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Probable 2016 Republican National Convention Intro. of POTUS Nominee

Even though the 2014 Election hasn't happened yet the GOP is already planning big things for 2016. An unnamed source claims the Republicans go all out in their introduction of their nominee for POTUS in 2016.

What would FDR's first words be if he could see today's political and social mess in America?

I think they would be, "How did you fuck things up so thoroughly in such a short span of time?"

The assassination Jack Kennedy was one of the major turning points in our history.

Everything Jack tried to do to end CIA influence over policy, reduce the size of the military, rein in the power of the military industrial complex, deescalate things between us and the Soviets, and scale back US presence in Vietnam were stopped almost immediately after his death. Like most reformers, he became a target of the entrenched interests with the real power behind our government. His brother's assassination only confirmed the death of real reform and a deviation from the course we have been on since. Their assassinations symbolized the death of optimism, shattering the dream of what America could be, and ended the trust many Americans had in their own government creating a cancer of suspicion that has only metastasized ever since.

Every day we are seeing the overwhelming power of the same interests Kennedy tried to fight. Our current foreign policy is constant war and filling the pockets of people who help us kill others. This is the new normal in this "republic," or oligarchy, or whatever we are now.

There is a group of Americans out there...

... that is willing to lose everything to the point of living under an overpass in a tent with a rat on a stick just so long as the group in the next tent does not have a rat or a stick to put it on. And while we fight each other the rich get richer and we lose more, all because red herrings like race, immigration, and the "evils" of socialism are used by conservatives to do what they always accuse their opponents of doing - wage class warfare.

Saddam Looms Over Our Middle East Policy, or Lack Thereof

I am not ignorant of who he was or the horrible acts he committed, but he served a purpose. And it was one countless other dictators who are, or have been, American darlings serve - keeping order abroad that benefits American interests.

The only thing the George W. Bush administration did when it launched an unprovoked attack on Iraq (other than fill the pockets of corporations with blood money and further destabilize the Middle East for decades) was confirm what opponents had been saying in the months leading up to the war - Saddam is contained, keeping order in Iraq, and poses no direct threat to the United States.

When our forces were caught in the middle of an Iraqi civil war I was discussing the issue with my friends. At one point I said, "you know what Iraq needs? A dictator." We laughed, but all conceded it was largely the truth. And the lack of that dictator continues to loom over our lack of a foreign policy in the Middle East - outside of making the military industrial complex richer, of course.

The Supreme Court is playing a very clever game.

Its recent decision to not rule on gay marriage across the country takes attention away and distracts from the fact the Court is in the pocket of big business and the GOP. Sure, they have destroyed any semblance of democracy by saying money equals free speech and reaffirming corporations are people, but look how nice the Court is being to gays. I despise this court.

Words matter. And terms like "Food Insecurity" are ridiculous and trivialize important issues.

This is the image that has provoked this response:

It's hunger. It's poverty. Let's not drape it in desensitizing terms.

This is the type of word game people use so we don't have to look at ourselves in the mirror objectively. And such tactics are also used to trick people into supporting policies. Let's get rid of the "death tax," despite the fact the vast majority of people don't have to pay it. "Trickle Down Economics" works because the "job creators" aren't greedy bastards who horde their money, but spread the wealth around like little gift giving fairies and make jobs sprout out of the ground like daisies. The Republicans have clearly mastered this game, but liberals play it too and I don't find it clever or helpful.

Both politics and law make me distrustful of language and this is why.

Report: Secret Service Agent Leaked Obama Locations To Romney Campaign In 2012

TPM: Report: Secret Service Agent Leaked Obama Locations To Romney Campaign In 2012

The report, from the website Inside Sources, cites two Romney staffers "who witnessed the events in question." The sources told Inside Sources that the married-Secret Service agent, who was not identified, was motivated by his flirtation with the female staffer to disclose the information and on a separate occasion gave joy rides in Secret Service cars with lights flashing. This all happened in a key battleground state in October 2012, according to the report.

Inside Sources reported that the schedule provided by the agent was received with skepticism by the Romney campaign but it was eventually proven to have been accurate.

The Inside Sources item came the same week that The Washington Post has been publishing reports on new details about Omar Gonzalez, the White House fence jumper who made it deep into the presidential mansion despite official reports that he had not. As a result of those reports, Julia Pierson stepped down as head of the United States Secret Service.

The praetorian guard is not doing well.

Story Time: Julia Learns To Disrespect Others (Christian Bigotry in Children's Book Form)

Story Time: Julia Learns To Disrespect Others

Behold Julia Learns To Marry Wisely. Created by Carla D’Addesi, who appeared in TLC’s “Surviving Motherhood” and co-founded the D’Addesi Family Homeschool Scholarship Fund, the book purportedly packages a “biblical” view of marriage in a way children can understand. But it’s hardly about teaching children about healthy relationship behaviors. Instead, its pages are filled with condemnation.

Its main character, Julia, is filled with the sort of curiosity about marriage you’d expect from an elementary school age child. She doesn’t understand what exactly it means to marry, so she asks her patient parents if she can marry her father, and then her stuffed dog, Cocoa, because she loves them both. She’s told no, of course, and so she turns to other possibilities.

“If I cannot marry Daddy or Cocoa, who can I marry? Can I marry my friend Ellie?” Julia asks, and her mother’s reply is swift: “No, you and Ellie are both girls. God does not want girls to marry other girls, or boys to marry other boys.”

Indoctrinating religious bigotry by equating a union between two consenting adults with such things as marrying an animal - in fun Children's Book Form. It's an insidious way to say "God Hates Fags" - so it's Westboro Baptist Church Light. Evidence for this position? Well, one item presented as evidence is the heartwarming story of Noah's Ark where God allegedly instructed Noah to take two of each animal (one male and one female, mind you) on a cruise and allow everything else on land to die a miserable death by drowning. Oh, there's more at the link...
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