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Member since: Mon May 26, 2014, 10:42 AM
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a few suggestions from the livestock business for the debates

1. tho cattle prods might be appropriate, they must be applied manually--therefore may I suggest remote SHOCK COLLARS as well as cutting off mike for excessive interruptions. (though watching the next moderator with a cattle prod would help ratings)............2. Donald doesn't need a mask--he needs a MUZZLE.....must be put on while other candidate is speaking. (He'll complain about this being "humiliating" but he so humiliated our country. I DONT FUCKING CARE)...........3. EXTEND the time on a question by the moderator, but must stick only to topic of question--shock collar if necessary. (Donald can't even complete a sentence as an adult, much less converse on ANY subject requiring ANY intellectual horsepower for ANY length of time)..............as far as Trump's comment to his "Proud Boys"--(Stand back, and Stand by)............I'll reply as true country redneck--To ALL my fellow Americans who BELIEVE in what this country was founded on, and is still TRYING to achieve----STAND UP, STAND STRONG; YOU WILL NOT STAND ALONE FOR WE WILL STAND UNITED!.................VOTE
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