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Our politicians could learn a great deal from FDR.

All they do today is exploit the fears of Americans and play us against each other and everyone else.

Per Day Cost Of War Is Absolutely Amazing

Rating America

A friend of mine has started a blog called "Rating America." It is going to rate American society with a letter grade and give a liberal explanation of why America received the grade it got. I think it is an interesting concept and have been asked for feedback from him before he proceeds. I thought this would be a great place to get some constructive criticism. Here is the link (there is only one post thus far):


Shockingly Stupid Republicans: What's the Matter with Mississippi?

This is so fucking sad and pathetic.

Please Help: Applied for SSDI. Can work minimally. Can really use work-from-home suggestions.

I need to feel productive even though I can no longer work like I used to.

This community's suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Some Background: I have a chronic pain condition that leaves physical labor out, and my body is extremely sensitive to any pressure (it's called allodynia - imagine seams in a shirt or wrinkles in a sheet underneath you being enough to elicit pain). Though I have concentration issues, I do have a program management, writing, and education background and can probably do some very light short-term tasks.

Michele Bachmann's wacky Moses rant


It starts pretty bad, and it just gets worse...

One lie followed by lie after lie. The House of Representatives is the strongest form of government, Michele? The House is the lower house in a bicameral legislature in a government with three branches. Unfortunately, the crazy only builds like the momentum a boulder gains when it is rolling down a hill.

She should have been forced out of the chamber kicking and screaming in a straitjacket. That would have been a fitting farewell for her

Don't let the door hit you on the way out, batshit.

(RI) Local Ferguson protesters and police clash on I-95

Not the best decision by the protesters. Unsafe and green lights the state police immediately.


UPDATED: Vote Deadline Extended to Name Our Populist Movement within Democratic Party

UPDATED: Poll Deadline Has Been Extended From 3 Days to 2 Weeks
Formerly Titled: Olympus Isn't All About Thunder - Time to Settle on a Name and Move On

Olympus in reference to the recent thread titled Stealing Thunder. Thunder represents the lightning to come. We need to concentrate on the lightning - the policies we want to see enacted, and how we want to best educate our fellow Americans so they are informed and motivated voters (I have suggested PSAs, mass e-mails, phone calls, etc.). We need to get beyond the thunder and get to the lightning - defining ourselves. Americans need to know everything from Social Security is solvent to we want Universal Healthcare (spelling out what that is), and "Obamacare" was a conservative think tank idea that does not go far enough because it leaves people without healthcare.

I have been open to discussion on naming, but at some point this discussion must end. Throughout this discussion I have supported the Roosevelt Party (represented by a blue rose and in honor of the three notable Roosevelts in our history), The Democratic Wing (represented by a blue wing), or the Party of Social Responsibility (symbol open to discussion). All have their strengths and weaknesses, and there have been other suggestions.

In an attempt to resolve this issue I have created a poll that gives everyone three days to vote on various name I have seen suggested. I would like consent to adopt whatever name wins in the end. If I neglected to add one of the many names suggested over the last days that can be resolved by write-in votes, which will be counted and compete against those listed.


My vote is for The Roosevelt Party: The records of FDR, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Teddy Roosevelt taken together cover many of the ideals liberals hold dear. While those ideals were limited by the era they lived in, the name Roosevelt can help us lead the Democratic Party back to the left through educating our fellow Americans how socialism is one of the things that makes America great. Liberals should be known as Roosevelt Democrats, as should politicians who have records in line with liberal ideals.

ManyGoldstein's Argument (Post 23):

Roosevelt Democrats

I think the name, like a good headline, should:

1. cut through the noise (make people say "huh?" when they first see it)
2. say something about what we're up to
3. be a good way to start a conversation with people
4. fulfill 1-3 in a way that they work for all Americans, not just political junkies

"Democratic Wing" would work great for political junkies, but I think it will confuse others (i.e., doesn't meet 4 above).

"Roosevelt Democrats" is great for 1-4. The Roosevelts in question did so many great things, great Progressive/Liberal things, and the results were fantastic: those are stories that I like to tell. "Why am I a Roosevelt Democrat? Do you know that in FDR's first term, because of Liberal policies, unemployment halved and the economy grew at three or four times the rate it's growing now? Let's talk about the policies that made this happen, and why we need them again today."

"They did X and it worked. Everytime X has been tried, it worked. Doesn't it make sense to do X?" Those are the arguments that win people's hearts and minds.

Both Teddy and Franklin were flawed, as are all people, and there will be some nitwits (even on DU!) that will fling poo at 'em. But both, as they aged, improved, and also one person's poison is another person's meat. For example, some people (not me) feel that the US developing atomic weapons was an awful thing, but to others it could be seen as a sign that Roosevelt Democrats will do what's needed, when needed.

And by including Teddy, Franklin, and Eleanor, it sends a great message about inclusion: Democrats and Republicans, men and women. They were not people of color, but did work hard to advance the ball for all Americans. Whatever we call ourselves, we'll not perfect America either, but we'll fight hard for all.

No third party, no third way.

We need to send enough progressives to the polls to overwhelm the defenses constructed against what most Americans want, against allowing democracy to play its course. The Republicans have only remained relevant due to unethical and often illegal tactics, which take full advantage of low-information American voters. The only way to break the back of the Republicans is to mobilize in every city in this country and educate. Educate by clearly communicating what we stand for and put the GOP on the defensive to force them to explain why the Republicans are against things like social programs, business regulations, and healthcare for all (some Democrats will need to account of their own records, as well).

I firmly believe this must be done under the banner of the Democratic Party, but as a new faction within the party dubbed the Roosevelt Party. We need to expose conservatism for its fear mongering and socially selfish ways, and remove Republicans in Democratic Party clothing from the party. No third way, no third party. If our history has taught us anything it is that both don't work. Roosevelt Democrats need to fight conservatives in whatever party they may be in, and be as tenacious as someone like Senator Bernie Sanders.

Death to the Robber Barons (Bruce Springsteen's Death to My Hometown)

The Robber Barons are back and need to be put back in their chains.
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