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Member since: Mon May 26, 2014, 10:42 AM
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response to potus sotu threat over investigations

Sorry, been busy with elderly mom in hospital--nothing serious--just routine, but first things first. When President Donald Trump proclaims "For Peace and Legislation there cannot be War and Investigation" my thoughts were very sad. This is shortsighted as well as a possible attempt to intimidate and threaten our legislative branch of government. (Yea, I know, y'all already got that one!) But do we remember our history, as well as human nature? It's sad but when we consider our failings as humans, ability for cruelty, greed, and just plain evil perpetrated upon our fellow man we then conclude how truly NAIVE his statement was. Think of the civil war, world war II, the Civil Rights movement, as well as our own revolution. This is only a short list of massive conflicts--some of which required violent resolution when other options had failed. Therefore my tired response to Donald Trump is sad but simply true. POTUS stated "for Peace and Legislation there cannot be War and Investigation................Donald...............without war (when necessary,)and investigation (of injustice when and where appropriate) ............WITHOUT WAR AND INVESTIGATION THERE CANNOT BE LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL!!!....................

pence viewing trump; help me understand

O' Great Wise and Noble DU Dwellers, I is too old and way to dumb to quite grasp the way Vice President looks so adoringly at President "Uno the Tiny" Please help me to understand. Is this the repressed homo-eroticism I have heard about? I truly mean no disrespect to our gay brethren. This Vice President looks upon the President with more creepy adoration than Nancy Reagan looking at Dear St. Ronnie with her "I'll Fuck you anyway you want look" They, however were husband and wife. Fine. I got that. But this is too deep, bizarre, and just downright creepy for this to be simple professional admiration. Hell, this is beyond Messianic Worship---WHAT IS THIS? sorry, I'll sit quietly in the corner while waiting for any answers or enlightenment. All help is greatly and gratefully appreciated
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