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Profile Information

Name: Lara
Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: Ugh, the deep south.
Member since: Fri May 2, 2014, 07:40 PM
Number of posts: 3,299

About Me

Just a poor liberal lesbian living in the deep south. Don't expect me to be nice just because I am a liberal. I am kind of bitchy with an attitude problem.

Journal Archives

If a 2020 candidate does not support impeachment of trump,

you WILL NOT get my vote. That is all.

Just spayed/neutered 8 feral cats!

I've been trying for 9 years to get some help and finally help arrived! It's Meow or Never is helping me to trap, neuter and release the dozens of feral cats I have been feeding since i moved in.

I have watched litter after litter being born and the kittens disappeared one by one. I finally caught a few on my own, had them fixed and tamed them down. But couldn't afford to do the whole bunch.

This organization traps/neters/releases. They give them rabies shots. They de-flea them. They get a physical and they do all this at no cost.

This is a great organization.


Florida Secretary of State Mike Ertel resigns after Halloween blackface photos emerge

Michael Ertel, the newly appointed Secretary of State of Gov. Ron DeSantis, has resigned after photos emerged of him posing as a Hurricane Katrina victim in blackface at a private Halloween party 14 years ago.

The photos obtained by the Tallahassee Democrat were shown to the Governor's Office on Thursday morning. Hours later it issued a statement.

"The governor accepted Secretary Ertel's resignation," the Governor's Office said.


I found a furever home for my rescue.

She's a young woman with no other dogs. Little Bit will have lots of love!!!

I rescued another dog today.

We think she is a pomeranian mix. Who knows how old she is. She's scared and bitey right now. Hopefully I will find her a good home.

She was roaming the neighborhood, and a neighbor had been feeding her. Nobody's claimed her yet.

Ron DeSantis keeps up negative (and false) attacks on Gillum in Tampa

Meeting and greeting Tampa Republicans Saturday, GOP candidate for Florida governor Ron DeSantis gave a speech devoted almost entirely to attacking and mischaracterizing his Democratic opponent, Andrew Gillum, saying little about his own plans or ideas for governing Florida.

The event capped a day of campaigning in Central Florida for DeSantis, including a news conference with Puerto Rican backers in Orlando and a rally at The Villages retirement community.

In Tampa, an enthusiastic crowd made up largely of grass-roots campaign workers crammed into a tiny GOP campaign office suite for an appearance by DeSantis, his wife Casey and Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fort Walton Beach.

For about 20 minutes, they heard DeSantis launch one attack after another.


'Bodes well for Dems': First day of early voting in Nevada is staggeringly high

Veteran Nevada political report Jon Ralston reports on a surge of voting during the first day of early voting.

The final voter registration numbers released today show Democrats with 598,174 registered voters to the Republican Party’s 523,251 — a registration advantage of nearly 75,000.

This is some good news, but we still need to get out and vote. I voted straight blue by mail in Florida today. Keeping my fingers crossed!


Andrew Gillum is to blame...

for helping Florida get power back on after hurricane Michael. I just got mine back on today. Thank you Andrew Gillum!

Why this political scientist thinks the Democrats have to fight dirty

In September 2016, an anonymous conservative writer published an essay called “The Flight 93 Election.”

The title was a reference to the one hijacked flight on 9/11 that didn’t reach its destination because passengers overwhelmed the hijackers and brought the plane down.

The logic of the essay was simple enough: The prospect of a Hillary Clinton presidency was so positively ruinous that conservatives had no choice but to support Donald Trump — no matter how awful or incompetent he appeared to be. The stakes were simply too high.

Until now, there was no left-wing equivalent to the “Flight 93” essay, no rallying cry that urged Democrats and liberals to do whatever is necessary to win. But David Faris’s new book, It’s Time to Fight Dirty, is the closest anyone has come so far.


Christian lawmaker giddy about abortion being outlawed advises women to get their 'coathangers ready

A West Virginia lawmaker who left the Democratic party because he felt it was “anti-Christian” is under fire for taunting women to get their “coat-hangers ready” in anticipation of Roe v. Wade being overturned with the help of newly-installed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

In the now-deleted Facebook comment that was screen-captured by several commenters, Parkersburg City Councilman Eric Barber was busted for the comment that drew the ire of others on Facebook who were appalled at his grotesque reference to back-alley abortions

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