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Police Chief Recognizes Carry Reciprocity in D.C.

Arizona - -(Ammoland.com)- Emily Miller reports:

STUNNING DEVELOPMENT: DC Police Chief Lanier just told force not to arrest a person who can legally carry a gun in DC or any state.

As of 6:24 p.m. on July 27, 2014, this is a welcome development. Many have said that the D.C. political establishment will ignore the judges order. This shows that Police Chief Lanier is, at minimum, unwilling to be found in contempt. Notice the broad extent of the order: no arrests for a person who can legally carry a gun in D.C. or any State.

With 30 states having open carry without a permit, and over 11 million concealed carry permits valid in the United States, that is a lot of people who may legally carry in the District.

As of yet, I would not depend on the D.C. Police to know that it is legal to openly carry firearms in Wisconsin, for example. It would be prudent to allow those with current state permits to gently educate the D.C. police force that they have to respect the Constitution. We do not know how long this situation may last. It is possible that the D.C. government will attempt to obtain a stay to stop the judges order. They may appeal. They may not want to irritate Congress where the House recently voted to cut off funding for District gun control laws

Read more: http://www.ammoland.com/2014/07/police-chief-recognizes-carry-reciprocity-in-d-c/#ixzz38jeV851D

Chief Lanier must be thinking that CCW or open carry is coming whether or not she likes it and she's preparing her officers for it.

Mali president says wreckage of Air Algerie flight spotted in north

Source: MSN

BAMAKO, July 24 (Reuters) - Mali's President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita said on Thursday that the wreckage of a missing Air Algerie flight had been spotted in his country's desert north.


"I have just been informed that the wreckage has been found between Aguelhoc and Kidal," Keita said during a meeting of political, religious and civil society leaders in Bamako. He did not give any more details.

(Reporting by Adama Diarra; Writing by David Lewis; Editing by Daniel Flynn and Robin Pomeroy)

This is a breaking news update. Please check back for updates.

Read more: http://news.msn.com/world/missing-air-algerie-plane-from-burkina-faso-has-crashed-algerian-official

Sad, sad news if confirmed, probably won't be any survivors.

Gun Control: Dem Bill Would Outlaw Firearm Brands On Kid’s Clothing And Colorful Guns

A Democrat sponsored gun control bill would drastically curtail any efforts to “market guns to children,” according to supporters. The Children’s Firearm Marketing Safety Act would make it illegal for groups like the NRA and firearms manufacturers to showcase their brand on child-sized hats and clothing, among a host of other new regulations which has Second Amendment advocates organizing opposition to the proposed legislation.

Freshman Democrat Robin Kelly, of Illinois, argues in the Children’s Firearm Marketing Safety Act that marketing guns to children is “contributing to the shooting deaths of children across the country.” The facts and statistics used to reach such a conclusion remains unclear. In rural areas, both boys and girls are often taught to safely handle guns at an early age for the purpose of hunting. Mass shootings or accidental child gun deaths in such regions are extremely rare or non-existent, according to government crime statistics. Many schools in rural areas are closed for the first day or deer season, or at the very least, allow hunting on such days as an excused absence.

The National Rifle Association sponsors “youth days” around the country for children and their parents. The minors are given the opportunity to learn how to safety use various types of firearms and are highly attended in host communities. The NRA also offers for sale hats, t-shirts, bibs, and the like with the NRA logo on them. If the Children’s Firearm Marketing Safety Act passes, parents would no longer have the ability to buy their son or daughter a NRA hat as a memento of their youth day experience.

Companies such as Keystone Sporting Arms, which make youth rifles, would also be negatively impacted if the Democrat gun control bill is passed. Keystone Arms’ Cricket rifle for kids uses a cartoon cricket figure in its marking of the gun, and such a practice would no longer be legal in the United States if the Children’s Firearm Marketing Safety Act is approved. Youth rifles with “youth-oriented colors” and patterns on the stock would also become illegal.


I'm really trying to figure out what this would accomplish, not that it has a chance of ever becoming law.

