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suffering olympics champion

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totally impressed by the caliber of democratic candidates this cycle

Sanders, Clinton, O'Malley: all top notch.
where were these people in 2000, 2004? these are exciting times we live in: I believe that we are undergoing a renaissance of liberal thought. very proud to support the party which fields all of these candidates.

I am not a Hillary supporter, but I did get to visit a townhall she hosted a few weeks back. very impressed: highly intelligent woman, appears to work to her ideals. I don't believe she is the best candidate but if she does win the nomination no tears shed here. my only disappointment will be that dems were not brave enough to choose the candidate they agree with but the one who is centrist enough to win (helpful hint: it doesn't matter, they hate us all. might as well take a stand).

hard to see democrats arguing amongst themselves. too many of the thread titles here are obvious baiting "why bernie won the debate", etc. give it a rest people. flinging poo is what the republicans do.
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