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Member since: Mon May 26, 2014, 10:42 AM
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Sorry, I have not been paying attention lately, family issues. I hear today a story of adults being kept in a room, cage, cell, confinement so closely packed that they are standing on toilets to get more breathing room? This level on concentration is not only unhealthy, cruel, and disgusting but if true would actually be illegal under rules and regulations of a confined animal feeding permit. THATS RIGHT, THIS SOUNDS AS IF WE CARE MORE ABOUT OUR LIVESTOCK THEN THOSE SEEKING ASYLUM...................Then I hear stories of children, taken from their parents, being kept with numerous other children in confinement situations, not being cared for, not having bathed for weeks, not having soap, diapers where necessary, toothbrushes, clean clothes, or any other toiletries. I would assume that this neglect includes lack of medical care, adult nurturing, comfortable surroundings and proper sleeping arrangements. And no, a Kevlar blanket on a concrete floor does not count as proper sleeping arrangements for any child, PERIOD. But despite all of this, I hear of the somewhat older children at times are trying to help the toddlers. THINK LONG AND HARD ABOUT THAT A child, in this situation, removed from parents, living like this with all this fear, distress, and uncertainty---THEN FINDS THE COURAGE AND DECENCY TO TRY TO HELP THE LITTLE ONES WHO ARE EVEN LESS FORTUNATE.............We built this nation on the ideas of EQUALITY, UNALIENABLE HUMAN RIGHTS, LIFE LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. When we started these ideals were something to aspire too. We have fought a war amongst ourselves and have struggled for our full existence to get closer to realizing this dream. We have made progress, but certainly not enough. The caging of these most vulnerable of human beings shows what we are sliding back into. THE RESPONSE OF THESE CHILDREN, AT TIMES TRYING TO CARE FOR ONEANOTHER SHOWS WHAT COURAGE, CIVILITY, AND DECENCY WE AS HUMANS COULD BE! MR TRUMP, STOP THIS NOW AND REUNITE THESE LITTLE BRAVE SOULS WITH THEIR FAMILIES. I AM TIRED OF BEING ASHAMED OF MY COUNTRY.

Ok I might have missed something

With all the push for Impeachment.......Inquiries etc....and all the controversy surrounding said move, what happened to the other option available? What is wrong with pursuing INHERENT CONTEMPT findings against the officials who refuse to comply with lawful CONGRESSIONAL subpoenas. The U S constitution TASKS congress with oversight responsibilities. Not as difficult as it sounds...statutory authority very clear............case law precedents very clear. It would force the administration into court and would clear way for expeditious advancement to SCOTUS. End result is to get ALL THE INFORMATION AND COOPERATION NECESSARY FOR CONGRESS TO PERFORM AND MEET THEIR CONSTITUTIONALLY MANDATED DUTY! If evidence revealed showed clear "just cause" for impeachment the impeachment process...inquiry...could then proceed. I know this sounds a little strange but these are strange times. Suggested by Robert Reich and Richard Painter
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