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Counselor, economist and public servant.

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Stepping up the 'war' with ISIS really bothers me...

I can remember when millions of us wrote our Senators and US Representatives to keep us from getting involved in another war in Syria, so the other day I wrote this to my US Senators and Representative:

Dear ....
Iíd like to take this moment to implore you NOT to embroil us in another unnecessary conflict in the Middle East.

Sure, I know youíre getting lots of pressure from the right wing and the media, but remember that the right wing is in the pocket of companies that will make money by keeping us on a war footing and the media thrives on generating controversy because itís good for ratings.

Now, hereís why ISIS should NOT be your priority:
1. Right now, there are at least 30 Fortune 500 companies that are NOT paying any US income tax because of loopholes in the tax code you havenít had the courage to close. This is a FAR greater threat to the American people than ISIS.
2. Because of policies put in place as a result of corporate lobbying, dozens of low quality Ďcollegesí are charging our children an arm and a leg for tuition, and aggregate student debt has exceeded $1.2 trillion. This is a FAR greater threat to the American people than ISIS.
3. Corporate-backed right wing politicians keep talking about cutting Social Security. You have been spending illegally out of the Social Security Trust Fund for decades now, and keeping this nation on a war footing, complete with massive, unnecessary, obscene levels of war spending will do nothing but HURT the American people. This is a FAR greater threat to Americans than ISIS.
4. Because this nation has been on a war footing from 2001 until now, we have plenty of capacity to spy on the American people illegally and overturn what is left of the Bill of Rights, but you have allowed the nationís infrastructure to deteriorate. It MUST be upgraded to keep us competitive in a global economy, and the degraded infrastructure is a FAR greater threat to the American people than ISIS.

PLEASE, I implore you Ė think about future generations of Americans. Fix the tax code. Make college affordable to even the poorest among us. Donít make any more cuts to programs that help Americans. Donít touch Social Security. And upgrade our infrastructure. DONíT get us involved in another meaningless war in the Middle East.

Donít. Please.

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