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Profile Information

Name: Tom
Gender: Male
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Home country: USA
Current location: Dallas
Member since: Mon Apr 21, 2014, 07:53 PM
Number of posts: 1,307

About Me

Lifetime Democrat and I have voted in every election for 40 years.

Journal Archives

It's Hillary Clinton or bust for me.

I will never vote for Bernie Sanders. One he's not a Democrat and I think him being elected will do more harm to the Democratic party than him getting beat.

I'm not buying the IBD/TIPP polling

You probably have seen the post about Hillary's lead in the national polling falling to near a statistical tie with Bernie. The poll raises more questions and moreover I see no statistical breakdown of how many were polled and what is their political breakdown.


I went to Real Clear Politics and looked at the polling from Monday, the day the IBD/TIPP poll showing Hillary's lead near vanished. To balance I read polling from Fox News from Friday because it was the only polling data available that day.

See if you notice the interesting part of the two polls?

Monday 1/11/16 - 2016 Democratic Presidential Nomination - IBD/TIPP - Clinton 43, Sanders 39, O'Malley 2 - Clinton +4
Friday 1/08/16 - 2016 Democratic Presidential Nomination - FOX News - Clinton 54, Sanders 39, O'Malley 3 - Clinton +15

We are to believe Hillary fell -11 points over the weekend and Bernie not get a bump in his numbers? He is at 39 points in both polls. Where did those points go?


Just a few highlights of the last Clinton presidency

You won't here about these from the Bernie fans.

Longest economic expansion in American history
Created 22 million jobs
HIghest home ownership in American history
Lowest unemployment rate in 30 years
Largest expansion of college opportunity since the G I Bill
Connected 95% of schools to the internet
Lowest crime rate in 26 years
Passed the Brady Bill
Family and Medical leave Act for 20 million Americans
Smallest Welfare rolls in 32 years
Higher Income Levels with the bottom 20% saw an increase of 16.3% over his presidency
Lowest poverty rate in 20 years
Lowest teen birth rate in 60 years
Lowest Infant mortality rate in American history
Deactivated more than 1,700 nuclear warheads from the former Soviet Union
Converted the largest deficit in American history to the largest surplus in American history
Lowest government spending in 3 decades
Lowest federal income tax rate in 35 years
More families owned stocks than ever before.

America needs another Clinton in office with the above accomplishments.

Progressives Don't Run the Democratic Party

In a recent poll 55% of Democrats listed themselves as either conservative or centrist Democrats, while 43% listed themselves as liberal/progressive Democrats.

I believe a centrist Democrat, like Hillary, has an advantage because she will work within the system. Bernie and progressives want to blow it up and start over. Just check out posts by Bernie supporters. When they are not attacking Republicans they are attacking Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

This primary polling reflects the above numbers. Among Democrats she is crushing Bernie among center and center right Democrats. In fact the only demographic among Democrats Bernie wins is the young and more liberal Democrats.

The big guy agrees with me.

“I think one of the best decisions I ever made as president was to ask Hillary Clinton to serve as our nation’s secretary of state,” the president said.

Magic Johnson Endorses Hillary

Turns out all the Bernie in 2016 and Obama in 2008 comparisons are bogus.

Every day I read another Bernie fan talk of how badly Obama was doing in polling against Clinton in 2008. Then I read a post on Daily Kos and it showed something that Bernie and his fans don't want to talk about.


At the same point in the 2008 campaign here is where the numbers stood. From the DK front page post.

Barack Obama’s deficits ranged from -10 to -30 in that outlier-looking ABC poll. The average among this lot was Clinton 44, Obama 25, or a 19-point deficit.

Despite his national deficits, Obama was already making his move in Iowa, in a race he would end up winning by eight points over both John Edwards and Clinton (who ended up just behind Edwards in third).

Oops. The Bernie folks don't want to mention Edwards.

Obama had made his move in Iowa and it took away people feeling Hillary was inevitable. It also made black voters realize Obama could win. Then Edwards went away and it was over.

None of those things are relevant to this election. Sanders already has the "anybody but Clinton" crowd. Instead of Edwards polling between 10-15 points, there is MOM at 2 points. Black voters are showing no signs of moving to Bernie and most importantly Bernie Sanders is not Barack Obama.

Leading to the following conclusion

Stupid F***ing Media

The won't ask Trump why he is a bigoted piece of shit but they will ask Hillary about Paula Jones.

Then again her answer was priceless.



I worry about us Clinton supporters.

I have been reading the pro "he who will not be named" topics I am starting to think we must be delusional?

How else do you explain our believing Hillary can win the nomination with a near 40 point lead among Democrats?

I hope this image disturbs you and softens your heart.(Warning Graphic Image)

I have read and heard so much hatred directed toward refugees. Now 21 states say they won't take any Syrian refugees. The right, some on the left and my own wife agreed.

Then I showed her this picture. It was posted by Joe Trilppi on Twitter (@JoeTrippi) It is of a boy dead on a beach in Turkey. I asked my wife what did this boy know of war? He and his parents were trying to escape a living horror. We both cried.

If I have broken some guideline by posting this let me know and I will remove it. I hope not because I think everyone should see this.


I'm Back

I was kicked to the curb for a few weeks because it seems the Bernie folks don't like how I play. But I have been here every day rating up posts. Seems that's all I could do.

Oh and Hillary has done well during my time away.

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