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Profile Information

Name: Tom
Gender: Male
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Home country: USA
Current location: Dallas
Member since: Mon Apr 21, 2014, 07:53 PM
Number of posts: 1,307

About Me

Lifetime Democrat and I have voted in every election for 40 years.

Journal Archives

Gee I Wonder Why Bernie is Rising?

According to the latest census:

Whitest States in the United States

New Hampshire - 96% White - Number 4 on the list.

Iowa - 91% White - Number 5 on the list.

Then there is this:

According to Gallup polling published Monday(August 10th), the former secretary of state's favorability rating among black Americans was 80%, a 57-point margin over Sanders, whose approval among the group was 23%.

A survey of Hispanic voters conducted last month for Noticias Univisión found that 73% would vote for Clinton in the Democratic primary. Some of that is a some Hispanics don't yet know much about Sanders but in 2008 Obama lost the Latino vote by 26 points to Clinton.

So while Bernie fans are going and the media's hatred for Hillary grows on a daily basis, I will become alarmed when I see Bernie leading in a representative state. Until then I follow the lead of Timbuk 3 in their song "The Future So Bright I gotta wear shades."

Chuck Todd at it again

Meet the Press host Chuck Todd was doing what he does best and that is continuing his ¨anyone but Hillary" theme. This time it was the Democrats are fired up about Joe Biden.

First he brings on Walter O'Malley to tell us there needs to be another lifelong Democrat in the race. That Dem being Joe Biden.

Then he closes with a not so Democrat, Jerry Brown. He was there to make Chuck's point that there is a ground swell for Joe Biden.
There was this nugget from Brown.

"All I can say is, if I were Hillary, I would say [to Biden], 'Don't jump in.' If I were Joe Biden, I'd probably give it very serious consideration,"

In between there was the item that Biden is huddled with Elizabeth Warren and Hillary's supporters are ready to jump if/when it gets worse or won't go away.

Of course Huffington Post had to have a story about it since they have become ground zero for anti Hillary rhetoric.

All anyone ever wants to talk about is Hillary's low favorability ratings but there is more.

Latest poll I could find was updated five day ago at Huffington Post. It showed:

Unfavorable 48.1%
Favorable 43.8%

What few people are talking about are the numbers of her opponents.
Jeb Bush

Unfavorable 46.7%
Favorable 33.1%

Bernie Sanders

Favorable 36.4%
Unfavorable 32.5%

All the media talks of is her unfavorable rating but they pay little attention to her favorable. She is 45 points up on Jeb and 12 points up on Bernie.

Did you think I forgot the Donald?

Unfavorable 59.2%
Favorable 34.0%

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