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Member since: Mon May 26, 2014, 10:42 AM
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SOME THINGS JUST DONT CHANGE; or how deep the desire to rid this country of Trump can run!

OK, sorry for the title--needed to create. I care for elderly mom (Parkinsons, VERY bad back; hypo/hyper tension, neuralgia, arthritis, etc.) Was able to get to farm some, but no longer as mom recently developed Severe Parkinson's induced spatial disorientation, along with a sharp increase in hallucinations. ( recently, while lifting out shower doors to move her into shower, mom was visiting "in Spanish" with little girl she was hallucinating--these visions often related to multiple medical mission trips--over 25--she made to poor areas of south America during her career) Mom can still visit if you are patient, and can still remember recipes etc.--even if she doesn't remember it's her kitchen at first. Medication helps some. Recently after returning from hospital (test-results fine), she was ready to watch MSNBC again. I said OK, but didn't think she would be able to follow it. I was in other room when I heard VERY loud cursing-this is rare-went to check her, and was surprised as she was reacting to recent events with Iran and Iraq. She was explaining how this assassination, along with Iran's somewhat limited response, reminded her of historical events such as-- 1. Night of the Long Knives; 2. Saddam Hussein standing in front of his parliament calling out members for execution; 3. The Gulf of Tonkin incident; the list goes on. When done she swore if she could somehow live till nov election and (her words)--HELP VOTE THIS BUM OUT--WE NEED TO TAKE THIS BITCH DOWN she could then die a happy women! And some wonder why I am capable of putting up with her--there's the answer
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