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One DUers Questions and Musings about the Protests

Her most radical GOP constituents have called the order tyrannical, as they made evident by blaring car horns, waving signs that likened Whitmer to Hitler—including one that read, “Trump, lock up the Nazi woman from Michigan”—and chanting, “Lock her up!” and “We will not comply!” on the capitol front lawn. The protest was organized by the Michigan Freedom Fund and Michigan Conservative Coalition, the former of which is backed by the billionaire family of Betsy DeVos, Donald Trump’s education secretary. MLive reporter Malachi Barrett highlighted the president’s influence on the rallygoers, calling it “half protest, half Trump rally,” an unsurprising connection given that Trump has recently upped demands for “OPENING UP AMERICA AGAIN!”

Over at Fox News, a number of top hosts had nothing but praise and encouragement for protesters demanding a return to normalcy. “They want to keep us away from churches and synagogues. They want to make sure we don’t go back to work. They don’t get it. The American spirit is too strong, and Americans are not gonna take it,” host Jeanine Pirro said on Sean Hannity’s Wednesday show. “And what happened in Lansing today? God bless ’em, it’s gonna happen all over the country.” An hour prior, Tucker Carlson hosted Michigan protest organizer Meshawn Maddock and thanked her for her service. “Thank you for coming on tonight, and thank you for exercising your constitutionally protected rights as an American. Bless you,” he said, denouncing Whitmer’s “mindless and authoritarian” leadership and saying he hopes “she loses her job.”

Laura Ingraham lionized the protesters in a Wednesday tweet, writing, “Time to get your freedom back,” in response to a video of cars heading to the Lansing rally. The Fox prime-time host, who called scientific findings about the virus “wrong” and envisioned many more Americans throwing rallies “for their right to work, travel, assemble, socialize, and worship,” previously advised her fans to continue air travel, tweeting last month that it was actually a “great time to fly.” Elsewhere at Fox News—where most employees are working from home and others are being advised to heed the CDC’s precautionary guidelines—a “NO TO THE ‘NANNY STATE’” headline led the website on Wednesday, and Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade mocked Democratic governors’ “ridiculous” mitigation efforts on Thursday, while anticipating more protests flaring up across the country.

With every passing day that lockdowns are extended, Ingraham’s prediction appears more and more likely, especially if conservative pundits have their way. Infowars host Owen Shroyer, a conspiracy theorist currently facing a lawsuit for promoting hoax claims about the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, has already scheduled an April 18 “You Can’t Close America” rally in Austin, Texas. “It’s time for citizens to stand up and take our country back, just like President Trump promised during his inaugural address,” Shroyer said on Tuesday, downplaying the risk of a mass gathering by telling viewers he was not afraid to catch COVID-19 and ginning them for a revolt. “Are we in martial law right now? Because we’re acting like it.”

Vanity Fair

1) So after 9-11, it was rationalized that we'd all have to give up some rights and endure some cost over the loss of 3,000 lives and billions in economic damage. Many Americans swallowed the loss of protections and privacy in the Patriot Act accordingly. Two wars started as a result. In the past - call it six - weeks we've lost more people than 9-11 and the two wars combined? Why wouldn't an extraordinary national sacrifice be called for?

2) I see the "this is no worse than the flu" argument resurfacing in social media. How is an illness that takes ~ 40K lives and rising in six weeks not worse than flu taking ~33K in a year?

3) There is a vaccine that works against many common forms of flu. There is no such virus in this instance? So other than closing businesses that draw crowds, social distancing, and PPE, there is nothing that can be done to stop the illness. Question for the protesters: how many lost lives are an acceptable tradeoff for opening the economy?

4) I always hear a lot of talk about the wisdom of the founding fathers regarding the 2nd amendment when folks bring firearms to "peaceful protests." Personally, I view it as a form of bullying. But regarding the founding fathers: you do realize these were the same guys that thought 3/5 of a person was also a good idea? They thought not granting votes to women was a good idea? The Constitution is a flawed document written by flawed people - you do know that, yes?

