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Gender: Do not display
Current location: Tucson, AZ
Member since: Tue May 20, 2014, 12:19 AM
Number of posts: 163

About Me

Field biology, endangered species conservation, photographer/videographer and definite tree-hugger ...

Journal Archives

Snake Ignores Birds and Bunnies

I was surprised to see this 5' + coachwhip snake ignore all the birds and bunnies at her side. There's a lesson here somewhere:

Bill Williams River, a birders paradise

If you ever have the chance to visit the Bill Williams River National Wildlife Refuge near Lake Havasu Arizona I highly recommend it as it is a birders paradise. Because of its location between the Mojave and Sonoran Deserts and proximity to the Colorado River the bird life, both resident and migratory is outstanding.

While not the best audio (May need to turn it up), you can hear a diversity of avi-fauna that I recorded separately, but simultaneous to the aerial flight:

Bonus points for anyone who can ID all the birds by call in the audio!

I recorded the aerial scenes keeping other field biologists in mind who have worked the area and can identify survey plot locations by the unique aerial perspective. There are a series of trail systems in the dense vegetation that are difficult to navigate to and through in order to get to a survey plot:

More Round-tailed Ground Squirrel Antics

From today:

Here's the first video:

Hummingbird Nestling

This morning I went back to check on a hummingbird nest I came upon last week. Turns out there is one nestling. I could have spent all day there watching nature's rhythms, but had to go after an hour. Here's what my video camera caught:


Not my video, but it makes me happy and hopeful every time I watch it:

Issue with Ground Squirrels in my Yard

They are too cute and make me want to barf butterflies:

hummer nest

Walked by a large woody tree on a walk and heard the faint hum of a hummer departing, so I waited and sure enough, she returned and gave away her nest location. Looks like three eggs. I'll keep tabs as best I can to document the emergence of nestlings and, hopefully, fledglings. I love spring-time:

One last chance ... or leave me alone?

I did nothing wrong. I was blocked by sheshe2 for something she/he/it had no idea why. When I pointed out that being blocked in such a manner - no reason given - was acting just like a republican *I* was accused of not providing the info on why I was blocked.

"Please do not be nasty to me. You just called me a republican and are demanding answers. That is low." Well sheshe2, you're the one who blocked me and can't seem to remember why... Please explain! Please review my posts and share what-ever I said with the DU community that offended you so much as to warrant being blocked.

D.U. Admin and sheshe2, give me evidence or give me a break! Geeeeezzzzzz.....

"Hey Greg.

Please do not be nasty to me. You just called me a republican and are demanding answers. That is low. If you continue that tone I will block my mail and alert the Admins.

I went through my inbox to see where you were blocked. That is hard as all other blocks from hosts are there as well. You have the mail saying that you were blocked! Send me where you were blocked. YOU KNOW WHERE YOU WERE BLOCKED. YOU WERE NOTIFIED. Do that and I will explain. Please do not use your nasty tone on me. I do not deserve that. Continue and you will get nothing from me. We are a group, not a forum. Sadly. I have no clue if it was the BOG or HRC. You know, yet are unwilling to tell me when and where you were blocked.

One last chance. Send me the info that you do indeed have or leave me alone.

Midway Atoll - Marine Debris

Coyote Chews on Trail Camera

Love the Coyotes!
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