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You can call them military advisers, but they are simply U.S. soldiers being sent back to Iraq.

The Obama Administration has decided to redeploy American troops to Iraq, and those who think otherwise and want to give Obama the benefit of the doubt are fooling themselves. This is a dangerous decision and one that threatens to pull us back into Iraq.

Because sending in military advisers has never ended badly...

Barack Obama: U.S. to send up to 300 military advisers to Iraq

What. The. Fuck.

Let the wretches fight it out.

Iraq is not Germany or Japan. It is not a country with any general sense of nationalism, but one fabricated by the British and French, who just drew lines in the sand. It is the fools crawling out of the woodwork now who want endless war and think we can impose democracy in regions with massive ethnic and religious divisions. Saddam was contained - his economy was in shambles and his military crippled - and Iraq was absolutely no threat to the United States. We have already screwed it up enough.

And why are we going into Iraq again? So we can show everyone else how far we can piss.

Could you add a Betsy Ross flag to the avatar options?

In the America section, of course.

Whose fault is Cantor's loss? Obama's of course, says Boehner.


"You have to understand, the American people are being squeezed by Obama's policies. The economy is not growing. Incomes aren't growing. We're not creating enough jobs. And two-thirds of America have seen no increase in their wages but their food prices are going up, their gas prices are going up, and their health insurance prices are going up. And so there's a lot of frustration that's out there, and they look to Washington, and wonder why we can't resolve these issues. And they're hard to resolve when you've got a president who won't engage."

What bullshit.

Living in Chronic Pain and Seeking Advice

For over three years I have been suffering from chronic pain. My body is sensitive to touch and pressure (allodynia) to the point where a wrinkle in the sheet under me or a seam in a shirt can cause me pain. My muscles and joints are always sore. My sleeping has also suffered immensely and my once solid concentration and memory wavers. My body has become both a prison and a torture chamber.

Over the past year and a half I have sought medical help. I have seen dozens of specialists and been tested for so many illnesses I have lost count. After all of this my doctors have given me a diagnosis that annoys me greatly - that of Fibromyalgia, which is a diagnosis of exclusion. A diagnosis of Fibromyalgia is simply another way to say they have no idea what is going on with me or how to solve it, which their incessant tests and ineffective treatments simply reinforce.

At this point I don't know what to do with myself and my frustration is building to a dangerous point. My health is so bad I have been unable to hold a job for long without going out on medical leave again and this only adds to the stress I am under. I am reaching out to the DU community to seek advice and hear if anyone in our community has received a similar diagnosis to learn how they handled it.

Thanks for your time and help.
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