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PatrickforB's Journal
PatrickforB's Journal
October 16, 2018

Why I am a healthcare voter.

Tonight I found this posted on Daily Kos:

It is titled, "My wife was just diagnosed with cancer; what this means under Universal Healthcare."

It's by a person who calls him/herself Dfh1. Here's the link: https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2018/10/15/1804402/-My-Wife-Was-Just-Diagnosed-with-Cancer-What-this-means-under-Universal-Healthcare

Here's an excerpt - please, it is well worth reading.

My wife has always been one of my heroes. She is a strong woman who confronts challenges with a combination of courage, hope and humour. And now, after her diagnosis of Uterine Cancer, she is approaching this latest fight with this same combination of strengths. I really am in awe of her. We have been married now for 27 years. Even with this diagnosis, we believe our journey will continue into a healthy retirement and for many years to come.

Like all Canadians regardless of wealth or status, we do not have to worry about the financial implications of this diagnosis and her upcoming surgery. We don’t have to think about re-mortgageing our home, raiding our retirement funds, or declaring bankruptcy because this disease struck our family. We don’t have to set up a crowdfunding account to help us.

Although not directly linked to Universal Healthcare, my wife also does not have to worry about losing her job because of this diagnosis. She has access to sick leave (and I have access to care and nurturing leave), so neither her absence from work for up to six weeks, nor mine, will result in additional financial harm. No one needs to lend her sick days.

THIS is what we need here in the USA.
October 10, 2018

The New York Times Bombshell That Bombed

Source: Politico

It arrived on Page One of the New York Times last Wednesday with all the subtlety of a supertanker berthing at a sailing marina, consuming all the editorial space above the fold. Based on more than 100,000 pages of documents, countless interviews, and the voluminous Freedom of Information Act requests that accompany such investigations, the piece, written by three of the paper’s ace reporters, was more than 18 months in the making. Overflowing eight broadsheet pages, the 15,000-word story, titled “Trump Took Part In Suspect Schemes to Evade Tax Bills,” served also as the subject of a Showtime documentary. It accused President Donald Trump of “outright fraud” involving hundreds of millions of dollars.

The piece stirred both New York City and state regulators to commence investigations of their own that could ensnare the Trump family in years of consuming legal battles and force them to choke up hundreds of millions in fines and penalties. But even though the Times aggregated this piece for slow readers, produced clever video takes on the material and reprinted the original as a special section of the Sunday paper, the story has all but melted from sight. White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders called it “very boring,” as did Trump. By the time the pundits convened on the big Sunday political shows, the story was a goner—according to Matt Gertz at Media Matters, none of the shows covered it. (State of the Union mentioned it in passing; Joy Reid had a segment; and CNN’s press show, Reliable Sources, interviewed one of the Times authors.)

Another reason the story might not have entered the nation’s bloodstream is that it contained too much for anybody—outside of the most committed—to read in a single sitting.

Read more: https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2018/10/09/new-york-times-trump-taxes-221144

I know this is a day old...I know it. But you know what? No one else put it on here and we all need to be aware that this could be the death knell of Trump's horrible presidency. So please don't take it down.

...it contained too much for anybody—outside of the most committed—to read in a single sitting. NOW THAT IS PATHETIC.
October 7, 2018

I was at a Democratic Party GOTV gathering today...

I was at a Democratic Party GOTV gathering today, and one of the local candidates for the State House said she's knocked on about 20,000 doors personally during her campaign, in deep red territory. With home, she has voter registration info, and when she has knocked on doors, women are listening.

She told one story that she knocked on the door of a household, all Republicans, and a woman answered the door. She introduced herself and said, "I'm running for the State House in District XX."

The woman looked back - everyone was watching a football game. She asked, "What party are you?"

My candidate answered, "I'm a Democrat," and the woman took her flyer, nodded and closed the door. Clearly the GOP has misread the visceral anger of millions of American women.

My FERVENT hope is that the Dems will do SO WELL during the mid-term elections that the GOP will cease to be a viable party at the national level.

Let us dream, but as Lucinda points out, our dream may be a NIGHTMARE for the Republicans. They have horribly misread the anger of just about everyone who actually has a moral compass, and they have certainly shown Independent voters that the GOP no longer has a moderate wing.

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