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Member since: Mon May 26, 2014, 09:42 AM
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So Trump thinks he should have been a Doctor

BULLSHIT; 1. This fool would not know what is a blood titer-what it means-if it bit him on the ass. 2. This idiot would not know the key differences in genetic make up of a virus vs bacteria 3. Trump doesn't know what DNA or RNA stands for, much less the importance of each 4. SERIOUSLY, THIS FOOL DOESN'T KNOW WHEN TO SHUT UP AND LISTEN TO THE SCIENTISTS! (Donald, you can't even spell epidemiology; this is the time to let the professionals do the talking)--------------Sorry for the rant--had to spend multiple days with mom in hospital this week--(she's home-doing fine) Watch the professional; listen to the experts; IGNORE THE CHILDLIKE NINCOMPOOP!

Have an idea, but need help

Just got back from hospital; Mom's apparently had a very minor stroke in last two months. Symptoms hidden by multitude of other Parkinson's related issues, along with bad back. (full fusion and implants) Seriously, we seen several doctors during this time, (primary md as well as her neurologist--as I said minor stroke. Caught it thru routine ct scan. She will be fine and should return tomorrow after several days of tests etc. She almost laughed and said it wouldn't change much in my caretaker duties as we have been living with it for sometime. any rate--short on sleep, short on time, and REALLY short on talent so am asking for creative help. 2 years ago this month JOE BIDEN, while taking his granddaughter to the movies was spotted and photographed talking to an apparent homeless veteran. Including handing him a piece of paper with something written on it. 2yrs and 2 months ago DONALD TRUMP was photographed boarding AIR FORCE 1 in the rain, and didn't even have the decency to share his umbrella with his wife and son. Son, Barron, was dressed only in a shirt in the rain--no jacket, but DONALD didn't care. HIS OWN FUCKING FAMILY AND HE DIDNT EVEN CARE. Plz find pics and creat comparison/contrast---CHARACTER--WHAT YOU DO WHEN NO ONE IS LOOKING Not sure if should post in general or primary. I is going to vote for WHOEVER is the democratic nominee is as will mom
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