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I have always wondered if Cruz is really eligible to become President...So does Alan Grayson

Alan Grayson Will Challenge Ted Cruz' Eligibility in Court If He Is Nominated

Firebrand Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) has said that if the Republicans nominate Ted Cruz, he will formally challenge Cruz' eligibility in court. Cruz was born in Canada to an American mother and a Cuban father but U.S. law says that he is an American citizen only if his mother, Eleanor Darragh, met certain residency tests before moving to Canada. The lawsuit would be about whether she could prove she had lived in the U.S. long enough to transmit U.S. citizenship to her son.

Legitimate issues of what the Constitution's "natural-born citizen" actually means have come up before. Sen. John McCain was not born in the United States. He is a Zonian. The 1964 Republican candidate for President, Barry Goldwater, was born in the Arizona territory before it became a state. The issue of citizenship comes up in a less dramatic form all the time because over 6 million Americans live overseas and many are married to people who are not U.S. citizens. If their children apply for a U.S. passport, the question immediately arises if the U.S. parent met the statutory residency requirements, just as it does in Cruz' case. If Cruz is the nominee and Grayson sues, ultimately the U.S. Supreme Court is going to go through Eleanor Darragh's utility bills and school records to determine if Cruz is eligible to run.

Read more:

Readers should note that Grayson is a progressive Dem running against an establishment Dem during this primary. He actually compared the Tea Party with the KKK, so he's kind of a firebrand.

I've been thinking about these idiots in camouflage suits and masks doing armed intimidation

patrols around Texas mosques. Even though we have to get people like this OFF the street ASAP, I don't really blame them because they are nothing but shills, marks in a great capitalist confidence game perpetuated at the behest of the billionaires by the Fox propaganda phallus and hate-talk radio.

But it's not these idiots that should get the blame. They're just ignorant know-nothings who want to assuage their feelings of powerlessness (and possibly compensate for something small in their lives?) by DOING something, by golly! So round them up, put the drunk ones in detox and give the rest a good shaming. Because they are being used. They are nothing but huckster's marks.


So who is really behind this Islamaphobic shit? Well, if you ever want to understand anything, follow the money. Ask yourself who stands to profit or otherwise benefit from this kind of racist crap?

- First, the Military Industrial Complex. Companies like General Dynamics, Lockheed, Boeing, Halliburton, Bushmaster, and of course people like the Koch Brothers, because wars consume LOTS of oil.

- The generals love it because when they retire, they'll be paid off with cushy jobs with these defense contractors.

- Politicians will take massive bribes and quietly vote for more defense spending at the expense of programs that actually help their constituents. The 'Donald' might even ride the crest of racism to the White House.

- The swollen corporate-owned propaganda 'news' organs will all benefit because pseudo-sophisticated pundits will get to solemnly intone pseudo-sophisticated and intelligent-sounding platitudes about the forever war and their precious ratings will stay high.

- And let's not forget the bankers on Wall Street. War is good business. Their shareholders will supposedly make lots of profits, but that money will actually flow to a few c-level and big investors.

In fact, wars are always considered a good idea by the billionaires, because any social or labor unrest is quashed in the name of patriotism, and money systematically flows upward, away from workers, away from social programs and to the top 1/10 of 1% of the people. The rest of us, everyone knows, are expendable.

As to the idiots in camouflage and masks toting their Bushmaster assault rifles outside of this Texas mosque, and the idiots in Trump's rallies who are beating up minority demonstrators, they are cannon fodder. They always have been, and as long as they let the powers that be do their thinking for them, they always will be.

The tragedy is that our children, too will become cannon fodder. Why? For more profit? And let's not forget ISIS wants this war because their ideologues want to bring down the west and if they can get the western nations to really clamp down on Islam (like these guys in Texas, and like Trump says he wants to), then they figure it will start a holy war that can avenge people Israel and the rest of the west have killed in various wars over there.

We need to step back and THINK here, folks. Peace is still a good idea.

Will Clinton turn out to be 'Ms Wall Street' if elected? Seems she's not fooling anyone...

on Wall Street, that is. As one Wall Street lawyer put it, “If it turns out to be Jeb vs. Hillary, we would love that and either outcome would be fine.”


Here's an excerpt:

Last year, William D. Cohan, author of Money and Power: How Goldman Sachs Came to Rule the World, interviewed dozens of Wall Street’s leaders on their reaction to Clinton’s newfound populism: “Down on Wall Street they don’t believe it for a minute. While the finance industry does genuinely hate Warren, the big bankers love Clinton, and by and large they badly want her to be president. Many of the rich and powerful in the financial industry—among them, Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein, Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman, Tom Nides, a powerful vice chairman at Morgan Stanley, and the heads of JPMorganChase and Bank of America—consider Clinton a pragmatic problem-solver not prone to populist rhetoric. To them, she’s someone who gets the idea that we all benefit if Wall Street and American business thrive. What about her forays into fiery rhetoric? They dismiss it quickly as political maneuvers. None of them think she really means her populism.”


Inevitably, the big money going from Wall Street into the Clinton campaign reinforces doubts about the strength of her reform promises. But it isn’t Sanders or O’Malley who impugn her integrity; it is her Wall Street donors themselves. They are sophisticated, cynical and paying attention. And they are confident her new-found populism is a campaign posture, not a real position.

How is it good for the American people that the Koch brothers have their own spy service?


The competitive intelligence team has a staff of 25, including one former CIA analyst, and operates from one of the non-descript Koch network offices clustered near the Courthouse metro stop in suburban Arlington, Va. It has provided network officials with documents detailing confidential voter-mobilization plans by major Democrat-aligned groups. It also sends regular “intelligence briefing” emails tracking the canvassing, phone-banking and voter-registration efforts of labor unions, environmental groups and their allies, according to documents reviewed by POLITICO and interviews with a half-dozen sources with knowledge of the group.

The competitive intelligence team has gathered on-the-ground intelligence from liberal groups’ canvassing events in an effort to assess the technology and techniques of field efforts to boost Democrats, according to the sources. And they say the team utilizes high-tech tactics to track the movements of liberal organizers, including culling geo-data embedded in their social media posts.

So, we not only have the NSA spying on our every move, NOW the Koch brothers are spying on behalf of the oligarchs.

American Postal Workers Union Executive Board Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

“Politics as usual has not worked. It’s time for a political revolution,” said APWU President Mark Dimondstein. “We should judge candidates not by their political party, not by what they say, not by what we think they stand for, but by what they do. Applying that criterion, Sen. Bernie Sanders stands above all others as a true champion of postal workers and other workers throughout the country.

“He doesn’t just talk the talk. He walks the walk,” he said. “He is a leader in the fight to protect the public Postal Service.”

Read more here: http://nhlabornews.com/2015/11/american-postal-workers-union-executive-board-endorses-bernie-sanders-for-president/

Good news for Bernie.

Al Gore declines to endorse Clinton.

Al Gore says he isn't ready to endorse anyone in the 2016 Democratic presidential race, including front-runner Hillary Clinton.

"It's still too early, in my opinion, to endorse a candidate or pick a candidate," Gore, who served as Bill Clinton's vice president, told People magazine in an interview published Tuesday.

Read the ENTIRE article here:

If consumers were made aware of ‘chick grinding,’ which is commonplace in most egg factories...

Read more at: http://www.trueactivist.com/germany-becomes-the-first-nation-to-ban-chick-shredding/

Some really good toons

Sorry, folks - I don't know how to download a picture in this textbox, but here's a link to some really chilling comic art.

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