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Member since: Mon May 26, 2014, 10:42 AM
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What is this BITCH about DIVERSITY?

STOP BITCHING ABOUT DIVERSITY! Or at least the perceived lack of diversity in our Democratic candidates. Yes, it could be better, if Kamala Harris and Corey Booker were there, it would show even more diversity, (at least racially). However, look at and consider the following--during the House of Representatives so called debate on impeachment, the republicans were for the most part the same character. White-Male-Upper Class- and usually OLD. (not to mention really fucking stupid) The few that weren't were rare! Contrast with the democrats during the same debate
-- no comparison. Which party more resembles the PEOPLE. Now please recall the painful memory of republican debates early in the 2016 cycle. At times they had as many as eleven on stage if memory recalls. Some women, Bobby Jindal, and that's about it. (may have been more but not much. Now look at Tonight; 7 candidates--2 women, 1 gay man (married, really cool), 1 Jew, 1 racial minority (YANG). Seriously, TOM STEYER and JOE BIDEN would be the only candidates on that stage that could pass for republicans from a gender, sexual orientation, and racial/religious profile. Throw in Biden's compassion, Steyer's passion for our environment as noted by Yang and neither men could ever pass for republican. This so called "lack of diversity" along with blaming early state (iowa) for this problem is bullshit. Iowa gave us OBAMA, yea white bread Iowa, and at this time buttigieg (gay) is LEADING in Iowa! In short, rather than complaing about "lack of diversity", WE SHOULD CELEBRATE THE DIVERSITY WE SHOW, AS WELL AS ACKNOWLEDGING THE NEED TO DO EVEN BETTER! In short when looking for our president, we democrats should not care if the candidate is beautifully black; wonderfully white; or some glorious shade of brown. BOOBS OR BALLS DOESN'T MATTER; BRAINS, BACKBONE, VISION DOES!

CHRISTMAS PRESENT--Your thoughts please

I'm not 100% sure, but if the House impeaches POTUS, is there not a formal notice or communication sent to the Whitehouse? If so, and considering the time of year, what kind of packaging, wrapping, bows, etc, should this wonderful piece of Cosmic Karma Congressional Production be sent in. Your thoughts please, (I really need a laugh!)


Checking elderly mom's e-mail for "prayer chain notices". I discover a prayer request for "patience be granted to man caring for elderly mother" OK, SOOO NOT ME! fUCK PATIENCE....I want humor! Mom's got bad back, parkinsons, dysphagia, and other assorted ills. However being redhead and DANISH--think Viking with anger management issues---(seriously, she sleeps with large Peruvian walking stick to fight the ghosts which haunt her (parkinsons induced) hallucinatory dreams, picking on her illusionary kindergarden and preschool charges. Most of which she remembers from 20 plus trips to south and central American heavy poverty areas to staff free medical clinics.) Went to tell mom about her e-mail, after really bad day helping her and trying to fix broken machinery on farm. Mom's job was to listen to impeachment hearings as much as bood pressure and oxygen would allow. Seriously, use an oximeter, oxygen concentrator, and sphygmomanometer to keep things in proper ranges due to parkinsons. I asked mom what the republicans had been saying. her reply, (classic)----"They say the FBI is lying, the IG is lying, the former ambassador is lying, the Democrats are lying, the Law professors are lying, the DEEP STATE is lying and trying to frame TRUMP. It's basically a PISSPOOR, AMETURISH VERSION OF THE BULL SHIT, O.J.---- "I WAS FRAMED" DEFENSE"--------After several minutes of laughter, I thought, not bad for the old broad, not bad at all.

TRUMP vs CUMMINGS (content of character)

TRUMP: I am better than you..........CUMMINGS: WE ARE BETTER THAN THIS!


Dealt with MAGA Trump supporter with following example. (First disclaimer, I DID NOT support or approve of either Ronald Reagan, or the actions in scandal known as IRAN/CONTRA) The only good thing from IRAN/CONTRA was SNL skit with William Shatner as Oliver North--the MUTE MARINE) Reagan admitted wrongdoing in IRAN/CONTRA as what started out as diplomatic efforts to free hostages held by "hostiles" led to "arms for hostages" with money going where Congress SPECIFICALLY PROHIBITED ANY US MONEY TO GO! In short to compare 1. Reagan traded arms for hostages 2. Trump traded arms for political dirt. In simple MAGAeese , Reagan was ARMS FOR LIVES, Trump is ARMS FOR LIES. Say it reeeaaallll slow, Reagan ARMS FOR LIVES; Trump ARMS FOR LIES


Is it time to thank Donald Trump? It's not every day that a crook will help move the process of justice along. Heck, this ain't obstruction, but rather expedition of justice. Thank you Donald for the transcript! Hereafter, said transcript shall be referred to in respectful legal terms. It shall be known as....PEOPLE'S EXHIBIT - A. Perhaps a reward would be appropriate--a luke warm Big Mac? Plz offer your suggestions and thoughts for this wonderful gesture from our Chief Ninconpoop!



confused; again

Ok, If google helped Hillary Clinton, then who did Pornhub and Xvideos help? (yes mom, I'll go to bed now)

Ok, it's not much, but it's still FUCKING HOPE

Sorry, once again too late to do this right, please, please feel free to repost this fun little story. Y'all can do this better than I--I just wanted to start something and share the SMILE. (Alice in Wonderland--Cheshire cat grin) Racist congressional "useless as tits on a boar" representative--STEVE KING--held a town hall meeting in Grundy Center Iowa today. Total constituent attendance--one person--who appears to have been either Independent or a Democrat--not sure--see CNN and others. Thank you, Jessica Birch for attending--w/o you Rep King could have just left--instead the cameras rolled!

a different tack

Just a thought, we wont get any sensible gun control, decent affordable healthcare, or ANY RESONABLE FACSIMILE OF FAIR, HONEST, GOOD GOVERNMENT, until we change either the behavior of our legislators, or change the legislators themselves. Might be a good time to consider pushing for SERIOUS TERM LIMITS!!! Just a few starting points 1) 2 terms US SENATE; 4 terms US HOUSE 2) FULL PENSION with IMMEDIATE VESTITURE upon being sworn in for first term. (serve 1 day qualify for full pension)---approx. $600 million per annum long term cost including healthcare--cheap when compared to $3 trillion plus budget. 3) NO OUTSIDE INCOME or very strictly limited (family business, farm, etc) remove the lobbyist money--ANY LOBBYIST MONEY SACRIFICE PENSION PERMANENTLY ALONG WITH HEALTHCARE. 4) Other changes such as campaign finance reform, ending gerrymandering, stopping sweetheart exemptions from stock and other insider ways to cash in wont come until the legislative body is stocked with people who CAMPAIGNED ON PROMISES OF STOPPING SUCH PRACTICES, AND WHO WOULD BE SATISFIED WITH PENSION!! GIVE THEM SOMETHING THEY DON'T WANT TO LOSE!!!!!!! (in other words---more normal people ------could make nonpartisan, bipartisan, or even presidential issue in upcoming elections----debate away
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