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Member since: Mon May 26, 2014, 10:42 AM
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Instead maybe he could come down with some form of VD!.................just think of the KARMIC/ENTERTAINMENT possibilities


Most DUers display a reasonable, thoughtful attitude and response to events in our lives. However, we are "blessed" with fellow citizens, (usually not DUers) who do not have the same capacity for rationality. This explains the very existence of the Trump presidency. Now, however these folks may be contributing to a crises through stupid FEARFUL responses. Extreme hoarding, believing only that which TRUMP--FOX NEWS---says and the like. May I humbly suggest, in the interest of ALL citizens health to remind them of the old saying---FEAR; OFTEN AN ACRONYM FOR--(F) FALSE--(E)EVIDENCE--(A)APPEARING--(R)REAL...............THINK IT THRU--WE WILL GET THRU THIS!


(next briefing) Mr. President; How do YOU spell epidemiology?-----anything other than I--D--O--N--T--K--N---O---W is an attempt to BULLSHIT his way thru this; Much like this pandemic; Much like his ENTIRE presidential term.

I'm Sorry, but this hurts; THESE ARE PEOPLE, NOT PETS OR "PRODUCT"

Ran into friend at store--he and his wife retired from long career in livestock--their kids have taken over--His comment, (Always a pragmatic; moderate--voted for candidates from both parties--gov. Robert D Ray for example,) "I've seen more leadership from Washington Dept of Ag secretaries during disease outbreaks in livestock than have come directly from Trump Admin. We do a better job of stopping the spread of disease in our livestock than Trump seems to want to do with our PEOPLE. His complacency early, combined with his bullshit stupidity, "lies and fake news", along with no protocols or procedural practices in place would cause him to lose his CAFO permit, if this dipshit even COULD qualify intelligently for one." (CAFO---Confined animal feeding permit) His wife was almost in tears--she a long time nurse and volunteers at school. When I left the store, I thought of all the work and procedures those of us in the livestock industry regularly practice. This is not to be cold--but please understand--livestock are not pets, they are PRODUCT. And in my gut, I know he is right; and you could see the hurt in his eyes. I've long respected these two--and upon hearing this--with not one word of concern for themselves---they know the risks--their kids and grandkids are more important----I wonder how many others like them are beginning to feel the same way. If they voted for TRUMP--(they didn't)--I wonder how they live with it now!

Has it FINALLY been too much for TINY UNO?

Just a thought or two while monitoring elderly mom's blood pressure. (A little low--hypo glycemic--but will monitor thru night; I's youst to this) Dearest Donald has had a really bad week, the kind that could shake even his belief in his tremendous self. 1. Coronavirus (COVID-19); with "princess" working from home--self quarantining? did it finally hit TRUMPY that this shit is real, and he can't cover up his lack of epidemiological prudent response? 2. Stock market sell off; can't really blame the response to his speech and oval address on anyone else? 3. The country from State governments- to local municipalities, to local school districts, to local and regional hospital and healthcare systems responding as professionals--even if they must respond on their own. 4. The citizens responding on their own, many preparing for social isolation periods, and changing lifestyles, if only temporarily to cope with risk of COVID-19 5. Major cultural events cancelled; DAMN little public criticism or outcry, but rather understanding and emotional support for those who will no longer be able to participate. 6. finally, LAST, BUT I THINK IN NOOO WAY LEAST--DID HARVEY "FUCKING PIG" WEINSTEIN'S 23 YEAR SENTENCE, (more than well deserved I might add) finally rattle TRUMP into realizing--if just for a sec--that this is quite possibly is NOT GOING TO END WELL FOR THE ORANGE BLOB. GOD I HOPE SO! Please expand and express your thoughts--add to this--I'll check back between pressure readings thanks

Biden vs Bernie

It doesn't matter who I support--I will vote Democrat. However, choice may come to be this simple, ( I hope not) 1. Nominate Bernie--get his supporters, along with most if not all other Democrats,(albeit some reluctantly), and few (more liberal) independents, and then pray that moderate and/or conservative independents stay home. As well as Republican "Never Trumpers" 2. Nominate Biden--get some Bernie supporters, along with all other Democrats, (again, some reluctantly,) a good many liberal and/or moderate independents, as well as some moderate Republicans and most Republican "Never Trumpers" Pray that conservative independents stay home and that pissed off Bernie supporters DO NOT VOTE FOR TRUMP but rather stay home.------------please discuss, this is only an idea, and I need to learn as well as adjust my medications, (which I will do now)

