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PatrickforB's Journal
PatrickforB's Journal
January 28, 2021

Appreciation thread for Joe Biden.

Biden was not my first choice in the primaries, but I got behind him in the campaign, and I am profoundly happy that I did.

He is shaping up to be a transformational president. The things he does and accomplishes may well benefit Americans for decades to come.

Also, Biden is clearly a very decent and moral man, a loving husband, father and grandfather.

We elected a real winner here.

January 19, 2021

I'm watching the remembrance ceremony.

It's tearing my heart out. The grief just came on me.

January 16, 2021

Righteous rant from AOC on white supremacy and the insurrection.

I don't post much on this forum, and I did do a search for this to make sure I did not duplicate.

This is an unvarnished presentation from AOC after the traumatic events of January 6, and I found it quite worth listening to.

So you know, it IS an hour long, so budget the time. Note that Rachel Maddow played an excerpt from it last night.

January 8, 2021

Watching Biden announce his economic team and agenda.

And I watched yesterday when he did the same with his DOJ team.

Thank God for this man! He is passionate, competent, and surrounding himself with actual competent, bright people.

One remark - I can remember many times during Trump's early years when hopeful media heads would say things like, "Well, he looked presidential today," and "Today, he became president!" What a joke. We will never, ever, ever have any media heads having to do that with Biden, because he IS presidential. There is absolutely no doubt he is in charge and on it.

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