5) I haven't seen this - what were the thoughts of the protesters on the COVID deaths in the Holyoke Soldier's Home? I do understand they were old - but didn't they deserve better than this?
Posted by Algernon Moncrieff | Mon Apr 20, 2020, 01:37 PM (8 replies)

Neiman Marcus to file for bankruptcy as soon as this week - sources

Reuters via MSN

The debt-laden Dallas-based company has been left with few options after the pandemic forced it to temporarily shut all 43 of its Neiman Marcus locations, roughly two dozen Last Call stores and its two Bergdorf Goodman stores in New York.

Neiman Marcus is in the final stages of negotiating a loan with its creditors totaling hundreds of millions of dollars, which would sustain some of its operations during bankruptcy proceedings, according to the sources. It has also furloughed many of its roughly 14,000 employees.

This is of interest because Neiman's and Bergdorf's are both stores catering to the upper 10% - 20%, unlike many of the other stores involved in Shopacolypse.
Posted by Algernon Moncrieff | Mon Apr 20, 2020, 01:06 PM (13 replies)

Kyle Larson appears to use racial slur on NASCAR iRacing live stream

MSN Sports

NASCAR driver Kyle Larson appeared to use the N-word during a live stream of Sunday's iRacing Pro Series event.

Apparently not realizing his volume was on during the online simulation bout, Larson seemed to say to others on the stream, "You can't hear me? Hey, n*****."

There was a stunned silence afterward before Anthony Alfredo responded, "Kyle, you're talking to everyone, bud."

Added Aron MacEachern: "Yup, we heard that."

Said host of the viral stream, Justin Botelho: "Oh damn, he did not just say that."

Posted by Algernon Moncrieff | Mon Apr 13, 2020, 10:07 AM (20 replies)

Which candidate would a potential Mark Cuban run hurt?

A partial transcript of Cuban’s response:

Unique circumstances, you just never know Chris. I never would have considered it prior to a month ago, but now things are changing rapidly and dramatically. There’s different ways to get through those issues you mentioned. I'm not saying no, but it's not something I'm actively pursuing. I'm just keeping the door open.

So much can change. You just never know. This is not something we’ve seen before. This is obviously a unique set of circumstances, and so I’m just not going to say no. You just don't know what can happen between now and November."

Yahoo Sports
Posted by Algernon Moncrieff | Mon Apr 13, 2020, 10:04 AM (3 replies)

Trump officials lay groundwork for May reopening

The Trump administration is laying the foundation to push for a reopening of parts of the U.S. economy as early as the beginning of May amid rising pressure over unemployment numbers rivaling those during the Great Depression.

President Trump and top government officials in recent days have talked about seeing "glimmers of hope" and "light at the end of the tunnel" while publicly discussing ideas for how to revive the economy.

The president has floated reopening businesses in parts of the country that do not have outbreaks. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Wednesday unveiled guidelines meant to encourage those in critical sectors who have been exposed to the coronavirus but aren't showing symptoms to continue working.

Link : The Hill

I'm pretty well convinced that the next two months decide the election. The roughly 1/3 of the voting public that only engages politically during Presidential election years (i.e. not DU) will look to some extent at what has happened so far, but will look more closely at what happens next:

1) We re-open starting in May; there is no spike in cases - Trump will likely be seen by that middle third as having led the US out of a crisis. The most recent apt comparison would be George W. Bush, who had many critics laying the blame for 9-11 at his feet, but who ultimately was seen as someone who led the nation through the crisis (and into Iraq - which is another story).


2) We re-open starting in May; there is a spike in cases; and either we stay open despite many deaths or the reopening (and hence the economy) sputters. Trump will likely be seen by that middle third as not having responded competently. The most recent apt comparison would be George W. Bush, and the response to Katrina.

It is already clear that there will be economic pain that will last beyond the Summer. Biden's responses to that will be key to his prospects.

I would also point out that the recent stimulus was passed with little real opposition. This is a far cry from the opposition Barack Obama received to what seems now like a modest request to stop the economic free fall that started in 2008.
Posted by Algernon Moncrieff | Thu Apr 9, 2020, 05:01 PM (33 replies)
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