So Trump thinks he should have been a Doctor

BULLSHIT; 1. This fool would not know what is a blood titer-what it means-if it bit him on the ass. 2. This idiot would not know the key differences in genetic make up of a virus vs bacteria 3. Trump doesn't know what DNA or RNA stands for, much less the importance of each 4. SERIOUSLY, THIS FOOL DOESN'T KNOW WHEN TO SHUT UP AND LISTEN TO THE SCIENTISTS! (Donald, you can't even spell epidemiology; this is the time to let the professionals do the talking)--------------Sorry for the rant--had to spend multiple days with mom in hospital this week--(she's home-doing fine) Watch the professional; listen to the experts; IGNORE THE CHILDLIKE NINCOMPOOP!

Have an idea, but need help

Just got back from hospital; Mom's apparently had a very minor stroke in last two months. Symptoms hidden by multitude of other Parkinson's related issues, along with bad back. (full fusion and implants) Seriously, we seen several doctors during this time, (primary md as well as her neurologist--as I said minor stroke. Caught it thru routine ct scan. She will be fine and should return tomorrow after several days of tests etc. She almost laughed and said it wouldn't change much in my caretaker duties as we have been living with it for sometime. any rate--short on sleep, short on time, and REALLY short on talent so am asking for creative help. 2 years ago this month JOE BIDEN, while taking his granddaughter to the movies was spotted and photographed talking to an apparent homeless veteran. Including handing him a piece of paper with something written on it. 2yrs and 2 months ago DONALD TRUMP was photographed boarding AIR FORCE 1 in the rain, and didn't even have the decency to share his umbrella with his wife and son. Son, Barron, was dressed only in a shirt in the rain--no jacket, but DONALD didn't care. HIS OWN FUCKING FAMILY AND HE DIDNT EVEN CARE. Plz find pics and creat comparison/contrast---CHARACTER--WHAT YOU DO WHEN NO ONE IS LOOKING Not sure if should post in general or primary. I is going to vote for WHOEVER is the democratic nominee is as will mom


My elderly mother suffers from Parkinson's Induced Spatial Disorientation. In short though spaces look familiar, including recognizing key elements (pictures, decorations etc.) she can't quite make the connection to recognize where she is. I am now her full time caretaker, along with trying to help on the farm. Mom's got lots of other health issues, bedrest on bad days--wheel chair on good days. Her response to todays Senate vote on witnesses; (classic)--"I AM LAYING HERE, NOT REALLY SURE WHERE I AM, AND EVEN I KNOW YOU HAVE TO HAVE ALL THE RELEVANT WITNESSES AND DOCUMENTS INTRODUCED IN ORDER TO HAVE A FAIR TRIAL." She then looked at me and asked what was wrong with these republicans? My answer was not nearly as good as her last comment--her observation to the republicans--(quote from WWII-Yamamoto, I think) "DEAR REPUBLICANS--BE AFRAID, FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE IS AWAKEN A SLEEPING GIANT AND FILL HIM WITH A TERRIBLE RESOLVE"

SOME THINGS JUST DONT CHANGE; or how deep the desire to rid this country of Trump can run!

OK, sorry for the title--needed to create. I care for elderly mom (Parkinsons, VERY bad back; hypo/hyper tension, neuralgia, arthritis, etc.) Was able to get to farm some, but no longer as mom recently developed Severe Parkinson's induced spatial disorientation, along with a sharp increase in hallucinations. ( recently, while lifting out shower doors to move her into shower, mom was visiting "in Spanish" with little girl she was hallucinating--these visions often related to multiple medical mission trips--over 25--she made to poor areas of south America during her career) Mom can still visit if you are patient, and can still remember recipes etc.--even if she doesn't remember it's her kitchen at first. Medication helps some. Recently after returning from hospital (test-results fine), she was ready to watch MSNBC again. I said OK, but didn't think she would be able to follow it. I was in other room when I heard VERY loud cursing-this is rare-went to check her, and was surprised as she was reacting to recent events with Iran and Iraq. She was explaining how this assassination, along with Iran's somewhat limited response, reminded her of historical events such as-- 1. Night of the Long Knives; 2. Saddam Hussein standing in front of his parliament calling out members for execution; 3. The Gulf of Tonkin incident; the list goes on. When done she swore if she could somehow live till nov election and (her words)--HELP VOTE THIS BUM OUT--WE NEED TO TAKE THIS BITCH DOWN she could then die a happy women! And some wonder why I am capable of putting up with her--there's the answer
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