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much discussion on twitter tonight about race.

I wonder what is the white progressive's role regarding modern racism. is it enough to call bullshit? to stand up to our racist relatives? to show our solidarity at rallies? what is our moral responsibility?

too much white v black rhetoric for this self-hating caucausian tho. it's like listening to a foreigner tell me that I'm personally responsible for american foreign policy. I wish I were, because maybe then I could do something about it!

visited our new super-walmart today.

if I had to choose one word, it would be, "creepy". the place was huge and dirty and disinterestedly stocked. the employees didn't look quite as half-dead as I had anticipated, but decidedly fatigued and depressed.

there are to be strike and protests this black friday, but not in my town. I feel obliged to pitch in somehow. the low wage movement seems like a crucial priority right now.

not sure why are town planners okay'd the expansion. walmart doesn't bring wealth to the community, in fact, quite the opposite.

shea-porter is down in the polls

while hassan seems likely to win by a healthy margin.

such a shame as she (shea-porter) is such a good candidate. why people would vote for guinta I can't imagine. his webpage reads like a sorry rehash of failed republican policies.

still too close to call but crossing our fingers b/c a lot of people have worked really hard for this one.

wikipedia says that shaheen has raised more money than brown 3:1

can anyone confirm or deny this statistic? my impression of the matter was that democrats were not getting the $$ from koch et al.

disability hate crimes surged in 2013


Nearly twice as many hate crimes targeting people with disabilities were reported last year, the FBI says, even as the total number of hate crimes nationwide fell.

Statistics released Monday from the FBIís Uniform Crime Reporting Program indicate that there were 102 hate crime offenses reported in 2012 based on disability bias. Thatís up from 58 the year prior.

The increase in disability-related cases comes as the total number of hate crimes declined, the FBI said.

Overall, 5,796 criminal incidents reported last year were motivated by a bias toward a particular race, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity/national origin or disability. In 2011, there were 6,222 cases.

Disability bias accounted for 1.6 percent of all hate crimes reported in 2012. The FBI said that 82 of the incidents were related to mental disability and 20 were related to physical disability.


the guardian has some interesting insights on this. do keep in mind that this is a different country, also published a couple years back.


There is little doubt that disability hate crime is on the rise. A recent Equality and Human Rights Commission report concluded that "people with disabilities in the UK face harassment, insult and attack almost as a matter of routine, while a collective denial' among police, government and other public bodies means little is done to challenge the situation".

This is strong language. It seems so shocking that we might decide that it cannot possibly be true. Turn then to the Mencap study that found police were consistently failing the victims of disability hate crime, or to the Scope report that concluded that "widespread casual and institutional disablism in Britain creates the conditions where disability hate crime can flourish without being recognised or challenged".


indeed it is hard not to blame our current political climate. I am disabled, and am regularly sneered at by hospital secretaries for not being employed; doctors aren't terribly supportive either, but they're smart enough to hide it well. surely it wasn't always so bad?

okay, DU, for once and for all, why are so many republicans such arrant douchebags?

I find that I tend to dislike them unaninimously, as human beings no less, and their political beliefs would appear to either be a function of either privilege, or stupidity. this is without fail.
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