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PatrickforB's Journal
PatrickforB's Journal
October 23, 2023

I'm really sorry to post this here, but I'm not quite used to DU4 yet and cannot figure out how to send Earl a

DU email.

I was chosen to serve on a jury, but the page would not load. I tried repeatedly but could not get it to work. I think this is a bug in the platform.

Again, sorry. Go ahead and freeze this, but please forward onto the Admins.


October 17, 2023

Middle East War Adds to Surge in International Arms Sales

Source: New York Times

The push to supply more weapons to Israel comes as American military contractors are already struggling to keep up with demand to resupply Ukraine in its war against Russia and help other U.S. allies in Europe like Poland bolster their own defenses.

Billions of dollars in orders are pending from allies in Asia, driven by the perception of a rising threat from China.

Worldwide military spending last year — on weapons, personnel and other costs — hit $2.2 trillion, the highest level in inflation-adjusted dollars since at least the end of the Cold War, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, which prepares an annual tally.

Read more: https://www.nytimes.com/2023/10/17/us/politics/israel-gaza-global-arms-sales.html?unlocked_article_code=L8NEuu3EFMn2txkDBsksVXKtvdVDBOcGukQfga5I1ZVcYGb9BztPwZx19ZSa2zFSw-s7Lw6JVFWwttVj1JGxuSwXjcMLs4mhkgMG0zyQouACkjFj_bD7IPrnLN7lUrshjpBD-OV9MjU6m1cyzzZ3pOoIDY8-dWTloIhVV3_AdDK9XSlnVlSfyjSKNXI14lWopQFA4V2Oq3cVMrc2MJsQbaR_AtYpqcRiCmkHDNnGD50ysrIpUk4yCDfojHjV3IodwAXkFjEA2TevHaKdzZT_gWv8ltz5dsS30fmVEURhKEiGy0AM4g0f7eaX0h8xuGyZx1fBJ3GPmtC3KNpYBI77zWr5i74wEfAEesAN&smid=url-share

Whoops! Here comes PatrickforB again, with the same old cui bono schtick!

But you know what? Wall Street is going to do great, and so are arms manufacturers.

That is a big part of who benefits. God knows, no one else benefits from war.
October 4, 2023

How a Big Pharma Company Stalled a Potentially Lifesaving Vaccine in Pursuit of Bigger PROFITS

Source: ProPublica

Pharmaceutical giant GSK pulled back on its global public health work and leaned into serving the world’s most-profitable market, the United States, which CEO Emma Walmsley recently called its “top priority.” As the London-based company turned away from its vaccine for TB, a disease that kills 1.6 million mostly poor people each year, it went all in on a vaccine against shingles, a viral infection that comes with a painful rash. It afflicts mostly older people who, in the U.S., are largely covered by government insurance.

Importantly, the shingles vaccine shared a key ingredient with the TB shot, a component that enhanced the effectiveness of both but was in limited supply.

From a business standpoint, GSK’s decision made sense. Shingrix would become what the company calls a “crown jewel,” raking in more than $14 billion since 2018.

But the ability of a corporation to allow a potentially lifesaving vaccine to languish lays bare the distressing reality of public health vaccine creation. With limited resources, governments have long seen no other option but to team with Big Pharma to develop vaccines for global scourges. But after the governments pump taxpayer money and resources into the efforts, the companies get control of the products, locking up ownership and prioritizing their own gain.

Read more: https://www.propublica.org/article/how-big-pharma-company-stalled-tuberculosis-vaccine-to-pursue-bigger-profits#:~:text=With%20limited%20resources%2C%20governments%20have,and%20prioritizing%20their%20own%20gain.

Because, hey, everyone knows that PROFITS are far more important than human life!

In the meantime GSK CEO Emma Walmsley took home roughly £8.45 million in 2022 (nearly $10.3 million), up from £8.2 million the year prior. That includes a £37,000 salary boost and an added £868,000 in bonus money compared to 2021, according to a recent report - Endpoints News.

Gosh, look at that high salary! I'll just bet its hundreds of times what a GSK lab tech earns.
October 3, 2023

Well, I've just been reviewing my HEALTH CARE DEBT.

I'm feeling just tingly, warm and fuzzy all over.

It makes me want to hug an American flag...

Fuck. We're the only advanced nation in the world who doesn't offer its people UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE.

Oh, but wait! 'Murika ain't nebber gonna go SOSH-A-LIST! That's right, that's why 2/3 of the personal bankruptcies in this country are due to HEALTH CARE DEBT.

But hey, fucking Wall Street is doing GREAT, profits are WAY UP, and we have more billionaires than ever, ever, ever.

Doesn't all that make you feel good too?


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