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Please Help: Applied for SSDI. Can work minimally. Can really use work-from-home suggestions.

I need to feel productive even though I can no longer work like I used to.

This community's suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Some Background: I have a chronic pain condition that leaves physical labor out, and my body is extremely sensitive to any pressure (it's called allodynia - imagine seams in a shirt or wrinkles in a sheet underneath you being enough to elicit pain). Though I have concentration issues, I do have a program management, writing, and education background and can probably do some very light short-term tasks.

Michele Bachmann's wacky Moses rant


It starts pretty bad, and it just gets worse...

One lie followed by lie after lie. The House of Representatives is the strongest form of government, Michele? The House is the lower house in a bicameral legislature in a government with three branches. Unfortunately, the crazy only builds like the momentum a boulder gains when it is rolling down a hill.

She should have been forced out of the chamber kicking and screaming in a straitjacket. That would have been a fitting farewell for her

Don't let the door hit you on the way out, batshit.
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