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Profile Information

Name: Tom
Gender: Male
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Home country: USA
Current location: Dallas
Member since: Mon Apr 21, 2014, 07:53 PM
Number of posts: 1,307

About Me

Lifetime Democrat and I have voted in every election for 40 years.

Journal Archives

I worry about us Clinton supporters.

I have been reading the pro "he who will not be named" topics I am starting to think we must be delusional?

How else do you explain our believing Hillary can win the nomination with a near 40 point lead among Democrats?

I hope this image disturbs you and softens your heart.(Warning Graphic Image)

I have read and heard so much hatred directed toward refugees. Now 21 states say they won't take any Syrian refugees. The right, some on the left and my own wife agreed.

Then I showed her this picture. It was posted by Joe Trilppi on Twitter (@JoeTrippi) It is of a boy dead on a beach in Turkey. I asked my wife what did this boy know of war? He and his parents were trying to escape a living horror. We both cried.

If I have broken some guideline by posting this let me know and I will remove it. I hope not because I think everyone should see this.

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