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PatrickforB's Journal
PatrickforB's Journal
June 29, 2022

A regular brown-shirt. I always believed the Secret Service was

above any politics, and absolutely dedicated to its mission (fighting counterfeiting and guarding the First and Second families as well as former presidents).

Now, we have this, and also earlier reports they stood down the day JFK was killed.

Personally, I blame oligarchs for both - the billionaire parasites. They have a three pronged approach:

1. Provide a constant drumbeat of propaganda designed to promote fear, and to drive wedges between us.
2. Strip our treasury through tax policies, government contracts and privatization.
3. Empower dominionist 'christians' to impose a theocracy on us through the judiciary, political gerrymandering and voter supression.

It's working pretty good, I'd say, except for the fact that Trump proved a loose cannon instead of Norquist's proverbial 'dumb president who will simply sign laws given him by a Republican Congress.'

The billionaire parasites, corporate boards, and big Wall Street greed-lizards are likely furious over this whole thing, because it brings too much light and exposure on them, and on what the politicians they own are actually doing.

June 13, 2022

Hi. Just wanted to say that yesterday I took my wife, and my oldest daughter to see

the new Jurassic World.

No spoilers but the movie was good. I recommend it. Nice seeing Durn, Niell and Goldblum together, and it had some other good actors as well. It did have a plot, which is good, and plenty of nonstop action.

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