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Cold, wet day on the farm---cant get in the field----ok so I am taking care of elderly ill mother---85 yrs old---parkinsons, bad---neuralgia--dysphasia-(Cant swallow)---fully fused back--wheelchair on good days--bedridden on others---full time job--now has both hypo tension and hyper tension--blood pressure regulating mechanisms don't always function right--must check blood pressure and other vitals 6-8 times per day-----no sob story---it is what is is----any rate, mom in hypotensive mode today---low blood pressure-- shes HARDCORE DEMOCRAT--Hates trump with serious passion---have had Barr's appearance on tv to slowly raise blood pressure--- sort of working---then Beautiful KAMALA HARRIS just got Barr to basically admit that he had NOT fully reviewed the Mueller report evidence before making a charging conclusion-recommendation. This is something that He also implied would not be acceptable conduct of any prosecutor. Watching Kamala Harris and Cory Booker side by side just made her day as well as mine. THANK YOU MADAME SENATOR -------------- ps Mom's diastolic reading back into acceptable range-- systolic up a little high due to REAL HAPPINESS but well in acceptable range!!!!!

It may not seem like much but it's a start

Andy Mckean--longtime republican state legislator from Iowa----switches parties. He sights as main reason the example and behavior of DER TRUMPF------also gives a nod to former Iowa governor Bob Ray. Gov Ray was the example that many young Iowans looked too for integrity and decency even though he was republican. Read his statement----this is what many older republicans I know do feel---and may be a sign--a ripple--of things to come. https://www.bleedingheartland.com/2019/04/23/iowa-house-member-andy-mckean-leaves-republican-caucus/

need help PLEASE

Serious issue for college students and others in Iowa----Legislature wants to change early voting and absentee voting rules-------------------the three worst proposals 1.
would ban any early voting to be held in a state building--think universities---2. Would ask graduating college students if they planned to stay in Iowa upon graduation---if not--- would then be removed from voter rolls----3. if voter doesn't vote in presidential election then registration would be changed to inactive--one step closer to purging the voter rolls.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- don't have computer knowledge to post links to paper and am stuck on dialup. rural area---------------politely request help--papers reporting latest would be DES MOINES REGISTER and propably WATERLOO COURIER-------- plz feel free to start new thread in appropriate place if you have the skills, time and equipment----thanks for any help making this a normal thread just too new--------------- sorry
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