of the asshole by the name Tom "fucking" Delay and his republican cronies making the service pay benefits 75 years into the future, not because of some mail service fees, so fuck you.
No other entity in this country has to do this, Amazon, GE, Halliburton and for that matter Steve Mnuchin and his fucking hedge fund, or this fucking traitor walking around conspiring with the Russians....................... ......................so get the story straight.........................

Amazon on the other hand makes and gives Jeff Bezo's over 250 million dollars a day for a man and his hedge fund mentality that doesn't pay shit in wages, and benefits, and charges people fees to become "Prime Members" in Whole Foods for example......................so this fucking task face should understand that the USPS is enshrined in the Constitution, and you cannot privatize it, without a Constitutional Convention.....................

November 2018 cannot get here fast enough.............................vote

Texas waitress quits 'dream job' at Hooters over racist bullying from giggling white family

15 AUG 2018 AT 08:28 ET

A Texas woman quit her “dream job” as a Hooters waitress after racial abuse was written on a receipt by a customer, reports the Times Record News.

Elina Blackstock, 22, is from Tokyo and was working at the wing restaurant in Wichita Falls until Monday, when she quit after getting a 70 cent tip on a $70 meal with the misspelled word “jaundice” written on it. The term is a slur for Asian Americans.

“The fact that they made a comment on my race, my skin tone, that really hurt me so bad,” she said in a video interview with the Times Record News. “Because if they said I was a bad server, and they made a comment about it, I could change that, I could fix it. But when they mention my skin tone there’s no way I can fix that, because I was born with it.”

Blackstock said the table, which was a white family, had been rude and mocked her for being Asian.

“Get a different job damn jandice [sic],” was written on the receipt.


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