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Alzheimer's Trump?

Not sure this has been posted before:

Ten Signs of Alzheimerís

1. Memory Loss
Memory loss is easily the most associated symptom of Alzheimerís disease although it isnít often how people think it is. Many are under the impression that with the onset of Alzheimerís that the memory simply begins to fade, and while that is true in some cases, and in most over time, at the beginning, it is new information that is usually the type that suffers.†

2. Employment Problems
The general population these days is working several years later in life than was once the norm. It is through this that we have been able to notice these symptoms unfold in real time.† At the early onset of Alzheimerís, as we mentioned before, learning new skills and retention of that knowledge can be very difficult. And in many cases, it isnít just new skills that become difficult to perform or retain. Tasks that and individual has done for years without any problem can suddenly become daunting and even confusing. Employers might tell you that you appear to be overwhelmed or are getting behind in your work.†

3. Daily Life Confusion
While most may desire to forget they even have monthly expenses to pay, you donít want to get your finances all mixed up without even knowing it. Imagine having your electric turned off because you were confused paying the bills last month; this is all too common for Alzheimerís patients. Everyday tasks become more and more challenging which is why being candid with your medical team is so vital to get a treatment plan that aides with these issues.

4. Visual Issues
Sight is a very complicated sense. First you must see something with your eyes, which then gets transmitted to your brain, where it is then deciphered and made sense of - we hope. However, knowing as we do that Alzheimerís affects the brain it is understandable that visual issues might arise.†

5. Fine Motor Skills
Going back to the basis of the disease, and the impact it has on the brain, makes each case of Alzheimer's a little bit different. Depending on where the plaque builds up and where the tangles occur, largely depends on what symptoms the sufferer experiences.†
While a loss in motor skills as the disease progresses is a very real possibility, sometimes this can also occur as a result from other symptoms being experienced. Confusion, memory loss, and visual issues can all significantly impact one's fine motor skill set. It is also for this reason and symptom that the decline that is Alzheimerís is so difficult to bear witness too.

6. Trouble Speaking
In many ways, it can be said that those suffering from Alzheimerís disease often revert (unwillingly of course) back to a child-like demeanor when they engage in conversation and interaction with others. Some doctors believe that this is a result of degradation to certain parts of the brain, while others believe that it is simply the affected attempt at trying to communicate, and unfortunately, like a child is often the best they can do.† You might notice that they frequently interrupt others, are unable to maintain a singular thought, cannot hold a conversation or suddenly start to talk about completely irrelevant topic. Needless to say, it requires some degree of patience to be with a person at this stage of Alzheimerís.

More at [link:http://rmhealthy.com/10-signs-alzheimers/7/|

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