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Rodman claims Kim Jong-Un didn't have uncle executed

Dennis Rodman's latest statements on Kim Jong-Un are making waves, as the controversial former NBA star says the North Korean dictator did not have his uncle executed, as was reported last year.

"You could say anything here about North Korea and people would believe it," Rodman told DuJour magazine. "The last time I went there, when they said they killed his girlfriend, they killed his uncle, they just fed him to the dogs... They were standing right behind me."

State media reported that Jang Song-Thaek was arrested for treason, tried and executed in December. But Rodman repeated: "He was standing right there."

Rodman also reiterated that Kim wants to talk to President Barack Obama and that North Korea only has nuclear weapons because it's a small country that must defend itself.


This guy seems to be getting nuttier and nuttier by the day.
Even their state media confirmed the uncle was arrested for treason, tried and executed.

Rodman has become nothing more than an apologist for the N. Koreans and an embarrassment.

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