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stone space

stone space's Journal
stone space's Journal
February 21, 2016

When Gun Advocates talk about Defensive Gun Use and support for Concealed Carry, please remember...

...that Zimmerman's murder of Trayvon Martin counts as a Defensive Gun Use in their statistics, and that they consider ME as a supporter of Concealed Carry.


February 21, 2016

Gay folks are NOT deadly weapons, and should not be compared with deadly weapons.

I'm getting really, really tired of seeing this comparison being made here on DU.

That is all.

February 19, 2016

A question on acceptable sources at DU. Is this source acceptable?

Is Soldier of Fortune considered an acceptable source here at DU?


For reference, I am including some information from post #3 of the thread in question, drawn from Wikipedia, which I believe should rule out this magazine as source anywhere on DU, rather unconditionally.

From post #3:

During the late 1980s, Soldier of Fortune was sued in civil court several times, for having published classified advertisements of services by (private) mercenaries. In 1987, Norman Norwood, of Arkansas, sued SOF magazine, because of injuries he suffered during a murder attempt by two men hired via a "Gun for Hire" advert in the magazine.

In February 1985 John Wayne Hearn, a Vietnam veteran, shot and killed Sandra Black for a $10,000 payment from her husband, Robert Black. Black communicated with Hearn through a classified advertisement published in Soldier of Fortune, wherein Hearn solicited "high-risk assignments. U.S. or overseas".

In 1989, four men were convicted of conspiracy to commit murder in the 1985 contract killing of Richard Braun, of Atlanta, Georgia. The killers were hired through a classified services advertisement published in Soldier of Fortune magazine that read: "GUN FOR HIRE". Braun's sons filed a civil lawsuit against the magazine and a jury found in their favor, awarding them $12.37 million in damages, which the judge later reduced to $4.37 million.

February 14, 2016

I am NOT a thief.

That is all.

February 13, 2016

Texas Woman Sentenced to Life for Murders of Husband and Step-Daughter

Source: News Talk 1290

36-year-old Veronica Dunnachie from Arlington was sentenced to life without parole after pleading guilty to the 2014 murders of her estranged husband and his daughter.

Veronica was arrested in December 2014 after the bodies of her 50-year-old husband and his 20-year-old daughter were discovered by police on a welfare check. Veronica has filed for divorce from her husband Russ in October of that year, citing discord and conflict of personalities. Both parties had filed restraining orders against each other, and Veronica was ordered to vacate the couple’s home by the end of December. After the shooting, Veronica went to Millwood Hospital, a mental health facility, where she was later arrested.

Veronica, an open-carry advocate, plead guilty last week. Her attorney cited her ready access to firearms as contributing to the murders. At the time of the murders, Veronica’s Facebook page featured a profile picture of her aiming a gun and had the quote, “Sometimes removing some people out of your life makes room for better people.”

Read more: http://newstalk1290.com/texas-woman-sentenced-to-life-for-murders-of-husband-and-step-daughter/

"Mama didn't raise no victim!"

If I saw her and her Open Carry buddies in a restaurant, I'd leave immediately.

No time to finish my meal or pay the check.

I'm outta' there!

And once the coast is clear and some distance is placed between me and those OPEN CARRY ammosexuals, I'd dialing 911.
February 13, 2016

Ahead of Pope's visit, Mexico gang violence targets priests (X-Posted from GD)

GD: http://www.democraticunderground.com/10027605657

Ahead of Pope's visit, Mexico gang violence targets priests

Mexico City (AFP) - When Pope Francis arrives in Mexico on Friday he will land in the most dangerous country for priests in Latin America, with dozens killed in the past decade.

The drug war that has killed tens of thousands of people in the past 10 years has also claimed the lives of at least 36 priests, targeted by criminal organizations, according to the Catholic Multimedia Center.

The latest victim was Father Erasmo Pliego de Jesus, whose burned body was found in November in Puebla, one of the most religious states in the world's second largest Roman Catholic country.

In April, Father Francisco Javier Gutierrez was found dead with a gunshot wound to the head in Guanajuato, another central state.

Alejandro Solalinde, a priest famous for his defense of migrants at a shelter in the southern state of Oaxaca, had to temporarily flee Mexico in 2012 after receiving death threats.



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