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Profile Information

Name: Tom
Gender: Male
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Home country: USA
Current location: Dallas
Member since: Mon Apr 21, 2014, 07:53 PM
Number of posts: 1,307

About Me

Lifetime Democrat and I have voted in every election for 40 years.

Journal Archives

Interesting Post on Bloomberg Politics

Title: Republican Operatives are trying To Help Bernie Sanders
Subtitle: "Picking your opponent" is an age-old political manipulation tactic

Some interesting quotes from the article

During Sunday night’s Democratic debate, the Republican National Committee made the unusual move of sending no fewer than four real-time e-mails to reporters defending the self-described democratic socialist from attacks by Hillary Clinton or echoing his message against her. Based on their content, one could be forgiven for thinking the RNC communiques came from the Sanders campaign.

After the debate, the Republican political action committee America Rising promoted the narrative that Sanders won the debate. “Clinton needed a win last night. Instead, everyone is talking about how well Bernie Sanders, her chief rival, did,” the group’s communications director Jeff Bechdel wrote to reporters.

Even Karl Rove is getting into the act.

Meanwhile, American Crossroads, a group co-founded by Karl Rove, is airing an ad in Iowa bolstering a core tenet of Sanders’ case against Clinton: that she has received large sums of campaign contributions from Wall Street, and therefore can't be trusted to crack down on big banks. “Hillary rewarded Wall Street with a $700 billion bailout, then Wall Street made her a multi-millionaire,” a narrator in the ad says. “Does Iowa really want Wall Street in the White House?”

The final paragraph says it all.

Republican candidate John Kasich indicated in a debate last week that he'd love to face Sanders. "We're going to win every state," he said, "if Bernie Sanders is the nominee."

Maybe this is why Bernie fans are always talking about his "Republican Support" It is obvious the Grand Old Party fears Hillary.

Link: http://www.bloomberg.com/politics/articles/2016-01-19/republican-operatives-are-trying-to-help-bernie-sanders

Bernie flips flops on gun manufacturing immunity.

Today in Charleston S.C.
(AP) — On the eve of the next Democratic debate, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders announced his support for legislation that would reverse a 2005 law granting gun manufacturers legal immunity that he once supported.

Sanders voted against the 1993 Brady Bill, which required background checks for gun purchases. In 2005, he voted to protect gun manufacturers from lawsuits brought by victims of gun violence. He changed his mind.

Oct 15, 2015 - Exactly 69 days ago he said this about Hillary.
Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton accused Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders at the CNN Democrat debate Tuesday night of not being tough enough on gun control, but the Sanders campaign later hit back showing Clinton’s own flip flops on guns.

Hillary changes her position after six years of consideration and Bernie changes his position after 69 days and his campign has the nerve to say she flipped flopped. I guess only Bernie can change his mind?

True to form the media, DU, Daily Kos and Huffington Post were silent on Sanders hypocrisy.

It's Hillary Clinton or bust for me.

I will never vote for Bernie Sanders. One he's not a Democrat and I think him being elected will do more harm to the Democratic party than him getting beat.

I'm not buying the IBD/TIPP polling

You probably have seen the post about Hillary's lead in the national polling falling to near a statistical tie with Bernie. The poll raises more questions and moreover I see no statistical breakdown of how many were polled and what is their political breakdown.


I went to Real Clear Politics and looked at the polling from Monday, the day the IBD/TIPP poll showing Hillary's lead near vanished. To balance I read polling from Fox News from Friday because it was the only polling data available that day.

See if you notice the interesting part of the two polls?

Monday 1/11/16 - 2016 Democratic Presidential Nomination - IBD/TIPP - Clinton 43, Sanders 39, O'Malley 2 - Clinton +4
Friday 1/08/16 - 2016 Democratic Presidential Nomination - FOX News - Clinton 54, Sanders 39, O'Malley 3 - Clinton +15

We are to believe Hillary fell -11 points over the weekend and Bernie not get a bump in his numbers? He is at 39 points in both polls. Where did those points go?


Just a few highlights of the last Clinton presidency

You won't here about these from the Bernie fans.

Longest economic expansion in American history
Created 22 million jobs
HIghest home ownership in American history
Lowest unemployment rate in 30 years
Largest expansion of college opportunity since the G I Bill
Connected 95% of schools to the internet
Lowest crime rate in 26 years
Passed the Brady Bill
Family and Medical leave Act for 20 million Americans
Smallest Welfare rolls in 32 years
Higher Income Levels with the bottom 20% saw an increase of 16.3% over his presidency
Lowest poverty rate in 20 years
Lowest teen birth rate in 60 years
Lowest Infant mortality rate in American history
Deactivated more than 1,700 nuclear warheads from the former Soviet Union
Converted the largest deficit in American history to the largest surplus in American history
Lowest government spending in 3 decades
Lowest federal income tax rate in 35 years
More families owned stocks than ever before.

America needs another Clinton in office with the above accomplishments.

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