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Counselor, economist and public servant.

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Community, censorship and free speech

I came to the Democratic Underground from Huffington Post, where I had made thousands of posts, but I left them because I got so SICK of their overzealous moderation. I would read an article and want to weigh in, or want to reply to someone's post. Then I'd carefully put down my thoughts and post them, only to have my post held up for hours by the word recognition software they used for moderation. Some posts would show up after ten minutes; others several hours; and still others never. This excessive moderation sucks the fun right out of posting your thoughts because you lose all immediacy.

I like DU a lot because that doesn't happen. I've been selected to be on a jury to decide whether to cut someone's post that has been deemed a bit 'over the edge,' but I'll tell you that my default is always against censorship unless the post is egregiously offensive. This 'jury' system seems an excellent way to keep immediacy and freedom of speech alive on this site.

The other thing that is very cool about DU is that it really is a community. Sometimes people will post when they have a loss in their family and people always respond lovingly. You know, that caring we have for each other is really awesome. My ancestors are Irish, and back in 'the auld days' lived in community, farmed common lands, fished common waters, got together and built homes for newly married couples and generally took care of all in the group. They cared more about making sure everyone had enough than about individuals enriching themselves.

Without being maudlin, there's much to be said for this approach, so I am praising the DU community for being a community, and the moderators for practicing moderate moderation. I am happy I became a part of this group.

And, just a last word: VOTE in this upcoming election. Demographics are on our side. And don't JUST vote. When your Rep or Senator goes to DC, HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE for what they are doing. READ the legislation they sponsor and then call them up and ask how such legislation actually helps their constituents. If each Representative and Senator had around 1,500 or 2,000 constituents that did this, it would effectively pull the teeth of the lobbyists. And, lastly, if your Rep or Senator acts as a statesman or stateswoman by thinking of future generations rather than merely of the next election, and makes a decision, statement or vote that is ripped by the corporate-owned media, HAVE THEIR BACK. Go out and work, and make sure they win the next election in spite of negative coverage or manufactured controversy.
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