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PatrickforB's Journal
PatrickforB's Journal
May 26, 2018

Protesters hold 'die-in' at grocery store

Source: CNN

Publix has suspended its political contributions as it re-evaluates its giving processes, the national grocery chain said in a statement. The announcement comes days after Parkland student activist David Hogg called for a "die-in" at the grocery store to protest its support for a Florida gubernatorial candidate backed by the National Rifle Association.

Read more: https://www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2018/05/26/david-hogg-publix-die-in-abc-orig-vstop.cnn

That's pretty much all the text in the article, but the video is worth watching. Those Parkland kids are really inspiring.

A 'die-in!' Who would have thought? And...more importantly, who would have thought it would change the way a corporation donates?
May 11, 2018

In preparation for upcoming election

Since the Secretary of State in Colorado is Republican, he sent all of our voter registration information to the Trump administration when it made that illegal request.

I just checked my registration, and those of the rest of my family.

Colorado allows us to perform such a check online, so it was easy, and we have mail-in ballots as well. We can a) mail it in, b) drop it off, or c) vote in person on election day.

I urge all of you to perform these checks regularly on your own voter registration. I think our party will have an historic turnout for an 'off-year' election, and the worst thing that can happen is if you show up to vote and they don't let you. It's going to happen, but we must try and minimize it.

May 7, 2018

Death penalty and assisted suicide: the right to die.

Every day, we see a dozen new outrages from these horrible Republican cretins. Since I sometimes weary of adding my minor 2 cents worth to these despicable happenings, I thought it might be fun to introduce a topic for discussion that I know we don't all agree on.

I do this because it seems to me that after November, we will be having some different discussions, and after November 2020, we will quite likely be debating issues like this among ourselves.

So here goes:

I often accuse anti-abortion folks of not being 'pro-life' because how can you be if you don't care about people after they are born?

But, here, in our party, we have what I suspect is a sizable minority of people who are pro-assisted suicide, and pro-death penalty.

In my state, we passed a referendum that made it possible for someone terminally ill, and having six months or less to live, to die by assisted suicide. How this looks on the ground is that you need to get two doctors to sign off on the prescription, which is hard. They want to know if you're of sound mind, if you have thought it through, etc, etc, ect. Personally, I'm for this and think it is fine, but I fear I might not do such a thing due to residual religious upbringing (i.e. fear of consequences in the afterlife for copping out in this one.). Still, it has always irked me that we must have life forced upon us regardless of its quality.

And, as to capital punishment, I'm for it. Because I cannot think of anything, ANYTHING, more cruel than being caged for the rest of my life. I would rather die, because that seems to me more humane. Of course, it should be limited to people we're absolutely sure, due to DNA evidence and witnesses, did the crime. And as to method, I have always believed the more 'humane' ways of execution are actually the most cruel. Lethal injection? The horror. The chair? No.

If I were to be executed, I would want to have it done in the least cruel method possible - either the firing squad or the guillotine. Those, it seems to me, are the most humane because they are instant.

So how do you all feel? Will you bother to comment? Doesn't matter, really. But if you do, that is great.

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