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Story Time: Julia Learns To Disrespect Others (Christian Bigotry in Children's Book Form)

Story Time: Julia Learns To Disrespect Others

Behold Julia Learns To Marry Wisely. Created by Carla D’Addesi, who appeared in TLC’s “Surviving Motherhood” and co-founded the D’Addesi Family Homeschool Scholarship Fund, the book purportedly packages a “biblical” view of marriage in a way children can understand. But it’s hardly about teaching children about healthy relationship behaviors. Instead, its pages are filled with condemnation.

Its main character, Julia, is filled with the sort of curiosity about marriage you’d expect from an elementary school age child. She doesn’t understand what exactly it means to marry, so she asks her patient parents if she can marry her father, and then her stuffed dog, Cocoa, because she loves them both. She’s told no, of course, and so she turns to other possibilities.

“If I cannot marry Daddy or Cocoa, who can I marry? Can I marry my friend Ellie?” Julia asks, and her mother’s reply is swift: “No, you and Ellie are both girls. God does not want girls to marry other girls, or boys to marry other boys.”

Indoctrinating religious bigotry by equating a union between two consenting adults with such things as marrying an animal - in fun Children's Book Form. It's an insidious way to say "God Hates Fags" - so it's Westboro Baptist Church Light. Evidence for this position? Well, one item presented as evidence is the heartwarming story of Noah's Ark where God allegedly instructed Noah to take two of each animal (one male and one female, mind you) on a cruise and allow everything else on land to die a miserable death by drowning. Oh, there's more at the link...

Fox hosts: Drunk girls share blame for frat rapes

Raw Story: Fox hosts blame drunk girls for frat rapes: ‘These guys, what are they supposed to do?’

What is wrong with these people and Fox News? If there is no consent, there is no consent. That applies to all rape. Conservatism is all about personal responsibility? These people are delusional.

How's that Nobel Peace Prize working for you?

I was in awe and strongly disagreed with the decision to award Obama the prize when he had done nothing to earn it (my friends, who also voted for Obama, were very dismayed by my criticism). It was probably one of the only times I agreed with the right wing that such a decision was way premature and undeserved. All Obama did was talk about his strong desire for peace and ending the constant wars we wage, and the Nobel Peace Prize was given to him despite the fact his actions beyond talk were negligible and what he did do had little to no impact on world peace and abating American imperialism. It was simply inane to award the Nobel Peace Prize to a new president when this country consistently wages war whether the President of the United States is a Democrat or Republican.

"Well regulated militia" in the American gun debate.

My conservative cousin and I met at our latest family event this weekend. He was talking about guns and the right to bear arms when I said his side conveniently forgets the "well regulated militia" portion of the Second Amendment. His response? Prolonged silence, followed by usual talking points like "there are too many illegal guns out there so we need to defend ourselves," and even that "good guy with a gun bullshit." I don't think he is part of that well regulated militia thing.

The Cost (literally) of "Justice" in Ferguson ($$$$$$$$$$)

How Many Ways Can the City of Ferguson Slap You With Court Fees? We Counted
Source: Mother Jones

To start, you might show up on time for your court date, only to find that your hearing is already over. How is that possible? According to a Ferguson court employee who spoke with St. Louis-based legal aid watchdog ArchCity Defenders, the bench routinely starts hearing cases 30 minutes before the appointed time and even locks the doors as early as five minutes after the official hour, hitting defendants who arrive just slightly late with an additional charge of $120-130.

Or you may arrive to find yourself faced with an impossible choice: Skip your court date or leave your children unattended in the parking lot. Non-defendants, such as children, are permitted by law to accompany defendants in the courtroom, but a survey by the presiding judge of the St. Louis County Circuit Court found that 37 percent of local courts don't allow it.

Coming to court has its own pitfalls, but not the ones many people fear. It's a common misconception among Ferguson residents—especially those without attorneys—that if you show up without money to pay your fine, you'll go to jail. In fact, you can't be put behind bars for inability to pay a fine, but you can be sent to jail for failure to appear in court (and accrue a $125 fee). If you miss your court date, the court will likely issue a warrant for your arrest, which comes with a fee of its own:

At this point, you owe your initial fine, plus fines for failure to appear in court and the arrest warrant. Thomas Harvey, executive director of ArchCity Defenders, explains that if you're arrested, your bail will likely equal the sum of these fines. Ferguson Municipal Court is only in session three days a month, so if you can't meet bail, you might sit in jail for days until the next court session—which, you guessed it, will cost you.

Once you finally appear in court and receive your verdict, your IOU is likely to go up again.

And it just keeps going and going...

The next host of MTP...

It could totally happen based on the trend.

On Hillary Clinton and Henry Kissinger, a cost benefit analysis.

There has been some spirited conversation about Hillary Clinton, and many have posited her statements about Kissinger are all to beef up her foreign policy credentials and appeal to conservatives because she is a real liberal at heart. Others have taken a position more like my own, shaking our heads and laughing at the absurdity of what she said and those who are scrambling to defend her or deflect and attack someone else like David Corn.

As I see it there is a big problem to getting behind an "inevitable" candidate like Hillary Clinton and excusing her actions by saying it is all politics and that she needs to get elected then she'll show us her true colors. Right. Because the game ends when someone is elected. Not so much.

You can tell me this is just one compromise we have to make in the name of politics to get a liberal wolf in conservative sheep clothing (which some in this community think Hillary Clinton is), but I don't buy it. Because then the next compromise comes, and the next. All justified because the game has to be played and while all that bullshit is happening the liberals are being sold out - again (ahem, ahem, President Obama).

At some point we have to make a cost benefit analysis and determine at what point we say Hillary Clinton is too much cost and too little benefit for us. And I reached that point well before her Kissinger comments. The Democrats need someone better, and there are others out there. And ironically it is Bill Clinton that proved you can come out of nowhere to take a nomination and then the presidency.

China Just Got Serious About Global Warming. Now We're Really Out of Excuses.

Over the weekend, China announced it was moving forward with plans for a massive, nationwide cap-and-trade program intended to help combat global warming. Here's why China is doing this now, and what we know about the plan so far.

Source: Mother Jones

Honest Political Ads - Gil Fulbright for Senate


Gil Fulbright is honestly heading to Kentucky to officially launch his fake campaign!

Old Gil is running for Senate against Mitch McConnell and Alison Lundergan Grimes. Follow his campaign at http://igg.me/at/HonestGil

Gil Fulbright on Twitter

Gil Fulbright on Facebook

Created by Motiv & Represent.Us

Study: More Religion Means Less Scientific Innovation (Mother Jones)

Study: More Religion Means Less Scientific Innovation

Are science and religion doomed to eternal "warfare," or can they just get along? Philosophers, theologians, scientists, and atheists debate this subject endlessly (and often, angrily). We hear a lot less from economists on the matter, however. But in a recent paper, Princeton economist Roland Bénabou and two colleagues unveiled a surprising finding that would at least appear to bolster the "conflict" camp: Both across countries and also across US states, higher levels of religiosity are related to lower levels of scientific innovation.

"Places with higher levels of religiosity have lower rates of scientific and technical innovation, as measured by patents per capita," comments Bénabou. He adds that the pattern persists "when controlling for differences in income per capita, population, and rates of higher education."

Yes. Try not to be shocked.

The religious right wants to turn us into a theocracy and opposing science is the best way to do it. What they do not understand is that they will turn us into a third world country in the process.
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