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Member since: Mon May 26, 2014, 10:42 AM
Number of posts: 296

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A redneck response to Donald J Trump's tweet RE; Looting, Shooting

Mr. President, From a rural, country, redneck--(that's real manure on the boots), in regards to your tweet concerning protests in Minneapolis. "When the Looting starts, the Shooting starts"---my response, "When your presidency ends, Your 'END TIMES' begin"! -----------Justice will See you shortly after the inauguration of your successor--get a lawyer---your gonna need one I would guess!

What happens late July, Early Aug--School Reopening along with Conventions?

Been thinking of this occasionally, What happens with schools reopening fears, and how might this be reflected in political conventions-gatherings. I FULLY realize requires assumptions of COVID-19 which are merely guesses. But question is really, 1. how much of a threat to their kids are Trumper/MAGAs willing to take 2. What will Little Lord Tiny One be saying towards school reopening. Your thoughts much appreciated, my experience with society has been VERY limited last 10 years-(family issues) No right or wrongs here--interested in reasons though--your chance to educate Ye Ol' Dumb Rednek--------Thanks in advance
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