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asiliveandbreathe's Journal
asiliveandbreathe's Journal
February 21, 2018

BS is right...remove assault weapons from the public domain - they are trying

to shut us up..throw us a bone...register ALL weapons purchased...with that registry, limit the number of weapons one person can purchase..this goes along with the ammunition..unable to build a cache of ammo or weapons....As we register our autos, so be it with gun registration..every two years..

What the FL legislature did to those teens yesterday is deplorable..."you can't have porn, but you can have weapons of mass destruction"...who the hell do they think they are...every one of them needs to be voted out - the students emotions are raw - they were there, they heard the shots fired, they saw the carnage, they saw their friends bleeding to death...and died..

Have we come this far, just to have come this far? - We have to have hope, this is the time..time for change - the students of today, are the future...I'm with them!!!!

February 19, 2018

The Charging Mystery in the Russian Indictments....a great read....

Great analysis by Bob Bauer - WH counsel for President Obama - gives his opinion on what comes next..in the Mueller Investigation - charges may have been different, if not for the agency's (FEC) decline...


Mueller and his team may have concluded that straight statutory campaign finance allegations rest on too much untested ground and would complicate what may well be the next phase of their investigation. 

The Mueller indictment is conceivably one way to solve this problem. It alleges a conspiracy to prevent the FEC from taking up and addressing the regulatory issues, and American co-conspirators may be brought in on any overt act in furtherance of this illegal scheme. Any U.S. citizen who intentionally supported the Russian electoral intervention could be liable.


I commented last evening and it was suggested this was almost missed, and should have it's own OP - I'm sure that top notch legal teams are slicing and dicing the information - which makes me think more is coming....

February 17, 2018

How Scared Should Trump Be - if history is any guide -

An article from Vanity Fair Dec 2017...how Mueller operates from the "bottom up" is his MO...and don't think for a moment trump doesn't know this story...

Remember when he said "where is my Roy Cohn" - when sessions recused..well, Roy Cohn represented Gotti...then -

Mueller got Gotti..and from article...as one person in the administration observed "a classic Gambino style roll-up"


February 15, 2018

Gun Laws in the United States by State

State gun laws vary considerably by state..the chart in this link contains common subjects by state..I believe each state should examine and tighten the laws....I am going to assume most of you agree..

Even if we start removing assault weapons, can we all just declare them not available to the general public?

Make permit required for purchase in ALL states..
Make firearm registration required in ALL states....
Make Owner license required in ALL states?
Make mental health evaluation for purchase required I ALL states....(oh, that's right..the POS just made it easier for the crazies..)


We should be chipping away at the State laws..if our Federal Govt., who feed at the NRA pig trough can't ..make this an issue when your state reps start their mouths running...why wait for the FEDs..

Our US Constitution - 2nd amendment needs to ban assault weapons...

The teens at this school are future voters - up close and personal...they will not forget this day...

February 14, 2018

Why the White House Security System is an Intelligence Emergency

Source - Just Security

There is an intelligence emergency emanating from the White House. The news that Rob Porter worked as Staff Secretary for over a year without a permanent clearance is synonymous with saying that there was a giant invitation to foreign intelligence services hanging on the steps of the White House.

But Porter was not the only one in this position, and it is important to understand how these unusual White House practices place United States security at risk.


- FBI could NOT conclude Porter, and many others, were eligible for a security clearance...intelligence emergency - I say National security emergency..

February 11, 2018

For your reading pleasure - Just Security Site - Recap of Their Recent pieces 2/3-2/10


Excellent analysis of current events - all in one place..I see so many of us with questions, me included, so I go researching..ever vigilant as to who is doing the analysis, of course, all in one place...

February 10, 2018

It's up to the HPSCI to release the DEM memo..damn it!!!!


Have at it..and many articles at this site..


The President doesn’t have the power to block the HPSCI from releasing its memo.  Committee members, including Adam Schiff, will undoubtedly consult with DOJ and the FBI to make reasonable efforts to amend the memo so as not to burn any important sources or methods–something that Schiff himself recommended.  Even so, it’s ultimately up to the Committee to decide whether to release the memo, and whether to redact certain classified information before doing so.

Also, don't miss the WH latest move to undermine congressional authority - but, we, have precedent..in Gravel v US in 70's.

February 9, 2018

the Navalny Tapes - this thread from last night...important synopsys of what we know

to this point...didn't want it to get overlooked...much tks to "triron"


February 9, 2018

I heart all of you!!!

February 6, 2018

Who's Behind Newsweek? Yes, 2014 but......

In light of firings and resignations TODAY, at Newsweek, this story is relevant...as David Corn has suggested in his retweet....

Much thanks goes to the hard work by one of our own - Orangecrush and their push in another thread -
What's Going on at Newsweek


This link to David Corns retweet is on the same thread...as well as many more links, ie, cnn


A must read - this is a BFD....if you believe in the freedom of the press.....

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