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Member since: Sun May 4, 2014, 02:40 AM
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I need a favor

I was on Facebook last night when I came across this post on one of the local yardsale groups.

Benefit YARD SALE for this young lady which is my neice,REBECCA is 18yrs old with RETT SYNDROME which is a neurological disorder to the brain.She can't walk or talk so if the family goes anywhere they have to lay her in the back seat which we all know isn't safe,and with her seizures she can't sit up on her own so we are trying to raise money for a wheelchair van for the family so they can possibly get out and go safe .Any donations for this sell would be nice and all proceeds will go towards the van.you can message me on here if you find it in your heart to donate. THANKS AND MAY GOD BLESS!!

My suggestion to them was to set up a gofundme page where it could reach more people. In my notifications this morning, there was a reply that this young girl already has a gofundme page. When I went to the link, I noticed it had been set up in January and as of this posting, had only raised $700. I copied the link and said that I would be sure to spread it around. So here I am asking a favor.

Can anyone here just visit this young girls gofundme page? I'm not asking for donations, just a quick click and read about her. If you feel like donating, then Thank you!

I also want to make it clear that I have never heard of this person before yesterday. I just think that trying to find donated items for a benefit yardsale won't raise the amount of money they need. For whatever reason, I can't get this out of my mind. So I decided to post it here.

Whatever you may think of me or if we differ sometimes on our political discussions, please look past that and just check this out.


Again, I hadn't even heard of this person before yesterday! But something in my heart won't let me forget her until I at least spread the word. Thank you for reading my long rant and request.

Interest in a Recycling Group

I would like to propose to the DU community that a group be created and archived within the Environment & Energy sub-forums and be named, "Recycling Group". The groups statement of purpose would be as follows:

This group was created to help inform, guide, and share with fellow members the vast amount of knowledge on recycling. We, as a species, have the ability to affect, whether positively or negatively, the world we live in more so than any other creature on our planet. Armed with the proper knowledge and a little effort, we can make our world a healthier, cleaner, and more satisfying place to live.

If the majority of the community supports this proposition, I shall take it to the Administrators for evaluation.

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