IAF Pilot calls off strike on Gaza target after spotting children nearby


Source: ynetnews

The IDF Spokesperson's Unit often releases videos documenting aerial strikes carried out by the Israeli Air Force that culminate in a powerful blast, but a recent video distributed by the army shows a different resolution: an IAF pilot that was sent on Thursday to attack a terrorist target in the Gaza Strip called off the operation after spotting children approaching the target. “There are people close to our target,” the pilot is heard saying on the radio. “It looks like there are people, possibly children, in our targeted area.”

A military official is then heard responding: “We are not going to strike this target now, let’s move on.” A similar incident was reported by foreign media outlets a week earlier, when the IDF called off an attack after citizens climbed onto the roof of a targeted apartment, acting as human shields.

At the same time, the IDF is taking extensive steps to reduce civilian casualties, including the "Knock on the roof” procedure, in which forces fire a small mortar at the target to indicate the imminent attack, and distribute leaflets (dropped from planes) regarding the attack. On Saturday, the army warned Palestinian residents of the northern Gaza Strip to evacuate the area at noon Sunday ahead of planned military operations in the area, and according to a spokesperson for UNRWA in Gaza, some 4,000 Palestinians had evacuated their homes and headed for UN facilities and shelters in the Gaza Strip.

However, Hamas, that seeks to continue to use civilians as human shields, called on residents of the northern Strip to "immediately return" to their home. "You must follow the directives of the Interior Ministry. This is psychological warfare, random messages to instill panic in people," the ministry statement said.

So it would seem that Israel does try to minimize civilian casualties while the terrorist org., Hamas, attempts to maximize them.
Face the facts, Hamas has no regard for the Palestinian people, including the children, they want more casualties to embarrass Israel.

Bloomberg: Pro-gun towns must lack roads

Colorado cities reject Rolling Stone slam

DENVER | Colorado Springs and Pueblo may not be Paris or London, but they are not quite the rural backwaters that anti-gun activist Michael Bloomberg apparently thinks they are.

The former New York City mayor said he was “sorry” about the recalls of two Democratic state senators last year over the state legislature’s passage of gun control laws, but said the districts in the recall races were so “rural” that “I don’t think there’s roads.”

“In Colorado, we got a law passed. The NRA went after two or three state senators in a part of Colorado where I don’t think there’s roads,” said Mr. Bloomberg in the interview with Rolling Stone published online this week.

“It’s as far rural as you can get,” said Mr. Bloomberg. “And, yes, they lost recall elections. I’m sorry for that. We tried to help ‘em. But the bottom line is, the law is on the books, and being enforced. You can get depressed about the progress, but on the other hand, you’re saving a lot of lives.”


M. Bloomberg is really suffering from Foot in Mouth disease when he says nonsense like this.

I would like him to point out what lives have been saved due to these new laws.

Rodman claims Kim Jong-Un didn't have uncle executed

Dennis Rodman's latest statements on Kim Jong-Un are making waves, as the controversial former NBA star says the North Korean dictator did not have his uncle executed, as was reported last year.

"You could say anything here about North Korea and people would believe it," Rodman told DuJour magazine. "The last time I went there, when they said they killed his girlfriend, they killed his uncle, they just fed him to the dogs... They were standing right behind me."

State media reported that Jang Song-Thaek was arrested for treason, tried and executed in December. But Rodman repeated: "He was standing right there."

Rodman also reiterated that Kim wants to talk to President Barack Obama and that North Korea only has nuclear weapons because it's a small country that must defend itself.


This guy seems to be getting nuttier and nuttier by the day.
Even their state media confirmed the uncle was arrested for treason, tried and executed.

Rodman has become nothing more than an apologist for the N. Koreans and an embarrassment.

As promised, a day in the life of a Firefighter/Paramedic.

Up and readying for a shower and breakfast because I know from experience that breakfast at the house (fire station) won't be an option.

Everyone, plz bear with me as I won't be able to post right away on the alarms we receive today, but rest assured, I will give, in chronological order, every alarm I run on today.

My Captain and Lt. have made it very clear to me that my duties come first and posting on my laptop a distant second.

Ok DU, I've been given permission by my station Captain to post on this site,

a typical FF/Para's 24 hour duty watch in response to this:


I'll be carrying my laptop and posting every call, minus personal info on medical, and any fires, structure or wildland, that take place.

This will happen this Sunday during my shift.

I hope everyone enjoys it and understands just what is involved in a typical day for Fire Rescue personnel.
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