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PatrickforB's Journal
PatrickforB's Journal
January 25, 2022

It is my hope that Democratic Party movers and shakers will read my post on this thread.

Yes, American corporate culture is poisonous. It is. We are born, we go to a school to learn enough to be 'workers,' then we are sentenced to work for 50 years. After which we get a pension called Social Security that barely pays the bills and keeps us in grinding poverty. We have Medicare, but it is massively confusing to the point where you have to get a book or lawyer up to even understand it, and it has holes that could bankrupt you. WHY???

Now, we are told that we 'can't afford' to expand Social Security and Medicare, but we CAN afford trillions on forever wars and frivolous tax cuts weighted toward benefitting billionaires.

So...where IS our healthcare? Where are the subsidies for childcare so our kids and grandkids don't have to spend an arm and a leg on childcare just so they can work? Where is our dental care? Vision? And where are the defined benefit pensions? Why are corporations allowed to cut our hours so they don't have to give us benefits? Why is pay so low for the workers while CEOs earn in the millions? Why is that?

If government is a service, and we individual taxpayers pay in 86% of the tax revenue, WHY don't those we elect enact laws that materially benefit us? This IS a government of, by and for the people. Isn't it????

Our whole corporate culture, because the shareholder is king, and profits are ALWAYS counted as being more important than people, is a system of slavery - wage slavery.

And now, as workers are voting with their feet, and winning the battle, swinging the pendulum back just a tiny bit to their benefit, we are threatened with a war with Russia - a war that offers at best a Pyrrhic victory for us, and will likely result in bringing down the republic. We are split with one whole political party not in support of democracy, and they will NOT have Biden's back. Millions of Fox 'news' viewers are actually rootin' for Putin, you know?

If we end up in a war in the middle of a pandemic the Republicans have made sure isn't gonna end anytime soon, because they don't want to take no vaccine or wear no masks, 'cause their free-dumb, you know, then we are truly fucked. We working class stiffs will end up sucking wind, BUT THE OLIGARCHS WILL DO JUST FINE.



So, yeah, right now I'm not feeling too good about these fucks. And you might not like 'the squad,' but AOC is goddamned right when she says that every billionaire is a failure in policy. That is NO SHIT.

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